EPISODE 57 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 57 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. May your conquest be mubarak May your state be permanent, may Allah glorify you all the times.AmenAvarBrother.Stick the dagger into Sultan Alparslan’s heart.Stick the dagger intoSultan Alparslan’s heartMashaAllahThankfully we are together again.Right into his heart.Alparslan’-Stop him1Avar1Avar1My Sultan1-My Sultan’Oh no1-Brother1-My Sultan*My Sultan’Alparslan.Alparslan Please open your eyes, please Alparslan, please open your eyes Please open your eyes.My Sultan*My SultanBrother!

My Allah protect him’ My Allah protect him1 My Allah help us1Inform the doctors1Come on!Avar1 Avar what did you do brother?1 What did they do to you brother7’ He tried to kill our Sultan1 Why is he still alive?!Don t touch hDon’t touch hWhere are the doctors?1 Come on1 Come on’ What are you waiting for’ Where is the stretcher’ Hurry Be carefulCome on1 Come on!-Hold it! Ya Allah*Be careful!I hope that the Turks did not take Am that you are still alive, . in short, that you read my letter, God-Damned.’After the trap you set for our vassals, how can you want soldiers from me?Your duty is to protect East borders of Rome from Turks If you fail and lose Am,..you are a dead man.Did I hear it right?

Kaiser .. Won t he send support7 To hell with Kaiser and his minions in Constantine?So what are we going to do now?We will pray for Kavurd to revolt or for Scarecrow ..to end Alparslan s lifeClean cloth1Get the ointment ready.My Allah protect him1Alparslan please open your eyes’Please open your eyes’ Please do not leave us1 Please do not leave me’ May Allah please show us mercy.My Allah protect him1My Allah protect him1Bleeding is not stopping We need more bandages.Is my brother okayHow can this happen, Hace7 How couldn t you stop this7 Our Sultan will live1Did you hear me” You will make him live!

Sefenye, calm down, my dear They are doing their best.Calm downOur Sultan will live. He will get well of course. InshaAllah.May the ground and the sky… the fire and the water be my witness Tears won’t fall downThe only thing to fall.. .is the blood of those who stand against us I need to open the wound and check inside now -You need to get out. I won t I will stay here.Sefenye come onLet s get out and let the doctors do their job will do no harm to himOur Sultan would want me beside him all the time Hearing my voice makes him feel good Alparslan, please wake up.Please.Seferiye, doctors are losing time.Pull yourself together Come on.-Come on-Let’s go.My Allah, spare his life for his beloveds and his state Avar1 Avar1What if something happens to our Sultan?

-May Allah protect him.Avar, come onAvar, my brother’You would never do such a thing.What happened to you’ Say something.Open your mouth and say something, Avar’Shame on you!Is this how you show your loyalty7 How could you do this to your Sultan who has always seen you as his brother?How could you attempt to kill him?Hc a ‘ H..VV ‘ Selcan Hatun It s not something Avar would do Don t do this He s out of his head Sultan Alparslan .I can’t stay like this anymore can’t wait anymore.What if he dies, Mother Akinay?What if he can’t stand up again May Allah protect him!

He II be alright with Allah s will.InshaAllah InshaAllahSpare his life for us, my Allah.Spare his life for the Seljuk State.AmenThanks to AllahClose the woundWhat happenedWhat’s the situation7 He s going to survive, right7 Yes Our Sultan is going to live, Seferiye Hatun.My Allah –

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