Kurulus Osman EPISODE 108 and 10th of Season 4

This is Episode No 108 (10th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 10 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

A DAY LATERNo one got hurt, right, Hatuns?It seems a little stone upset a large cart, my Bey.Alcicek has a servant, my Bey.She locked the door, when Bengi was inside.So, we managed to leav there easily.You are right! I’m sure Bengi Hatun spewed fire out of her ears!We learned that Alcicek’s servant was a brave girl.What about you, my Bey? How did you get out with all those spears pointed at you?When we told them we put gunpowder all around the fort, they had to let us go.We would never do such a thing!

In our own lands? Astagfirullah!But even a little doubt was enough, my Bey, huh?I’m sure they realized the truth, after we left.But I’m sure Bengi is going to make a move.Then, we take precautions accordingly.Be prepared.And just as we promised…..we are going to take Inegol.And InshAllah, we’ll make the wedding in Inegol.-Boran.-My Bey.Use force, if you have to.Tell the Alps to go to the tribe.Make sure they take the siege equipment and the battering ram.As you command, my Bey.Come on.My Bey.Are we going to fight with Turgut Bey?First, with Turgut Bey.But for our cause……we are going to fight against all the world, if it is needed.

Let’s go.THE CASTLE OF MARMARACIK They will all pay.They will all pay for they kidnapped my Hatun!Bayindir.Fix your language and speak accordingly.Alcicek is not your Hatun. She is my daughter.She was going to be!We were about to start the wedding!I guess you won’t defend Osman Bey before me now!Bayindir BeyBayindir Bey is right, Oktem Bey.Osman Bey crossed the line by kidnapping Alcicek.It’s time to punish them for what they did now!

They disregarded the promise given to me!You gave that promise to me! They disregarded your promise!And now, we will punish them for it! This won’t end like this!Enough, Bengi.Enough.All the things happened because of you.And you, Bayindir..I understand you.You are angry, I know.Your honor has been wounded.However……Alcicek is not your Hatun but my daughte I can surely do whatever is necessary.Don’t you ever try to call me account for something, Bayindir.Know that I won’t care about the sake of all the years.You only show your teeth to us!In the eyes of the Sultan, we have no respect now.

He couldn’t even stay in his own castle because of his anger. And you, Oktem Bey! And you!-You couldn’t even control your daught–Bayindir!Aybars!Tell the Alps to take their swords.We are going to Yenisehir.You are not coming, Bayindir.I’m going to take my daughter.You have no business there.Take care.Okay then Oktem Bey.Okay then.Huseyin.I was too merciful back then.That dog Aktemur……should’ve died before I gave him to Olof.But it’ll happen sooner than later.I will cut out that dog’s heart myself.Come on.I thought he left me.I thought he was scared and ran.But he was being tortured.He would’ve came.

He would’ve came to me.He would./IG•Are there yours?–’v; <?'< ‘AThey’re Aktemur’s gifts.Wear them.You’re awake.You’re awake.Son?Allah thank you so much.You’re awake.Look who’s here.Your uncle helped Alcicek escape her wedding.Aktemur.You’re okay right?Mother.Yes?You two should talk.I’ll be by the door.Inegol CastleWhat are you thinking about Turgut Bey?Are you worried about your land?We gathered more Alps.Archers took their positions.

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