EPISODE 12 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 12 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

The Kayi Village has been assaulted by Balgay and his Mongols. Selcan Hatun has attempted to harm Balgay yet was ineffective. Princess Sofia has been made to kiss the hand of Balgay who revolts her. Never-the-less she would successfully sit on the high position of Constantinople.

Osman’s Alps are prisoners and there are just a not many equipped men left in the town, Bamsi Bey being one of them. Dundar Bey and Gunduz are in a circumstance where they can do nothing. Bala Hatun ought to have taken off whenever she gotten the opportunity however she remained to protect the migrants alongside Bamsi Bey.

Bamsi Bey remains before every one of the Mongols and calls them to make a saint of him. His cries of “God is Great” touches off the clan into fight.

Their cries to Allah are heard by Osman as he dashes into the town which quietens his revolting individuals. He calls Balgay to stop his torment. He lets him know that he has come to present to him the strength of Genghis Khan. Obviously Balgay considers what he is referring to however Osman has something in his control that will shake Balgay’s socks. A fortune that he has carried with him and which had a place with Genghis Khan.

Balgay’s interest is mixed and he moves Osman into the gathering tent to pay attention to what he needs to say. Presently Osman is playing a game with Balgay and he trusts it will pay off. He has the fortune from the decision Beys however is it enough to can anticipate the existences of his kin. Osman won’t ever bow his knee to a Mongol yet he needs to control what is happening to acquire their freedom.

Osman presents his fortune which is a blade having a place with Genghis Khan. This knife is chiefly used to safeguard Mongol regulation. Its presence truly intrigues Balgay.

Furthermore Osman lets Balgay know that he additionally has the laws of Genghis Khan and Sheik Kutugun. These regulations were accepted to be lost for eternity. Osman deals with Balgay. He lets him know he will give him the lost regulations assuming that he will take his Mongols and leave his territory and delivery his kin. Despite the fact that Balgay may not be believed Osman inspires him to swear on Genghis Khan that he will leave when Osman brings him back the lost laws.

Osman passes on the wanderer and his detained Alps to recover the regulations.

Prince Salvador has been terribly tormented by Sofia and Master Yannis. Sovereign Salvador guarantees Sofia that he will bring them Osman.

Along a lush way Osman gets together with Prince Salvador. Salvador lets Osman know that he has been sent by Sofia to welcome them back data on his whereabouts. Osman concurs with Salvador to let them know what they need to hear and to make a big difference for the game and bring no doubt upon himself.

In the tent that has been made into a prison, Osman’s Alps are completely lashed to posts while their Mongol hostages beat them up. Indeed, even Selcan Hatun is among them. Tragically for Konur Alp the Commander of the Mongols Konar, singles out him and beats him consistently. It is in this battle that Konur Alp sees a half bow moon tattoo on the neck of the Mongol.

The sight of the bow moon sends bunches of shock through Konur Alp as he has one the very same on his neck. It is a tribal tattoo which was applied by their granddad upon entering the world. Konur Alp’s sibling was seized by the Mongols as a kid and however much he has looked through he has always been unable to track down him. Konur Alp implores that the Mongol Konar isn’t his sibling as he might need to wind up killing him.

After leaving the Kai’s town Osman advances toward Sheik Edebali who is protected inside Osman’s mystery cave. He has come to get the lost regulations that he Edebali has safeguarded such an extremely long time. In his control is an enormous box which will assist Osman with starting his conflict with the Mongols.

Sheikh Edebali advises Osman to give himself, his family and his kin first to God and afterward trust that his requests will be replied and his conflict to be won.

Meanwhile the Alps are as yet being dealt with remorselessly by the Mongols and they can’t comprehend the reason why Osman hasn’t acted the hero them.

Sofia and Master Yannis have attracted together the entirety of their soldiers availability for war. Sofia presents to Balgay the news that they are prepared to join with him and over toss Osman and the Turks. Sofia isn’t content with Balgay as he has not killed Osman as he guaranteed her. Assuming truth he has permitted him his freedom.

Balgay then again is trusting that Osman will get back with Genghis Khan’s lost regulations. He will not and can’t conflict with his commitment made to the incomparable Genghis Khan to not hurt the Turks.

Balgay lets Sofia know that when he has the lost regulations in his grasp he will then, at that point, settle the matter in regards to Osman.

It isn’t long a while later that Osman jogs into the Kayi Village with the crate containing Genghis Khan laws.

Sofia welcomes him wryly outside his dad’s tent. Osman tells her that soon he will deal with her and her dad for good. He enters the tent and hands over the case containing the regulations to Balgay. Balgay drops to his knees when he peruses the parchments.

Osman lets Balgay know that he has stayed faithful to his commitment and presently requests that Balgay keep his. Balgay attempts to quell Osman with his blade at his throat. Osman thusly puts his knife at Balgay’s throat requesting that he discharge his Alps and that he stays faithful to his obligation and leaves. Yet again

Osman pledges to Balgay that he won’t ever do homage him nor comply with him. He lets him know he submits to God first and he is the child Ertugrul Gazi, “So” he says, “Take your men and leave our travelers alongside your workers.”

Balgay provides the request to deliver the Alps yet he likewise provides a request to Dundar Bey to have the wide range of various Beys all through the land come and kowtow to him.

Dundar Bey could do without the boldness and power that Osman usurps, nor does he like the way that his child Batur Bey likes to follow Osman. An enormous contention is heard between the two Turks. Dundar Bey is told by Osman that in the event that he can’t administer the clans and safeguard them from Mongols then he needs to surrender the administration. At the point when Dundar Bey asks Osman, “Then, at that point, who will control the travelers?” Osman tells him with a raised voice, “Me”. “I’m Osman Gazi child Ertugrul Gazi.”

Osman is welcomed by Dundar Bey to a gathering that night with the Beys.

Meanwhile at Kuluchaiser Castle, Sofia tells Master Yannis and Prince Salvador that when the Mongols have created some distance from the Kayi Village they will finish the job of killing Osman with the assistance of Prince Salvador.

At the Kayi Village the Mongols get together and pass on to make their base at Hisar Castle. They celebrate with Balgay feeling the power and strength of Genghis Khan going through his veins. ThIs new strength Balgay accepts will take him the whole way to the lofty position of Constantinople and to show his newly discovered power he takes the blade of Genghis Khan, places it in hot coals and afterward sears his tongue.

Back at the Kayi Village, Bala Hatun searches out Osman. She asks him how he came to find Genghis Khan’s lost regulations. He confesses to her that it is his mysterious and she should know now that assuming she is his significant other that he will have privileged insights from her. Bala Hatun could do without to hear these words from Osman. She needs to impart everything to him. Interestingly she requests to be pardoned from his presence somewhat hurt by his response.

The Alps are delivered lastly get together with Osman in his tent. Samsa Bey limits any association with Osman. He needs to know how he had the option to deliver them and where the regulations had been covered up. Osman lets him know that he can’t perceive them and that it should stay confidential.

Samsa Bey lets Osman know that he and the Alps would give their lives for Osman and there ought not be mysteries between them. Samsa Bey is harmed and irritated by Osman’s absence of confidence in his Alps. He passes on Osman and gets back to his own town.

That evening a gathering of the board individuals is held at the Kayi Village. The Council alongside Dundar Bey isn’t content with how Osman acted in the Mongol assault. Dundar Bey accepts that Osman is pursuing his own fantasies. In spite of the fact that Osman lets them know that they will overcome the Mongols assuming they cooperate. However much he attempts Osman can’t inspire them to see reason that Sofia and Balgay are combining efforts and they will be made to submit.

The committee votes to oust Osman from the Kayi Village. Batur Bey concludes that he will go with Osman joyfully as opposed to remain in the Kayi Village and submit to the Mongols who currently have all of Sogut in their grasp.

Osman and Batur Bey leave the Council tent leaving Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi behind when they concur with his exile.

Osman currently winds up without his senior Alps. Konur Alp and Boran will be banished alongside Osman. He will be without Samsa Bey who has gotten back to his migrant and if not for the dependability of Batur Bey he would be by himself.

Konur Alp implores God that in the wake of searching for his sibling for such a long time lastly finding him a champion of the Mongols, it is terrible for him. He requests that God permit him to be the one to kill him in the event that he can’t inspire him to meaningfully have an impact on his methodologies and become his sibling all over again.

Osman gathers his request mat and investigates his dad’s tent. He realizes he is glad yet he has done all that to save his clan from the Mongols. To have them currently oust him from their organization harms him profoundly. Overall a similar he can’t live under Dundar Bey’s standard nor show homage the Mongols.

Dundar Bey then again is prideful and considers Osman’s exile to be a triumph for the clan. His own child Batur Bey expresses farewell to his loved ones. He has no regard for his dad and passes on to ride with Osman to a freshly discovered opportunity and grit.

Samsa Bey sits in his nomad with his council of Bey’s. Osman has ridden all the way from the Kais Village with his Alps to meet with him even though he knows that Samsa Bey has broken friendship with him.

Osman tries to get Samsa Bey to understand that the secret of the Genghis Khan laws has to remain with him and he cannot divulge it to anyone. Samsa Bey tells him that although he is brave he is immature.

A fight breaks out between the two. It is one-on-one situation with blows raining heavily upon each other. The fight ends with Osman holding his dagger at Samsa Bey’s throat.

Osman tells him that he should have trusted him and not turned his back on him. He also tells him that he cannot build a Turkish government with his closest warriors rioting against him.

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