Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 17 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5

Payitaht: Sultan Abdülhamid EPISODE 17 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing by GiveMe5.This is Episode number 17 of Payitaht King Abdul Hameed. Any report from Osman of Söğüt? And the distress of Ömer? No news my sovereign. Assuming that there was significant news he would illuminate us. I know how motherlessness feels. It opens an unending injury in the heart. In any case, I likewise know how parenthood feels.. A decent kid is like shield. Ömer.. areas of strength for a. We went to the dock my sovereign. However, the weapons had been taken from the boat. How kid? Wear t they really look at what s in them? They kept the chests in the boat since they would be checked. Be that as it may.. Then somebody came and purchased the products in the chests. They couldn t check. Who? Your ruler. Abdulkadir. Allow s to see.. ..who is the hand of Sara Hedaya among us. The colloquialism is valid. Youngsters cover their dads settled. Fathers cover their youngsters at war. Hang tight for me in the Mabeyn. Welcome general Mehmed as well. Indeed my sovereign. The sovereign. What s your request my soveregin? You got some information about my request general.

Nothing more needs to be said. My eyes say my child is at Satan s administration. Be that as it may, my heart accepts.. Despite the fact that our tradition individuals commit errors one sold out his country. What does your brain say my sovereign? My brain.. This is written in the book my brain. “Give privileges to who looks for their freedoms.” “Guillotine who rebels.” Okay. What s your request my sovereign? How would it be advisable for us to respond? I trust my ruler s character general. Follow him. Give him some time.. breeze through the test. Or on the other hand.. Will he drink the toxin of selling out like honey? Indeed. It s a fragile matter. The request is yours. The request is god s general. We are here to comply with his orders. May god not test anybody with his child. General! Indeed my sovereign? Envision you enter a tent general. There is a feline and a pot of milk.

 The milk is being shaken in the pot. What’s more, there are white stains on the feline s mustache. Could you at any point say the feline drank the milk? The circumstance shows so. My thought would be this. Imagine a scenario in which the milk has shaken by the breeze. Imagine a scenario where white stains have come from something else. Did you see it drank the milk? Wouldn t it be shameful? Proof precedes assessment for us. In the event that my ruler has committed an error he will get rebuffed. I need you.. learn in the event that he has a slip-up or not. I feel assuage now my sovereign. Obviously you do. Obviously you do. The ones who choose fairly feel better. General. Take authorization from the instructors of our sovereign Burhaneddin. Let them know his dad missed him. Indeed my sovereign. I didn t kill these men. I m terrified of god. I wear t kill the guiltless. Allow s to secure him and consume them all.

 I have seven shots. In any case, I wear t want to hurt anybody. Move away! I can shoot! Move! He has a bomb. Watch out! Our sovereign arranged me to safeguard him! Ömer can kick the bucket. Yet, not the only one. Ömer sibling. Wear t stress. Our sovereign doesn t let anybody be. I didn t kill those men. The arrangement is to set Armenians against Muslims. Quit talking governmental issues! Everyone realizes that you butchered them.

The enemy of them.. cleric masked Hiram. Wake up! Track down the covert agent among you. The bomb! Remain back! Look out! Run! Come on. Sit down. Sit young lady. Wear t be bashful. Listen Makbule. You are under my assurance in this house. So you ought to be feeling better. Young lady. Look. While it is in this place of.. ..a strong Ottoman general like me A small apprehension about felines could t at any point exist.. the core of a weak mouse. So you ought to be most certainly feeling better. You must be feeling better, as a matter of fact. Wear t be apprehensive. Young lady. It s all known. A disgraceful man wounded you. Be that as it may, you are as yet alive luckily.

 In the event that an individual should live ..he should live with honor right? Answer my inquiry firmly and valiantly. Did general Mahmud cut you? Not by any stretch of the imagination Seniha King. You posed your inquiry with such searing words that.. ..she would nearly say it was me.. ..despite the fact that she wasn t going to say that. Keep quiet broad Mahmud. Wear t object please. Yet.. Mahmud! Young lady. Come clean. Just reality. It implies the causer of your condition.. general Mahmud. Seniha King needed to make your her girl in regulation. So you wouldn t give her better half s name. Bidar Ruler took you under his security. With the goal that you would give the name of whomever she loved. Listen young lady.

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