EPISODE 13 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 13 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

This week’s episode starts with Osman having two dreams. The main dream is of Suleyman Shah his granddad who visits him in his rest and lets him know he will have a visit from four horsemen and he is to ascend to the transformation.

The second dream is of the Mongols who have caught Osman and he lies anticipating execution by Balgay’s hand. In this fantasy he sees his companion Samsa Bey kneel before Balgay and give him the Genghis Khan knife which will be utilized to kill Osman with. Accordingly Balgay attempts to execute Osman with the blade yet Osman gets the advantage and drives the knife profound into the throat of Balgay.

Our episode proceeds with now with Osman waking from his fantasies subsequent to dozing in the forest that evening. Around him are his Alp’s including Batur Bey who has walked out on his dad and joined Osman. They are have been banished from the Kayi Village and are starting another mission to annihilate the Mongols from Sogut.

Osman has been prompted that the Mongols have assaulted the Bazaar and have filled their trucks with food and are making for their camp. Osman plans that he and his Alps will be a piece of this food conveyance and snare the trucks. They change into the watchmen attire and closely resemble Mongols. They advance towards the Mongol camp.

At the Mongol camp Balgay gets a visit from Zohore Hatun (Dundar Bey’s better half). She stops without anyone else and prostrates herself before him. She offers him Osman and Edebali assuming that he will save Batur Bey her child. She vows to keep him educated regarding Osman’s developments.

At the end of last week’s episode we saw Samsa Bey and Osman trapped in a savage battle against one another. Toward the finish of the battle Osman let Samsa Bey know that he expected to trust his champions if he somehow happened to administer this land. Samsa Bey who was one of his most steadfast champions couldn’t be prevailed upon and the two of them almost kill one another. Osman’s final words to Samsa Bey are for him at no point ever to across his way in the future.

Dundar Bey is approached to go to a gathering with Balgay at the Mongol camp. He is somewhat terrified as he strolls through the camp and is encircled by furious looking Mongols. He is driven into the presence of Balgay kneeling down and kneels before him and acknowledges Balgay as his Lord.

Balgay awards him the place of Sanjak Bey and presents him with gold coins to give out to the Beys inside his Council and a banner of the Mongols to fly from his traveler.

Osman and the Alps show up at the Mongol camp and mix in with different fighters. They see Dundar Bey leaving from Balgay’s tent. The sight nauseates Osman to the center of his spirit.

Zohore attempts to get Selcan Hatun to convey garments to Batur Bey. She trusts she will actually want to find where Osman is.

After his visit to the Mongol camp, Dundar Bey shows up back at the Kayi Village flying the Mongol banner. The clan sneer and mob as Dundar Bey puts his hand over his heart and lets them know that he is presently Sanjak Bey. Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman can’t accept the obvious reality when they see a Mongol banner being flown on the land that Ertugrul Bey won. Likewise the title of Sanjak Bey is dependably a respected position given by individuals not a mongol chief.

Dundar Bey distributes the gold given to him by Balgay to his Bey’s. Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman won’t acknowledge any mongol gold from him. All the Bey’s choose to acknowledge rout and quit battling the mongols aside from Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman who won’t surrender.

Osman has invaded the Mongols camp. He wants to take Genghis Khans blade and the lost regulations. He prompts his Alps that at night when the Mongols are celebrating around the fire they will make their endeavor.

Osman jumps all over the chance and takes the blade alongside the regulations and makes his departure undetected. In the interim Balgay figures out that his financiers have been taken and flips out.
There is just a single individual who might have taken his fortunes and that is Osman! ” I will rip the tissue off his bones. I will drink his blood. I will devour his tissue!” guarantees Balgay.

At the Kayi Village, Selcan Hatun readies her pony to take Batur Bey’s possessions to him as his mom wishes. That’s what zohore knows whether she has her followed she will ultimately track down Osman.

At his mysterious safe-house Osman’s meets Bala Hatun . She prepares her pony to make the excursion to the Kayi Village to see Selcan Hatun. She doesn’t realize that Selcan Hatun has left the town and is now coming.

Bala Hatun and Osman are as yet quarreling . Osman tells her that he can’t imagine an ally for life who won’t confide in him nor comply with him. Bala is brought to tears by his words.

Balgay has each Mongol accessible to pursue down Osman. He has been brought the news that Samsa Bey and Osman had a spat and Balgay will utilize Samsa Bey to correct his retribution on Osman.

Dundar Bey moves the lofty position of the Bey’s from Ertugrul’s tent to his own and sits down of the incomparable Bey of the Turks.

Bamsi Bey passes on the Kayi town and carries the news to Osman that Dundar Bey has been made Sanjak Bey by Balgay and the banner of the Mongols currently flies from his traveler. Osman readies his Alps for activity and gathers his crate of treasures.

Prince Salvador (Siddik his muslim name) meets with Osman at his safe-house. Bamsi Bey and the Alps recollect very well indeed the way in which Salvador had deceived them and left them secured in the depository at the palace. They drag him off his pony and plan to cut his throat. Osman intercedes and lets them know that one of his mysteries was to have Salvador go about as his covert operative and make them bring him data of what’s going on at Kuluchaiser Castle among Sofia and Balgay.

The Alps regard that Osman needed to stay quiet about this to himself. Their regard in Osman is reignited. They perceive how he has prepared. Bamsi Bey considers him to be a fabulous Bey qualified to be called Sanjak Bey by his kin dislike Dundar Bey who has ben given the title by a Mongol.

Osman gets ready to barge his direction into the Kayi Village. He gathers the Genghis Khan fortunes to take with him.

At the traveler of Samsa Bey the Mongols have shown up. They ensure he realizes that they have come as a companion and not a foe. They let him know that Balgay looks for him back at his camp and he is mentioned to meet with him. He is told in the event that he doesn’t come they will lash him like a truck horse in the future and make him come. This scary demeanor disturbs Samsa Bey who kills the Mongol couriers and advises his Bey’s to caution the travelers that the battle for opportunity has begun.

After riding for a long while, Osman has some time off out and about. He opens his fortune box to find that its items have been taken and he has been sold out. He has a swindler in his middle. It isn’t some time before he sorts out that it is Batur Bey. He mounts his pony and rides to the Kayi Village in a seething resentment however alone.

Meanwhile back in Dundar Bey’s migrant his child Batur Bey presents to him the taken financiers and places them at his dad’s feet. He tells his dad “my obligation has been finished as you mentioned my dad.”

Bala Hatun and Selcan Hatun meet out and about startlingly. Bala imparts to her the distress she has in her heart since contending with Osman. She is urged by Selcan Hatun to have persistence as she realizes that Osman loves her without a doubt. She requests that Bala Hatun take the garments she was given to Batur Bey (who is no longer at the safe-house) and Bala consents to do as such. She mounts her pony and starts her process back to the safe-house.

What neither one of the ladies knows about is in the forest a band of Mongols watch from a good ways. They start to follow Bala.

Bala is a brilliant young lady and she realizes that she is being followed. She gets off from her pony and sends it ahead with the expectation that the Mongols will follow the pony and not her.

Bala runs into the forest reasoning she is making her getaway however tragically she runs into the band of Mongols. She battles like the champion however albeit the mongols have been requested not to hurt her, she is wounded in the stomach.

Meanwhile back at the Kayi town, Osman rides straight up to the mongol banner and with his sword chops it down.

Outside his dad’s tent he calls out for the swindler Batur to show his face. He calls him a weakling for his disloyalty of his kin. He has his pony trample the mongol banner and crush it into the soil.

He lets Batur know that he will pay for what he has done. He descent and draws his sword. He doesn’t go anyplace close to Batur . He has ridden into a snare. Mongol ambushers convey two bolts into his body. One in his chest and one in his leg.

Seeing Osman tumble to the ground injured carries a mocking sneer to Batur Bey face. He feels content that he has had his vengeance for the time that Osman dove a blade into his chest and almost killed him.

Osman can’t move. The mongol bowmen are in preparation to kill him. He has fallen into their trap.

Osman in extraordinary torment and in a circumstance that he can’t really hope to make any significant difference with still valiantly swears vengeance against Batur Bey.

You should go along with me one week from now to perceive how Osman escapes this snare and furthermore to see what occurs with Bala Hatun who has been basically injured by the mongols.

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