EPISODE 03 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number THREE of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

Sofia is searching for her taken heavenly relics. She had sent a gathering of men to understand Osman thinking he knew where they were. Her endeavor to follow him fizzled and her men were gotten by Osman and all are killed however one, Teokles.

Teokles is tormented by Osman to let him know who sent them after him. Teokles at last provides him with the name of Sofia. Osman keeps Teokles stowed away and attached to a tree and under severe watchman by Boran. Osman is ignorant that the heavenly relics were taken the evening of Tekfur’s passing and has no clue about why Sofia had him followed. What he can be sure of is that the homicide of Aybars and Lord Tekfur are undeniably associated and Teokles knows who the killer is.
Inside the Kayi ancestral town Boran is observed intently by Batur Bey. (Batur Bey is Dundar Bey’s child.) Boran has placed his town to gather medication so he can dress his hostages wounds. He is followed out of camp by Batur Bey and follows Boran and finds the secret Teokles. He delivers him. (Right now we don’t have any idea where he takes Teokles.)

Master Yannis and Sofia have assembled in the expectation of finding the blessed relics. Kalanos is informed that Master Yannis is a Monk who belobgs to a huge strict organization called Rum. This group is committed to safeguard the sacred relics and all the watchmen at Kuluchaiser Castle have a place with the Rum faction. He proceeds to let Kalanos know that there are numerous different Castles heavily influenced by a similar organization and he believes him should go along with them. Kalanos agrees.
Meanwhile Osman determines from his dads old otherworldly companion Sheik Edebali that the blessed relics initially had a place with the Ahis clan which he is the head of. He proceeds to let him know that they didn’t take the financial officers from Sofia however just reclaimed what has forever been theirs. Sheik Edebali lets Osman know that the objective of the Rum Sect is to dispose of the Turks from their territory.

Osman currently comprehends the reason why Sofia had him understood and the justification for why she killed Lord Tekfur. Her objective was to administer the palace. Sheik Edebali cautions Osman neither the Ahis clan nor Sofia will quit battling. The fortune legitimately has a place with the Turkish public and he won’t surrender it to the Infidels. Both Edebali and Osman bond together having a similar dream of a future Turkish country.

Meanwhile Osman has joined Bala Hatun in the Bazaar and respects her insight into materials and leather.  His eyes takes in her structure and he looks at her wonderful face.  She is genuinely a fine lady who maintains the Turkish traditions.  He prefers what he sees and his heart is warmed by her appearance.
A message is gotten that Bala Hatun’s pony is sick.  Bala and Osman rush to the stables.

Bala looks as Osman looks at her pony. She can see that he has a lot of regard for ponies and her pony believes his firm yet delicate hands.    Osman requests that Bala permit him to return her pony to the Kayi town where he can take it back to health.   He advises her that he would rather not see one more tear on her a delightful face.  
Inside the ancestral chamber tent,  Dundar Bey has accumulated with every one of the ancestral pioneers to examine the impending warlike activity Sofia and Kalanos have put on the tribe. 

Dundar Bey is against war and Gunduz accepts they ought to hold on until Osman returns prior to making a decision. 
It isn’t well before the drums strip at the doors of the town cautioning all that Osman has entered the village.  He descent and enters the gathering tent having his spot before Dundar Bey.   Osman conveys a strong discourse by which he calls not really for a conflict of swords,  which he accepts they could never win,  but instead a conflict of exchange.   This way every Turk can have an individual impact in the war.    Osman requires every one of the pioneers to decide in favor of war and victory. 

All pioneers vote to help Osman yet Dundar Bey who is the top of the clan would rather not go with a choice until Ertugrul gets back. Dundar Bey reminds the pioneers that a ultimate conclusion rests with him not Osman. Osman complies with Dundar Bey and consents to hold on until his dad returns and a choice is made.

Master Yannis has figured out that the fortunes have been taken to the Ahis Village. He gets ready to make a trip to the town . His principal objective is to recover a wooden blade among the fortunes. The sword stays in the possession of Sheik Ebedali. He enrolls the assistance of Prince Salvadore from Catalonia who has a standing of ruthlessness.

Aygul feels desire that Osman has met a young lady that takes his advantage. She wishes it was her. Osman is dealing with her pony and she can see that he has an energetic interest in her. Then again Bala who is innovative paints a wonderful scene of darlings on her earthenware and dreams of areas of strength for her legend.

Boran carries the news to Osman that his hostage has gotten away from after someone cut his ropes. This news angers Osman. He accepts he has a double crosser in their camp. Osman is incensed that anybody could remove a hostage of his from his grip and commits to make a model so that all might see when he tracks down the guilty party.

Meanwhile Batur Bey enters Dundar Beys tent with the news that he has seen as Osman’s hostage. Dundar Bey alongside Gunduz and Batur Bey pursue the choice not to let Osman know that they have Teokles yet rather they remain quiet about the data expecting a tranquil result with the Rums. After much conversation they choose to go despite Osman’s good faith and give Teokles back to Sofia in the desire to keep up with peace.

The priest Tursun is visited by Samsa. Osman has sent him to look for the priests help in finding Teokles inside the Castle dividers. It isn’t well before they see Teokles being accompanied into the palace by Dundar Bey, Gunduz and Batur Bey. Samsa is shocked to see that Teokles was in the ownership of their own ancestral chiefs and they didn’t consider that they have double-crossed Osman.

Dundar Bey conveys Teokles to Sofia and tells her that she has accused Osman of homicide and it is a dishonest incrimination. In attempting to keep harmony he offers her a Court hearing decided in the old manner by Rums and ancestral Kais.

Osman then again remains unaware of what has happened. He has left the ancestral town and is setting out toward the Ahis Village to return Bala’s pony. Her pony has answered well indeed and is solid again.

Master Yannis has likewise advanced into the Ahis Village Bazaar.  He is directed to the slow down possessed by Sheik Edebali and his daughter.  
Osman becomes engaged with a pursuit to get a hoodlum. He pursues a cheat through the roads of Ahis Village and gets him before Bala’s stoneware slow down.   before everybody removes his hand  as discipline.   Osman is commended by the townspeople and Bala for his valiance and moral standing.  The Village can see that Osman is similar as his dad with the boldness of a lion.

Osman’s inclinations toward Bala are becoming more grounded and this doesn’t go inconspicuous by Master Yannis. In the side road Prince Salvador and Nevemettin (the Bazaar security official and Rum Sect part) watch as their otherworldly expert purposes his convincing ways of obtaining Bala’s lovely high quality plate. Osman isn’t tricked by Master Yannis and he lets Bala know that he doesn’t confide in him.

Master Yannis later tells Prince Salvador and Nevemettin that he believes them should hijack Edebali’s girl so they can find out where the fortunes are covered up. Assuming Osman comes after her they are to kill him.

Bala is generally glad to be brought together with her pony following its nonattendance. Osman has really focused on his pony as though it was his own. Osman recollects when he originally recognized tears clearly over her wiped out pony and he made a guarantee to himself that day that whoever carries tears to her eyes will be his foe. (Much to his dismay that an arrangement is as of now in progress to make her cry.) He disappears from Bala and vows to see her again.
Teokles is shocked in the roads of the Castle by Samsa the high mountain who was sent by Osman to visit the Tursun the priest. Samsa gets payback for Osman and drives a blade into the core of Teokles and in doing so gives him Osman’s own regards.

A courier is shipped off Osman welcoming him to visit Alisar Bey from an adjoining clan. Alisar Bey is a close buddy of Osman’s and they drink sherbet together. He lets Osman know that he realizes he didn’t kill Tekfur and will remain by him. Osman requests that the Court be hung on Turkish soil . Osman lets him know that he talked with Tekfur before his demise and he accepts the enemies of both Lord Tekfur and Aybars could be Sofia and Commander Kalanos.

Deep inside the woodland a gathering of Prince Salvador’s Catalonian men assemble anticipating orders from their lord. They are a furious looking pack and look like Vikings on the loot. They accept their orders and prepare to take action.

At Osman’s camp external the Castle his high mountain Samsa presents to him the news that Teokles is dead and that he saw Dundar Bey, Gunduz and Batur Bey driving him into the palace entryways despite the fact that they realize that he was Osman detainee and that he could provide them with the name of Aybars and Tekfur’s executioner.

Osman can’t really accept that what he hears. Batur Bey was the person who delivered Teokles. He perceives how his Uncle and his sibling had deceived him and recollects his words. “I will make the blameworthy compensation for conflicting with his orders.” He passes judgment on them to him as at legitimate fault for selling out. Osman mounts his pony and dashes towards the Kayi Village.

At the Ahi Village, Bala and Gonca set up their products available to be purchased in the Bazaar. The young ladies have been doing a little investigator work of their own and realize that Osman has no spouse or darling. Bala has the starting points of affection puncturing her heart at whatever point she thinks about her valiant Turkish man.

Meanwhile Prince Salvador’s Catalonian men enter the Ahis Bazaar. They are explicitly searching for Bala. To draw her out of the focal market she is informed that her pony is at serious risk. She leaves the market and runs solidly into Salvador’s men. Sovereign Salvador can see her excellence however Bala is valiant and spits in front of him. His repugnance at her activity moves him to lift his hand and strike her across the face. She is delivered oblivious and set toward the rear of a wooden truck.

The rest of Salvador’s men travel through the town not leaving a spirit alive.  The men run past Gonca who they accept is as of now dead however before she blacks out she sees that Bala being packaged into the rear of a pony and truck and drove outside the village.  

Back at the Kais Village the drums start to pulsate as roaring Osman jogs his pony through the entryways of his home.   At the means of the Council tent he runs into Batur Bey,  without an expression of clarification he draws his blade and pushes its profound into Batur Bey’s heart. 

Osman tends to the clan and tells them in the event that anybody deceives him and turns into a double crosser, he won’t show them any pity. 

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