EPISODE 56 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 56 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. No power other thanAllah can prevent us from. … walking to Am1You are one of the most skillful architect this world has ever seen, master Yakup.My late Uncle Tugrul always spoke highly of you.You sneaked in the nest of infidels and did countless services to Seljuks.May Almighty Allah grant our Sultan with a state with heaven -AameenAameenWe heard that Earl Leon is going to build a wall like a mountain between Am and us For this, he was looking for the most skillful architects without informing anyone.

They’ll probably get in touch with you too You will accept their offer.You will secretly place naphthas on the supporting positions at the base of the wall to be built in Sorna Am is waiting for us1It’s time to separate the mindless heads from their bodies .who think they can stop the Turk No! No one can break this wall My eyes must be deceiving me.They broke the wall, sir We have to go before wasting time The wall, AdnanIt is unbreakable1Turks will come in Am soon We have to go now.They won’t take AnilThey won t take Am1My Grey Wolves ..my strong valiants….come on.

Who is that infidel, my Suita He is not an infidel.He is a Turk who became a dagger and attacked the hearts of infidels My SultanThe dust and smoke mixed into the sky showed our enemies that….. we would not stand back from the range, even if there are mountains, let alone a wall This is thanks to you.It can not be, my Sultan.It is thanks to the Sultan of the Seljuk state thanks to you We are just soldiers fighting for that cause Now you are set free from…the tough duty you have been wearing like……your clothes for years Yakub From now on, you will run to KizilElma with us …and fight with your own name.

But there is one thing you should know my Sultan During the construction of the wall, a suspicious situation caught my attention What is the matter?Earl Leon made frequent trips into the woods.. opposite Ani when he came to inspect the wall.Although I wanted to check the region the infidel soldiers stopped me and did not allow me Apparently -Apparently … that demon is making other plans.Atsiz’ Ariel kTake troops with you and check the region Yakup will show you.Come on!1 — ’IWe will walk to Ani from two sides I will besiege the city with the.. central force from the east.. .and Kavurd Bey will surround the infidels …from the west with the remaining unit.The order is given by my Sultan.

Batur BeyLet s split the army in two.After we pass the debris of the wall the army will split in two’ Be on alert!When we wanted to shout for our cause and fight only with swords. ..our Sultan planned every step of our war mashaAllah With the noise of that wall which was broken . all infidels in Am must have lost their minds The cruel who hold swords are the only ones… who lost their minds, Kavurd Bey.Let’s go and get heads from the oppressors. .. and allegiance from the oppressed.We will place our glorious sanjak on the walls of Am Come on!Let s keep following them! To the horses’ * >4 IAm is ours1 Damn itIf there is someone to run, it is not us but Turks1 We are going back’ I will kill them all one by one’ Pull yourself together! We cannot attack an army with a bunch of soldiers’Besides, King Bagrat invited his army here Let me remind you that rhe army of Georgia.

You are right they must be in Am right now They will walk on the way of Surman.That means they will face us first then the Turks behind us They do not know that their King is dead I am sure this mournful death will make them mad.Let s go and condole with Georgians Adrian How long are we going to stay in Surmari, General7 Until Turks give u c i ta*m<i An Until our holy King Bagrat is announced as the defender of the Roman Empire and Caiser on east We have not faced an army of infidels .. or a troop which layed an ambush Our watchmen also did not bring any news I don’t know if this is.good or bad, my SuitaLeon s arrogance..is as big as the wallhe built Batur BeyHe believed that the wall would hold our wrath . .so he was unaware and did not take any further measures i c-ke aim c;it! We erefe^virg:Come on, hurry1Sultan AlparslanSultan AlparslaSultan Alparslan .

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