Kurulus Osman EPISODE 113 and 15th of Season 4

This is Episode No 113 (15th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 15 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Your heart is magical and charming.You can be excused.You don’t know what sorrow is.You can be excused.I have cried for 1000 nights without you……but you haven’t been without yourself even for one night.You can be excused.Ahmet Ghazali.That was nice, right?What made those lines be written……is a great pain.Love.Being tested with love…..and when it’s mutual…No lover can be separated from their beloved. Alcicek.Love is the most superior feeling in this world.Why did you callme, Mother Sultan?Lovers should be united, Alcicek.We separated you from your lover……and put you inside a cage.Let’s see if you can forgive us.Come on.Come on, work your arms, not your mouth.You will do it.I will make you get used to using weapons in such a way, Bala Hatun will make you one of the bacis, Ulgen sis…Go on, say it.

And I will kill you!MashAllah.Say one more word……and I will cut off your tongue What are you doing?\Ne are training.Wasn’t there anyone else in the tribe that Osman Bey sent you?And why am I training?Cerkutay doesn’t know about using weapons. You should be trained by me.You are right, Gurbuz Alp.I don’t understand what he is doing.Osman Bey ordered me!And you can’t disobey Bey’s orders!Come on.Take your weapon and stand in front of me.I told you to take your weapon and stand in front of me.Fine!Move!You are going to look right into the eyes of your enemy.Show him that you are not afraid.And look for an opening.You are going to make her forget what she already knows.Look at me! I told you, right?You should ask me about weapons Why are you here?Osman Bey is waiting for you, come on!

Why didn’t you say that before!?Continue your training! I will be back!Come on, come on!Come on!Slowly!Faster!Look at him.He’s mad.Alcicek.Only Allah is alone.Humans……should be with the one they love.You didn’t act like this before Mother Sultan.You tried to marry me off to Bayindir.Humans make mistakes.I am human, Alcicek.I might be wrong.And I was.But I didn’t know you and Aktemur loved each other.If I did…..I wouldn’t have promised Bayindir.

It doesn’t matter anymore Mother Sultan.Our love was tested with your mistake.And we failed.Both me and Aktemur.It’s over now.No need to talk.It’s not over.Alcicek.We both know that…..I put these birds in the cage.And I am the one who set them free.I will bring you two together.And……Aktemur’s escape from the dungeon.I know you helped him.Did you risk so much…..for a love that ended, Alcicek?Why did I ignore it?Because you’re my daughter too.I want you to……be happy.

I want you to finish your love story……that is not over.It’s very hard Mother Sultan.I have the power to do it.Now you may leave.And I will prepare your wedding.Alcicek…..and Aktemur.You are two birds that must meet.You’ll be very happy.You will……think you’re free.And you will……serve me forever.May I come in?Come in.Mother Sultan.Bengi Hatun.We heard from Esma.What is it?We know where she is.\Ne’ve overcome the troubles in our tribe……so now……we can continue the conquests.Kantakuzenos’ death……must have scared them.

They will be more vigilant.\Ne need to know the current state of Kopruhisar.It’s time.Cerkutay.You will interfere there with Ulgen Hatun.Let me go there too my bey.I know Kopruhisar well.Then tell Cerkutay what you know.I need you. You’ll be here with me.As you wish my bey.We will know about even the air they breathe.We need to know what’s going on at Kopruhisar.

Then…..we will add it to our land as soon as possible InshAllah.InshAllah my bey.InshAllah.Sons.You go to Sultan Mesut.He was going to write letters to the beys to rebel.They must be ready by now.You’ll take them and give them to beys.Bring him some food too.Ask him if he needs anything.As you wish my bey.Times are not safe, take more alps with you.No.The alps with them are enough.They’ll take care of themselves.If the work is tough so are we mother Bala.\Ne will take care of ourselves.Okay.Come on now sons.Where Mesut’s location is known.Take enough men with you and go to where Esma told us to take Mesut.As you wish my Sultan. Come on.Our destination is Kayi tribe.Come on.My bey.How much longer will we hold Sultan Mesut with us?

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