Destan EPISODE 10 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 10 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Alpagu decides to go to the illustrious home after what happened at the social occasion spot and sets out. Kircicek demands that Akkiz speak with Khan at the earliest open door and to allow the marriage. Ece finds that Kircicek needs to marry Batuga, but she can’t get it. Alpagu figures Kircicek can get recompense and gets some information about her. Meanwhile, a couple of aggressors start shooting bolts at individuals who go to the palace. Fighters endeavor to protect Alpagu.

Akkiz goes to Batuga and endeavors to save him. Batuga offers something ended up being terrible. A couple of officials hold onto Balamir and carry him into the woodlands. Akkiz sees Balamir running into the woodlands and starts following him. Saltuk goes to the boondocks to get the comedian. In spite of the way that Balamir doesn’t have even the remotest clue about the attackers, he endeavors to escape with them.

Akkiz stops Balamir’s horse and gets him in the forest. Colpan appears before long. Colpan demands Balamir’s conveyance. Saltuk becomes perturbed with Colpan and asks what happened. Colpan tells that Tutkun has moved away from the imperial home and that is the explanation she really wants to use Balamir. Akkiz takes action to disguise that the aggressors are from the Dag and passes Balamir on to Alpagu. The formal beginnings with Khan’s arrival in the palace.

Alpagu sits back on the favored position and begins to watch the help. Danis expresses that after the help everything is perfect and the elevated place by and by has a spot with Alpagu. Alpagu quickly calls Balamir and begins to condemn him. Saltuk tells everyone that Balamir will be sought after for treachery and endeavoring to kill Khan. Kircicek comes as an eyewitness and concedes that she did everything on the arrangements of her father. Resulting to focusing on Kircicek, Balamir asks where the certified paw is.Balamir continues to talk and tells that she hurt Alpagu beforehand.

Alpagu begins to think about the snare. Alpagu says the council will choose Balamir around early evening. Alpagu goes to his room and comprehends that Akkiz is the veritable snare. Ece speaks with Mei and tells her that Alpagu has recovered the elevated place. Priest says that Temur’s exercises have hurt Mei’s honor and demands that Ece kill Tutkun. Temur goes to a lodging outside the city with Tutkun. Batuga finds that the Chinese outfitted force is advancing toward the line and sends Yaman to find Temur. The chamber articulates Balamir obligated. Alpagu says Balamir will be executed at sunrise. Hearing this decision, Colpan plans to break Balamir out of the jail. Colpan sends a secret message to Mei for this plan.

Alpagu calls Akkiz to his room and starts speaking with her. Alpagu says he understands that Akkiz is a paw and demands that she leave the illustrious home as fast as far as possible. Akkiz recognizes this so reality concerning Batuga isn’t uncovered. Alpagu then, orders Temur to be brought to the imperial home and sends Kaya to this mission. Alpagu ends up being irate with Balamir’s accomplice and reasons him from his post. Ece grasps that Alpagu is incredibly enraged and demands that he calm down a little. Alpagu calls the pastor and Mei.

Alpagu needs the Chinese champions to rapidly leave the limit district. The pastor demands that Khan track down Temur. Alpagu says he is ready for the battle to come and sends the pastor. Alpagu then, ends up being irate with Gunseli and asks her not to commit any mistakes again. Alpagu finally ends up being irate with Kircicek and says he will send her to another family as a woman.

Kircicek demands that Batuga change Alpagu’s viewpoint and compromises him. Akkiz says she wants to leave the palace after what Khan said. A short period of time later, Alpagu goes to Batuga’s room. Alpagu tells his youngster that Akkiz is the snare. Alpagu says he mourns telling his feelings to Akkiz. Akkiz tells Batuga that the ones who caught Balayir in the forest are working for Colpan. Akkiz is hopeless because she has no spot to go any more. Serve inconspicuously goes to meet Colpan. Colpan says she will find Temur anyway needs something thus. Colpan demands that the minister eliminate Balamir from the jail. The clergyman is shocked by this arrangement and recognizes it.

Saltuk comprehends that the priest is meeting with Colpan and ponders what’s going on. Colpan says she will capture Balamir. Saltuk is astoundingly perturbed with this plan and says that Colpan is endeavoring to clutch the grandiose position. Mei notices Tayangu in the palace and says she really wants to speak with him. The priest says he abducted Tayangu’s friends and family. Tayangu agrees to steal Balamir from the jail to save his friends and family.

That night Alpagu goes to the jail to chat with Balamir for the last time. The priest and Tayangu give resting meds to the officials in the palace. Alpagu sends the officials in the jail and starts drinking sherbet with Balamir. Mei sees the guards resting and demands that Tayangu open the jail entrance. Balamir talks about the past and slowly falls asleep. Saltuk comprehends that something is misguided since he is suddenly languid. Saltuk later sees that all of the guardians are resting.

Saltuk comprehends that someone is endeavoring to snatch Balamir and starts hollering in the lobbies of the illustrious home. Since everyone in the illustrious home is dozing, it’s not possible for anyone to help Saltuk. Tayangu goes to the jail and eliminates Balamir from his cell. The clergyman comes to the jail with his two officers and expresses thanks to Tayangu. The priest kills Tayangu and takes Balamir from the regal home. Akkiz takes Batuga to the burial ground. Preceding opening his granddad’s grave, Batuga petitions and demands that assent from him achieve this work. Akkiz starts digging the grave. Yaman notices the inn where Temur is and tells him what happened in the palace. Temur says that whether or not war breaks out, he will not return to the illustrious home. Meanwhile, Colpan’s officials begin to attack and catch Tutkun. Kaya comes and helps his kin. Temur sets out to look for Tutkun. Akkiz opens the internment chamber and tracks down a case there. Akkiz accepts that there is the Khan’s seal inside the situation and opens it, yet the poisonous snake inside the case attacks her.

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