EPISODE 06 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number SIX of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

Our first scene this week starts with Osman Bey who is looking for Bala Hatun after she and Sheik Edebali vanished from the Kayi Village.

Osman finds his main foe Master Yannis at the Ahis Village Bazaar. Osman is particularly shocked to see Yannis as he should be executed at Kuluchaiser Castle that exact same day. Sadly a guiltless individual will be going to the hacking block in his place.

True to his malicious nature Yannis takes care of his back. He utilizes the security of Selcan Hatun who is getting back after a long profound excursion to use as his device to get him out of a tight spot. Selcan Hatun is resting at a Caravan Inn in Sogut where voyagers can track down reward prior to proceeding with their excursion.

Selcan Hatun is sincerely cherished by Osman. She is the spouse of his dad’s oldest sibling Gundogdu Bey and the little girl in-law of his regarded grandma Hayme.

Master Yannis in his arrangement to remain alive has sent Sofia to the Caravan Inn realizing that Selcan Hatun is there. Selcan Hatun isn’t idiotic she knows what sofia’s identity is and has her blade ready.

Master Yannis compromises Osman with killing Selcan Hatun on the off chance that Osman doesn’t permit him to escape Ahis Village Bazaar alive. Osman’s understanding wears ragged as he has Yannis precisely where he needs him with his sword at his throat.

For his opportunity Yannis offers Osman the killer of Aybars. With Selcan Hatun in harm’s way and with the data on Aybars killers, Osman is forced to let Yannis go. He can now complete his guarantee to Bamsi Bey and retaliate for Aybar’s.

Osman leaves Yannis and with a couple of his number one Alps heads to the camp of Prince Salvador and his men.

At Prince Salvador’s camp Osman makes an unexpected assault. He is fruitful in his strike and catches the men he has been searching for. Sadly Prince Salvadore get away however they abduct his right hand man in the desire for making him let them know where Prince Salvador is stowing away.

Meanwhile Selcan Hatun meets Bala and Sheik Edebali at the Caravan Inn.

Dundar Bey, Gunduz, Alisar Bey and Sofia assemble and consent to another Arrangement in Osman’s nonattendance.

Selcan Hatun shows up in the Kayi Village to an enormous welcome by the clan yet Zohore Hatun is excessively distraught to see her sister by marriage. There is nothing but toxicity between these two women.

The town drums envoy the appearance of Osman. Selcan Hatun looks as major areas of strength for her nephew rides through the camp. Osman is hauling two detainees after him. He strolls straight up to Bamsi Bey with the hotly anticipated gift that he guaranteed him. He gladly gives him the ropes that tight spot his detainees together and lets Bamsi Bey know that despite the fact that he hasn’t caught the head of the Catalonian criminals he has conveyed him two of the ones who were answerable for his children demise.

Bamsi Bey gets his payback and with a sword in two hands cuts off the heads from the two Catalonian men and offers all distinction to Osman Bey.

Osman then invites his number one Aunt by folding his arms over her in a caring signal and guides her to his dads tent.

Zohore Hatun can see that Osman is acquiring strength and power among the clan and many will be ready to follow his administration. This is a danger to her and Dundar Bey. She has trust that Alisar Bey will wed her little girl and that way keeping the ancestral power near home.

After chatting with his Aunt, Osman figures out that Bala Hatun is at the Caravan Inn. This is the best news that Osman could get. He goes directly to the Inn in the desire for seeing Bala.

Osman is fortunate and he tracks down Bala when he shows up. He tells her that he will request that his Aunt Selcan visit Sheik Edebali and request her hand in marriage.

Osman is disheartened when Sheik Edebali won’t see him and Bala requests that he be patient and to give her dad additional time. Osman guarantees her he will sit tight a lifetime for her if vital. Bala’s reaction to Osman is that the same length as she has breath she will sit tight for him moreover.

On showing up back at the town Osman requests that Aunt Selcan visit Sheik Edebali at the Caravan Inn the following day to guarantee Bala as his lady. She joyfully concurs.

Boran Alp starts tormenting the Catalonian hostage to attempt to inspire him to tell where Prince Salvador is hanging out. The data that Samsa Bey’s town will be gone after in the first part of the day by the Prince and his men is constrained out of his mouth. This data is transferred to Osman who thus designs his own assault on Prince Salvador before he arrives at Samsa’s Village.

Osman can’t complete his arrangement as Prince Salvador has laid out a snare for him. Out and about prompting Samsa’s Village, Osman rides straight into a snare and is trapped by Prince Salvador.

Osman and his Alps are no counterpart for the Catalonians this time. His Alps are killed before his eyes and he and the leftover Alps are put in servitude ropes. Sovereign Salvador lets Osman know that on the off chance that he doesn’t let him know where Sheik Edebali is concealing he will kill one of his Alps consistently.

The Catalonian hostage has given bogus data to Osman’s Alps prompting a snare. He gets away from his torturer. He recharges in the forest and is found by Batur Bey.

Meanwhile Osman and his Alps end up in a unimaginable circumstance. They are bound and tied and are by and large vigorously beaten. However much they torment Osman he won’t surrender Sheik Edebali’s area.

Sheik Edebali has a fantasy where he sees Osman at serious risk. He requests that Bala get his Dervishes to go search in the forest for him. It isn’t some time before the Dervishes track down a survivor from the assault on Osman. The Alp lets them know that Osman has been seized. This data is transferred back to Sheik Edebali.

Osman and his Alps keep on being beaten and are starting to debilitate. On the off chance that Osman doesn’t let them know where Sheik Edebali is another Alp will before long be dead.

Dundar Bey and Kalonos then again examine the Kayi ancestral specialties. They desire to benefit out of creating Bazaars and benefitting out of the hand made carpets made by the Kais. At present the Kais weave the best carpets in the land and most are sold in Constantinople (Istanbul.) Sofia is enthused about taking advantage of the difficult work of the ancestral ladies.

The drums of the Kayi Village envoy the entry of Abdurrahman Gazi sibling to Dundar Bey. He brings the news that Ertugrul Bey is basically sick with a lung infection. He has been hospitalized yet his possibilities of endurance is nearly nothing. He asks that Dundar Bey be his Deputy and that his children comply with him. Dundar Bey is given his siblings ring and seal to solidify the administration.

The Dervishes show up back at the Caravan Inn with the terrible news that Osman has been trapped and hijacked. Sheik Edebali requests that his Dervishes set up his weapons.
In the mean time a courier likewise brings Dundar Bey and Bamsi Bey the news that Osman has been caught.

Kolur Alp is beaten vigorously by Prince Salvador. Kolur Alp gallantly requests that Salvador kill him, and he cautions Salvador that on the off chance that he doesn’t kill him he will find him and tear his lungs out with his teeth. (Maybe solid words for someone that is tied hand and foot and has absolutely not a chance of protecting himself.)

Sofia joins Prince Salvador in the round of torment. She has Osman exactly where she needs him. He can’t retaliate and she has the appearance of Satan in her eyes.

Join me one week from now to check whether Kolur Alp gets an amazing chance to do his statement. I accept that Osman might get a few assistance from Sheik Edebali and the Dervishes. He is generally in a dilemma. Likewise I question he will be glad to figure out that his Uncle is currently the head of the clan and he is supposed to kiss his hand and obey him.

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