EPISODE 54 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 54 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My Sultan!Who is he?-Brother!-Kavurt Bey!0 . ’u’ w•“Protect‘us, my Rabb!’It*,As soon as we get to Rey, you’ll come together with your families.Seferiye Sultan… We start by killing her?No. Not only her.Emir Fazluye.What is this, my Sultan?QCome, brother. Come. Come.oWhat are these things I see, Kavurt Bey?Do you have any explanation for this?Open the doors!The one, whom he expected to see hanged on the door was not Fazluye, but it was you, father.

No one can know who expect what and what he finds in the end, Merdan.Our war begins now.Kavurt Bey doesn’t act normal, my Sultan. We should be careful.My Sultan Brother!I see you’ve come to Shiraz, when you heard we were in captivity.May your sultanate and mercy be eternal. Long live Sultan Alparslan.As you see, we have beaten our enemies……with my brave Melik Merdan here.Rebel Merda…Kavurt Bey.What’s hanged there is not Emir Fazluya but my broken orders!And whoever breaks my order……pays for it……including whoever sided with him.

THE CITY OF REYMurdere-Murderer!-Why did you kill that innocent woman?Here! Murderer! He’s here!Back off! Back off!Murderer! Give him to us!Murderer!-Back off!-Don’t get close!-Don’t get close!-Don’t get close!Murderer!Don’t get close!Stop!Stop!Stop! Don’t do this!His crime has not been proved yet!The justice will be served!Calm down!Stop! Listen to me, brothers!Stop!I know why you are angry, brothers.The child of Jesus Christ has always been oppressed.Our Holy Father ordered us to turn the other cheek, when we get hit.If there is an injustice, it will be revealed.I promise.I assure you. Wait for the last trial, brothers.I’ll be in that trial and the justice will be served.As Bishop Yorgo says……the trial hasn’tbeen concluded yet.Be patient.Trust Great Seljuk’s justice.You lying peasant.Be patient.I know that woman’s lying.

But Sultan Wolf will try to find □ way We have to build the wall silently when he thinks about a plan to save the slaves.Soldier. -My Earl.Place watchmen all around the camp.Throw a slave’s body in front of each Turk who tries to approach. -Yes.If Sultan Wolf wants to see me …..tell him that I am asleep, and that I hate being woke up If things go wrong, there is something very important thing I want from you to do Glass Eye.Even if we are not free, our Sultan knows where we are, Guice Hatun.Hf A ill WK: US.InshaAllah Serdar Alp InshaAllah.I hope you understood me well, Glass Eye Because this is our last chance against Turks.Yes sir, don’t worry.9My Sultan. Dastard Leon said that he would not give food and water to the slaves Men and women can stand it….. but the children cannot stand this for long.

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