Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 18 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 18 Season 02 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.This is Episode number 18 of Payitaht King Abdul Hameed. Both our sovereign and sovereign mother let her. How is it that I could go against to whom? There must be a method for bringing her back. I think there is a way. How? I m sure.. Sabahattin doesn t need that marriage. Seniha Ruler knows that as well. I will compel Seniha she will drive his child. They will wed or send her back. How might your power her for the marriage? I will pack her endowment and send it in a matter of seconds. Marriage arrangements will start. Furthermore, Sabahattin will go against to that marriage. Obviously. However long the commitment broadens ..we can see our sovereign that they have zero desire to wed .. furthermore, we can take her back. Just this way she can come clean Mehmed. Poor Samir was shot yesterday. Wear t tire yourself. Have rest. I got harmed today. Occasion felines might t at any point bear the cost of lives for Red King. Wear t stress. Wear t get sad. You aren t going to bite the dust. I faced the challenge of death ..yet Ottoman is in the pains of genuine demise. Red King will bite the dust not you. Opportunity will hold his fredoom. Didn t the sovereign bring the blossom? Wear t stress he did. Be that as it may, he needs Melike. In any case he won t give. Melike. If it’s not too much trouble, wear t leave me.

 Assuming I wear t go Abdulkadir won t give the blossom. In any case, the ruler will take you to the royal residence Melike. Wear t stress. I will get the bloom.. ..brush him off and bring here back. Alright? Melike. My holy messenger. We will address everything. Be that as it may.. We want to save you from the toxic substance first. Come on Melike. Let s not be late. Naime. My king. You are wet. Like the mystery of my heart downpours like cutting my spirit. Other than it s spring downpours. It will stop soon. Allow s to get inside. Not prior to taking a response. Reply from who? From birds blossoms bugs ..trees downpour. It doesn t matter who. I simply need it. You re talking in enigmas. Since I wear t know. What is it that you need to be aware?

Will the affection in my heart track down an accomplice? Allow s to get inside. You are not fine. He didn t even answer. Nonetheless ..I gave him my mystery. Who? Come on. Allow s to get inside. The cost of the espresso. You will appreciate it the other will not my ruler. No requirement for cash. Is it true or not that you are alright Ahsen? Melike. My sister s name is Melike. I did what you needed Ahsen. The bloom is in the case. Much obliged to you my sovereign. Allow s to go to the royal residence. What royal residence sovereign? Melike will get back with me. OK. No time for talking about. I will go with Abdulkadir. Give the blossom to my sibling. Then, at that point, let s go. It s for you Samir. An incredible number of weapons came to the capital. Who can say for sure? No one! My commanders.

 Except if you perform your responsibilities enough will lose your positions and get back. Assuming I wear t carry out my responsibility sufficiently ..I will go to the burial ground with this country. That s why.. ..minuscule news hurting my country doesn t let me rest. That s why I follow the news that others wear t see significant.. ..furthermore, I research for that. They call me downer. Allow them to do. I m simply not unwary. That s all. Excuse us my sovereign. We feel embarrassed. Yet, we wonder for whom the weapons came. Armenian packs as per intel. Three Armenians were killed in a congregation. It s said that A muslim killed them. Said where general? In the roads my sovereign. Then, at that point, we ought to welcome the road individuals to this board. They express exactly the same things as you. They say a Muslim killed them. Isn t it very clear? Muslims were killed. Armenians were killed. Weapons came.

They re planning for a major move. We will find those weapons officers. Generally our foes will succeed. General. Move Saffet. Regardless of whether I.. The lions won t. Saffet. I really want to see our sovereign. Officers are accumulated for the gathering there. What’s more, I didn t heard that you are welcomed again for the committee. I am sorry. Saffet. Pay attention to me cautiously. I thought for even a moment to get in our sovereign s presence without consent. I can banish you to an extremely far off city with a solitary word. Move. Move! Move you insolent ones. Stop general! How might you venture to general? Excuse me my sovereign. Let me know something like this that.. ..these firearms will get brought down. Any other way you will follow through on a weighty cost. My sovereign. The weapons got dumped from the boat. Turmoil will break out in the capital. Let me know something I wear t know. My sovereign. I know where the weapons are. Come general. Get out. Talk general.

 My sovereign. My child Sabahattin. He took part in exchange with our sovereign Abdulkadir. They wanted to purchase modest garments. Yet, I got some news. Accidentally Sabahattin got misdirected. They got him engaged with sneaking weapons. How could you discover that? An Armenian who works in the traditions. Be that as it may, he is extremely faithful to his country. Talk. My sovereign. Armenians.. ..will revolt. You are correct general. You re coming clean. The individuals from Armenians Hınçak and Taşnak groups… Istanbul. Their names and addresses got recognized. Yet, we wear t realize who gave the weapons. In the event that you hadn t said they were for Armenians ..I would have question your words. You said you know where the weapons are. Talk. My sovereign. I wear t know the specific area of the weapons.

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