EPISODE 53 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 53 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Among the children you will save. … there are ones that belong to you It’s your choice.Ani….. or. .You will take your army and leave the lands of the Roman Empire.Sultan Wolf.Sister. . I want to see my sister Don t go my Sultan’ Fight against the infidels!If you listen to this little wolf…..and dare to attack. … kids will be killed with these poor slaves.My Sultan, we cannot know what this lunatic will do What are we going to do now?Show mercy, my Sultan!If you don t do as they say, he will kill our children!You used the poor as your shield when you could fight like a man.But you should know… I am not the one who is cornered Leon It’s you.Now Akarag is under my siege.The only way to leave here safe and sound ….is to free these poor people.So we are under siege.

You never surprise me Sultan Wolf.But I want you to know …we have limited food and water.And of course, I will think about my soldiers before the slaves I mean . If you attack. ….these poor people will die because of my sword, if you don t, they will die of hunger or thirst.You decide.This demon will not give up, my Sultan.fi h bird sv II r it fly fiu’u ? it’ri • Surround the place1Build the Sultan s tent!Adrian!Take Sultan Wolf s children to their cages now!Leave Guice Hatun1 Let her go, I II stay!Let her go dastards!To your cages now, come on!Come on.Goodbye Sultan Wolf.Walk1Come on!Mother!Such a shame, right Glass Eye?Put them all inCome on, everyone to their cages!Come with me.MotheDon t cry Come on!We have gained some time for now.

But Sultan Wolf will try to find □ way We have to build the wall silently when he thinks about a plan to save the slaves.Soldier. -My Earl.Place watchmen all around the camp.Throw a slave’s body in front of each Turk who tries to approach. -Yes.If Sultan Wolf wants to see me …..tell him that I am asleep, and that I hate being woke up If things go wrong, there is something very important thing I want from you to do Glass Eye.Even if we are not free, our Sultan knows where we are, Guice Hatun.Hf A ill WK: US.InshaAllah Serdar Alp InshaAllah.I hope you understood me well, Glass Eye Because this is our last chance against Turks.Yes sir, don’t worry.9My Sultan. Dastard Leon said that he would not give food and water to the slaves Men and women can stand it….. but the children cannot stand this for long.

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