Kurulus Osman EPISODE 107 and 9th of Season 4

This is Episode No 107 (9th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 09 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

You won’t be able to escape from my curse!Oh my Allah, help us!Alps! Bring the pots of fire Wait for my mark!Alps! Retreat!Don’t leave anyone alive!Oh Haqq!Your end will be worse than this!We destroyed their headquarter, Olof.We need to leave.This is only the beginning.They will pay for all the blood they spilled!We will make them pay together, Olof.But not now. Not now.We are retreating!What headquarters is this, Osman Bey?From whom did you take permission to build a headquarter?From Allah!

I will not take permission from anyone for Ghaza in the Haqq’s path!If you don’t know me…..then ask him!He knows me weYou are being unfair, Osman Bey.I am being fair enough!Avci Bey!Go to the headquarters with our soldiers.Help the people who were slaughtered because of this daydreamer!No!We don’t need the help of anyone!You are damaging the peace between two states!You approached the and got ambushed You will pay for these!We will pay the price for it!Whenever you want, wherever you want!Turgut Bey.You should stay.He’s leaving my Sultan.He’ll be there.He’ll ride all night.When he gets there……everyone will be dead.

You see it right?See what Sultan Hadrath?Osman’s arrogance.His arrogance will end Osman.Now, choose your side.Are you with Osman….or with me?No.He’s not here.The Alps at the gates don’t know.He left Yenisehir in the morning.He never came back.Something must have happened.I know it.Don’t think of the worst Ayse Hatun.Maybe they’re in the tribe.No Ulgen. No.Bengi would be furious.She would have started a riot.She’s here. Look.Speak of the devil.She wouldn’t be here if her daughter was gone.Something’s wrong.Something’s wrong.Show your face if you dare.I’ll find out who you are.I’ll find you.Show yourself you coward.Subasi is yours now.Torture him well.

Don’t worry about it.Alright.We’ll go to Yenisehir.Our absence would be suspicious.I’m an engaged man.I should be at work now.Come on.Take these.They couldn’t do it.This is awful.So?Alcicek is here.Where is Aktemur?Ulgen. Let’s talk to her.Come on.Ayse Aatun.Ulgen Hatun.What do you want from me?Alcicek. Aktemur-Mother will be here.Don’t let her see you.Don’t say that name to me ever again.That matter is over.What are you saying Alcicek?I will marry Bayindir Bey.Stay away from me.Stay away from me.Move.I don’t get it at all.What’s happening?What else?It’s.clear that Alcicek changed her mind.Ah Aktemur ah.I made a decision mother.y©oI will run away with Alcicek.

Did you propose that idea?She did.When we were leaving the castle.She is a brave one.If she……loves you enough to leave her mother and ancestors behind…..then don’t worry.Do what’s needed.I’m with you.I’m with you.Then……we won’t let me make her wait.She is waiting for me under the bend trees near the pinery.Go well. Aktemur.Be careful.Ladies…Ladies……A’ktemur is nowhere to be found.Go and tell Malhun Hatun as soon as possible.We’re going to go where Aktemur said.Alps.Prepare the horses.We’re going.We’re going.Let me come with you.I won’t leave you alone.Come Ulgen, come.Come on.Alps.We’ll be going and be on the way as soon as possible.

We’re going to bury our martyr in Yenisehir.Osman Bey is coming.Catapults…So much work has gone into these.So much work..Are you okay?I am.Bala.Bala.Bala.My Bala.My brave hatun.Are you okay?I am my Osman.But…They’ve tarnished everywhere.Alps…Do you.have no trust in your Bey?Get back up!Get up!The base was attacked as soon as we turned our backs.Get out of my sight!I’ve been standing by your side for all these years……but you’re now blinded by anger, Osman Bey.It took only one mistake for you to attack and discard.-Turgut Bey was right…said get out of my sight!juejogCall the Beys here, I’m going to gather the Divan.As you command, my Bey.

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