EPISODE 04 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number FOUR of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

Following on from Episode 3, Bala has been seized by the Catalonian pioneer Prince Salvador. He is compelled from Sofia to convey her to Master Yannis for addressing as to the missing sacred treasures.

Osman figures out that Batur Bey (who is Dundar Bey’s child) had double-crossed him. Dundar Bey, Gunduz and Batur Bey had taken the main individual that could see him who killed Aybars and Tekfur and given his detainee back to Sofia.

Osman couldn’t let this disloyalty slip through the cracks. His remaining inside the clan would be viewed as a weak. He was unable to let this demonstration of treachery slip through the cracks. In an uncontrolled fury he rebuffs Batur Bey by pushing his blade profound into his chest. Batur Bey lies in his tent battling for his existence with his mom swear vengeance for how he has treated her child. Typically any individual who spills Kayi blood pays with his life.

The news before long spreads to Gunduz (who is Osman’s sibling) about the assault. He puts Osman under gatekeeper and chains him in an enclosure like tent.

Osman swears that Gunduz will pay for his conspiracy and his activities are just a sample of what will occur from here on out. He accepts his dad would have done likewise. It is just Bamsi Bey who remains next to him and vows to safeguard him.

The Alps bring the news that the Ahis Village Bazaar has been gone after with not many survivors. Osman argues to allow him to go to search for Bala yet his sibling keeps him tied just to be delivered at his pleasure. Luckily he has Bamsi Bey on his side who discharges him and helps his escape.

Bala experiences fallen into huge difficulty. In spite of the fact that she is prepared in battling like a fighter she is no counterpart for her Catalonian capturers. Yet again she effectively get away yet is caught and hauled back to their camp.

Meanwhile Osman leaves the Kayi Village on horse back alongside Bamsi and a couple of his most confided in alps. On the path they meet Tursun the Monk who alongside Bala and Gonca took the heavenly fortunes from Sofia. The Monk tells Osman that Bala has been captured and he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where they have taken her.

Osman requests that the Monk return to Kuluchaiser Castle and his church. He accepts that he will be caught when Sofia understands the association among Bala and the Monk. He additionally accepts the Monk will ultimately be taken to Bala on the off chance that they torment him and he doesn’t let them know anything. Osman sends two of his alps to look after the Monk with the expectation that he is right.

Osman rides to the security of Samsa Bey’s ancestral town who offers solid help to Osman’s initiative. He is straightforwardly invited in the camp.

Osman acknowledges Samsa’s accommodation while sitting tight for insight about the Monks bondage. When word is gotten that the Monk has been moved he will pass on the camp and desire to safeguard both her and the Monk.

Unfortunately for Bala her endeavors on getting away from finds her set in leg irons and chains. Princess Sofia shows up to take her to Master Yannis for addressing. Bala has gotten cruel treatment and isn’t cognizant.

Sofia turns over her oblivious body and quickly perceives Bala as the one who was wearing a dark sister’s propensity and in the organization of the Monk of Kuluchaiser Castle . She saw the two nuns and the Monk inside the palace the night that the heavenly relics were taken. She makes the association among Bala and the Monk.

Bala attempts to get away from Sofia’s grasp yet this time is cut in the shoulder for her difficulty. She lies on the ground again oblivious.

Sofia orders Prince Salvador to take Bala to Master Yannis while she gets back to the Castle to manage the Monk. It isn’t long after Sofia gets back to the Castle that the Monk is captured. Osman’s two Alps watch as he is driven away to the prisons.

At the Kuluchaiser Castle, Aliser Bey shows up with his equipped men in the wake of visiting the Ahis Bazaar . He accepts that in some way Sofia is behind the assault yet can’t demonstrate it. He cautions her that assuming he figures out who is capable they will be rebuffed by his sword. Sofia attempts to inspire him to accept that it was the Kais who were to be faulted and Osman specifically. Aliser Bey requests that Sofia go with him to the Kayi Village to converse with Dundar Bey.

Alisar Bey , Princess Sofia and Commander Kalanos show up at the Kayi Village to talk with Dundar Bey after Sofia dishonestly blames Osman and his clan for killing everybody in the Bazaar. They show up with many furnished warriors. Albeit the visit is cordial Sofia has just a single objective and that is to track down Osman. She is disturbed to hear that Osman is presently not in that frame of mind in the wake of getting away from his discipline and breaking his chains. The danger of altogether war appears to be not far off and in spite of the fact that Dundar Bey attempts his most extreme to maintain order he can see what is going on is very volatile.

Having his Uncle, his sibling and Batur conflict with his leadereship has fuelled Osman into accepting that war is the best way to accomplish opportunity. Samsa Bey is just a single clan that supports battle, there are others. Osman commits to Bamsi that soon his blade will see a lot of blood and the child of Ertugrul will light the fire and revive the resting turks.

The news is taken back to Osman that the Monk has been taken to the prisons. Osman accepts that in the first part of the day they will move him to where Bala is being held captive.

Bala wakes to end up in a cavern and fastened to a seat. She is not doing great in the wake of experiencing some exceptionally unpleasant treatment. She is murky however can see Master Yannis making a mixture. He requests she let him know where the fortunes are. She will not address any of his inquiries. He gets extraordinary euphoria in telling her that in the wake of drinking his elixir she will let him know all that and afterward will gradually kick the bucket. Ace Yannis makes sense of that he has a remedy additionally however she will possibly get this assuming she surrenders the concealing spot of the fortunes.

Bala is kept down while Yannis drives her mouth open and pours in the toxic substance. The toxic substance takes influence right away and Bala is prompts her into a medication incited daze.

Bala murmurs that Osman will come and save her yet Yannis tells her that no one can save her now.

Meanwhile Tursun the Monk is being tormented in the prisons by Kalanos and Sofia. He is tormented seriously yet he lets them don’t know anything of the whereabouts of the sacred fortunes. Sofia arranges that he is taken to Yannis for additional torment. This is precisely exact thing Osman needs. He has set his Alp in status to follow them and hangs tight for the area of his enemy.

That evening Sheik Edebali comes to Osman in a dream constructing his confidence giving him the boldness to produce after his fantasy of a brought together Turkish country.

Bala is consistently in torment by Yannis’ torment. He can’t get any data out of her . She accepts she is going to kick the bucket and petitions God for her spirit. Tursun is conveyed to Yannis for additional torment before Bala. Tursun will not recognize that he knows Bala. Bala then again is given one more beverage of the toxin made by Yannis.

Osman is on his way roaring towards the cavern after Boran presents to him the area of the cavern. He realizes that speed is of the substance assuming he is to save Bala and Tursun from death.

Osman at last shows up at the cavern and rapidly stifles the watchmen. He trusts he has shown up so as to save them.

Inside the torment room Yannis attempts to choke Bala. She lets him know that Tursun and herself will kick the bucket and safeguard the whereabouts of the fortune. It’s location is just known by her dad, Ebedali.

The Monk Tursun is tormented and a knife dove into his body before Bala’s eyes. Tursun vows to Yannis that the wooden blade of Yesevi will be utilized to end his days on this planet.

Osman and his men have entered the cavern.

They are battling their direction through the passages. Osman shows no quarter in his assault. Yannis can hear the calls of his watchmen alarming him that Osman is coming. Bala is semi-cognizant with the strangulation ropes still tied around her neck. She murmurs Osman’s name to herself realizing that he is coming for her.

Yannis, similar to all quitters , makes a hurried retreat before he is tracked down taking the counteractant with him.

Osman’s eyes can’t completely accept that what he see’s. His Bala sits binded to a seat with a rope around her neck, a blade twisted in her shoulder and scarcely clinging to life.

Osman finds a note from Yannis letting him know that Bala will pass on in 3 days from the toxin he has given her and just he has the remedy. Yannis happens to letting him know that assuming he presents to him the sacred fortune he will give him the cure and he can save her life.

Bala scarcely clutches life and murmurs to Osman to let her bite the dust yet Osman asks her not to surrender to the medication however to hang on until he can get back with the cure. Then he won’t ever let her far away from him from now onward.

The cave conveys Osman a piece of information with respect to who Master Yannis is. He gets the wonderful hand painted plate that Bala mercifully provided for an elderly person at her slow down in the Ahis Bazaar. He recollects that him well. He let Bala know that he have no faith in him at that point. He currently can see the name of Master Yannis. He will chase him down.

Osman orders Bala to be taken to his tent at the ancestral town to be really focused on while he goes searching for Yannis. He lets Bamsi and Samsa know that he will capture Princess Sofia and utilize her as a haggling device for the cure and afterward save Bala’s life.

Well, what an incredible episode. Go along with me one week from now to check whether Osman is fruitful in carving out the cure in opportunity and recoveries the existence of the lady he loves.

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