EPISODE 05 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number FIVE of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

The first scene of the current week’s episode initiates at an ancestral gathering at the Kayi Village between Sofia, Kalonos, Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey. It is concurred that Osman will stand preliminary in Sogut for the wrongdoing of killing Tekfur.

Following the harming of Bala, Osman goes at speed to track down Master Yannis and the counteractant so he can save Bala’s life.

Master Yannis has requested Osman to present to him the sacred fortune which he will trade for the cure which will save Bala’s life. Sheik Edebali is the main individual who knows where the fortune is and not even the danger of death will drive him to recount its whereabouts. Osman accepts he will have a superior possibility getting the remedy in the event that he hijacks Sofia and utilize her as his dealing device in return for the antidote.

Once Osman’s Alps have conveyed Bala to the clan they are arrested for agreeing with Osman and supporting his departure from the confined tent. They are taken to a similar tent and rebuffed as Osman was by Batur Bey. This vengeance against his Alps won’t be messed with by Osman.

Nizamettin conveys a message to Osman that Alisar Bey has requested Osman to go to a Court hearing the following day and to shield the charge of homicide against him and to deal with any consequences regarding cutting Batur Bey. It is the law in the State that this act regularly conveys capital punishment. Osman consents to go to the Court yet additionally promises to uncover the character of the genuine killer of Tekfur and Aybars. His assault on Batur Bey was different as he double-crossed him. This act will be managed by the clan.

Sheik Edebali shows up at the Kayi Village mentioning to see his girl. He gives her sacred water to support her recuperation until the cure can be found.

Osman is charged and good to go the following morning when as he plans to attend the Court hearing. A fair consequence will be given he guarantees his clan as he braves of the town with the blade of Aybars brought high up in his honor.

On his excursion to the ancestral hearing Osman ambushes Sofia who is likewise en route to the Court hearing.

Osman tells her that he has previously started the Court hearing and he is starting judgment with her. She is encircled by his Alps. A fight follows and it isn’t some time before Sofia and Kalonos are left vulnerable. Realizing that Sofia was liable for his child’s passing Bamsi Bey finds it hard not to kill Sofia where she stands.

Sofia is exceptionally fortunate to in any case be alive. Authority Kalonos who has been repressed by Osman is given the undertaking of going back to Master Yannis and letting him know that he either presents to Osman the counteractant to the toxin or he will joyfully take his girl’s life. Sofia is taken as a prisoner to the Kayi Village to anticipate the Master’s answer.

Meanwhile Bala’s life adjusts nearly a noxious death.

When Osman doesn’t turn up at Alisar Bey’s Court hearing, Alisar Bey goes into a fury. Dundar Bey is humiliated and sends his Alps looking for Osman.

Commander Kalonos shows up back at Kuluchaiser Castle and gives Master Yannis his final proposal.

Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey show up at the Kayi Village and are astounded to find Sofia is now there. Sofia requests Alisar Bey set her free and Osman be captured or there will be war!

Osman has his very own arrangement. He trusts Commander Kalonos will carry the counteractant to the Kayi ancestral tent and with Sofia as Osman’s hostage Alisar Bey should pay attention to his account of how Sofia killed her own significant other and trapped Aybars.

As Osman trusted Commander Kalonos enters the tent. In his grasp he has the blue jug of counteractant to save Bala’s life. The container is given to Sheik Edebali to be managed to his girl.

Commander Kalonos faults the assault on the Bazaar and the demise of Aybars on Master Yannis and tells the Court he has put him in the palace prison.

Commander Kalonos additionally drops all charges against Osman. He then, at that point, continues further and welcomes them all to the palace the following day to observe Master Yannis’ execution. Kalonos likewise requests the arrival of Sofia.

Osman sees this as a break for Sofia and requests equity be set upon her. To stay away from an inside and out war Alisar Bey dismisses Osman’s desires and deliveries Sofia and Kalonos and orders they return to the Castle.

Tursun is alive and furthermore is being really focused on by Sheik Edebali lastly Bala rallies from the poison.

Osman remains by her bed and recollects that he had sworn at no point ever to give her far away from him access the future. She allows him to address her dad with respect to making her his for eternity.

Meanwhile Kolur Alp presents to Osman the news that his Alps are being held hostage and tormented in the confined tent. Osman swears Dundar Bey will pay for what he has done and requests his Alps be delivered.


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