EPISODE 14 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 14 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

On survey of last week’s episode we left Osman kneeling down and with two bolts in his body.

The Genghis Khan financiers had been taken by Batur Bey and in his endeavor to get them back Osman had fallen into a snare laid by Dundar Bey and his child Batur Bey. They double-crossed him and the clan . Dundar Bey currently flies the banner of the Mongols from the traveler of Ertugrul Gazi.
We likewise left Bala Hatun lying on the ground after she had been gone after by Mongols and wounded in the stomach.

Whilst Osman is kneeling down beyond Dundar Bey’s tent, he grasps the Genghis Khan financial officers. Osman’s body shakes with outrage and disappointment of not having the option to get to him. He needs to tear his heart out. He swears he will transform his dad’s tent into Balgay’s grave and his Uncle will be executed by his hand.

Balgay plans to execute Osman under his blade yet destiny steps in and the assault is stopped by Commander Toni, Balgay’s true Commander and head of the neighborhood mongol pack! He needs to take the Genghis Khan’s financiers and Osman back to Geyhatu in Konya who is the hotshot Mongol pioneer. He will get a lot of recognition and individual magnificence for these financiers similarly as Balgay would have in the event that he was allowed the opportunity.

Balgay has no other decision except for to give him the financiers and Osman . He places him in an enclosure in preparation to take him to Konya.

After they have left the Kai migrant, Balgay provides his men a request to kill Commander Toni and his Nokers.

The harmed Bala is put on a cot and is being hauled behind mongol ponies by Cerkutay back to their camp and Balgay. She recovers cognizance on the way and getaways the grasp of her detainers. She is in an extremely debilitated state having an enormous serious injury in her stomach. She runs into the forest and hides.

Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi (Dundar Bey’s sibling) won’t acknowledge a Mongol forerunner in the Kai Village nor the double-crossing of Dundar Bey and his child. They pass on the town to join Osman and his Alps. Presently Osman’s Alps don’t know that Osman is in a tough situation. They have been sitting tight for him back at their refuge however they are before long placed in the image by Bamsi Bey and they charge to his rescue.

Meanwhile, Osman is in an enclosure on a truck and going to Konya with Commander Toni . He has a secret knife in his boot which was given to him by Bamsi Bey as they packaged him into the enclosure. He utilizes this knife to break the lock on the enclosure entryway and make his departure however not before he takes back the Genghis Khan’s financiers.

At a similar time as Osman makes his departure the mongol Commander is gone after by Balgay’s mongols. They kill Commander Toni and his equipped monitors yet were past the time to stop the injured Osman getting away into the forest with the financial officers. Konar (Balgays right hand man) attempts his hardest to track down Osman however he is fruitless as Osman had the option to conceal in a little cavern close by a river.

Bala has reached the finish of her solidarity and breakdowns. She drops the blue scarf that Osman had given to her on the ground. She is found and saved by an elderly person who hides away in a cavern not excessively far away.

As if by destiny, Osman sees Bala’s white pony wandering in the forest. He has no clue about that Bala is in the forest. Osman calls to the pony and the pony thusly drives him to where he finds Bala’s blue scarf canvassed in blood. He keeps on following her pony with the expectation that it will lead him to his love.

Osman blood trail carries him to the cavern. Inside the cavern the elderly person gets ready to clean and disinfect Bala’s injury. Bala lies in extraordinary torment on a shoddy bed. She hears Osman’s voice as he enters the cavern. She shouts to him and he hurries to her side.

Osman requests to realize who hurt her. She provides him with the name of Cerkutay one of Balgay’s most confided in watches. Osman commits to tear his heart out when he tracks down him.

Bala is basically injured and the elderly person should sear her injury to stop the dying. Osman however valiant and solid as he seems to be can’t tolerate hearing Bala’s shouts as the hot poker is crashed into her injury.

“Will she live?” he asks the elderly person . She can’t guarantee him that she will make due. “She is in God’s grasp,” she says. She then goes to the injured and depleted Osman and really focuses on his injuries simultaneously.

Meanwhile , Samsa Bey and his Bey’s arrangement to bring their ladies and kids and unite and take asylum in the mountains. They will then combine efforts to battle the mongols.

Balgay has ben informed that Osman has gotten away with his fortunes. He is likewise informed that they lost Bala Hatun because of Cerkutay’s ineptitude. He communicates something specific back to Geyhatu in Konya that Osman has killed Commander Toni and his Nokers (mongol watchmen) in this way eliminating any fault from himself. Balgay is yet to figure out who told Geyhatu in any case that he held the Genghis Khan treasurers.

Meanwhile back in the cavern Osman wakes subsequent to recuperating from his injuries. Bala is as yet oblivious. He lets the old woman know that assuming Bala passes on portion of his life will wrap up. He is solid and bold however frail when he sees his dearest Bala in pain.

Bala stirs from a fevered rest yet can’t feel her legs. Most terrible still the elderly person tells her that her injury included her uterus and she will be unable to have a child in future.

Osman doesn’t walk out on Bala. He attempts to keep her expectations high of recuperation and tells her that they will again go to her dad for consent to wed. Osman talks about his fantasies of their life they will have together and the kids they will have however where it counts Bala realizes the result won’t be so certain. Unselfishly she lets him know that he will have numerous children and their names will be known all around the land. Tragically she doesn’t let him know that she doesn’t consider herself to be their mom.

After some time Osman leaves the cavern on Bala’s white pony and goes for help. Bala is taken to Sheik Edebali’s hideout.

Gunduz Bey gets back from his long excursion to track down disorder at the Kai town. He finds a mongol banner flying external his tent and that Dundar Bey has become Sanjak Bey. He will not acknowledge him.

Zohore Hatun on danger of death lies lets Balgay know that it was Gunduz who informed Geyhatu concerning the Genghis Khan financiers to remove the doubt from her loved ones. Zohore makes Gunduz Bey the substitute. She additionally guides Balgay towards going after Samsa Bey as he opposes her significant other. She tells him in the event that he finds Samsa Bey, he will likewise track down Osman.

Balgay needing to complete Osman for good sends Cerkutay to kill Samsa Bey and to take Osman and the fortunes back to him.

The Alps have gone through days looking for Osman and are excited to see him alive. There is a lot of joy between the group.

On hearing that Samsa Bey killed two mongols, Osman rides to caution him . Despite the fact that they have had a run in Osman actually cherishes him. It isn’t that simple to Find Samsa Bey. He is far up in the mountains at a mysterious hideaway. They show up with perfect timing to save Samsa Bey from death. The battle escalates until every one of the mongols are dead and Konar the mongol is caught.

The catch of Konar the mongol places Konur Alp in a tight spot. He accepts that Konar is his tragically missing sibling that was taken from his family by the mongols when they were kids. Konar sports similar tattoo on his neck as Konur Alp. This tattoo was given to them at their introduction to the world by their granddad. To see Konar caught and conceivably executed tests his loyalty to his siblings. He looks as Osman beats him again and again.

Meanwhile the unbelievers are prepared for war. They wear their covering and go away from Kuluchaiser Castle determined to track down Osman. Sofia bows to Balgay and carries him gold to help his objective.

Sofia settles on a choice to pursue Sheik Edebali passing on Balgay to deal with Osman and Samsa Bey. Much to their dismay that Osman has proactively dealt with Balgay’s men.

Samsa Bey and Osman rejoin their kinship with embraces and absolution. The fellowship stays in one piece and they accept that together triumph over the unbelievers will be theirs.

Konur Alp advances toward the caught Konar and tells him , “I’m Konur your more established sibling. We share a similar tattoo”. He requests that he recollect his mom and father and how they did homage the Quran. He shows him his tattoo also.

They embrace and call each other sibling however Konur Alp is currently in a position where he needs to help Konar yet doesn’t have the foggiest idea what Osman might have coming up for him.

Gunduz Bey can never again remain in the Kai Village. He passes on to join Osman however is trapped by Cerkutay and his mongols and returned hostage to the mongol camp. Albeit honest the mongols accept Gunduz had educated Geyhatu in Konya concerning the Genghis Khan treasures, when from the beginning it was his sibling Dundar Bey.

Cerkutay is informed that by Gunduz that Osman will come for himself and he will kill him. Cerkutay might just should be worried as Bala has additionally let Osman know that he was the person who went after and injured her. Osman will make him pay.

Meanwhile the unbelievers drove by Sofia and directed by Siddik lie on pause for Sheik Edebali. They walk straight into a snare set by Osman and the Dervishes. They can’t get away. The Alps are persevering in their assault and Sofia is caught. Osman has much against Sofia and lifts his hand and slaps her to the ground.

As Sofia is pushed to her knees before Osman, Konar the mongol is likewise pushed to the brink of collapse alongside her.

The cry goes up “Allah o Akber” as Osman raises his sword to remove their heads.

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