Destan EPISODE 09 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 09 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.After the attack, Balamir goes to the forest and offers thanks toward Kircicek. Kircicek accepts that her father will after a short time be Khan and is particularly bright. Alpagu goes to the mountain with Batuga to notice the bloom that Kun Ata said previously. Akkiz helps Alpagu with resting. Gunseli hurts Turkun, yet she mourns what she did. Danis tells that Khan went to the mountain without telling anyone. Ece is very angry about the current situation, but, Gunseli comes and says that she hurt Tutkun. Temur immediately goes to the pony cover and really investigates Tutkun. Mei says she will give the cure yet for specific conditions. Ece rapidly recognizes Mei’s conditions for Colpan to help Alpagu. Colpan finds that Tutkun has been hurt and starts to battle with Ece.

Temur endeavors to calm Colpan down. Kun Ata notices the bloom he is looking for and begins to treat Alpagu’s physical issue. That night, Balamir and his tactical attack the palace. While Ece and Colpan are quarreling over what happened to Tutkun, Balamir enters the regal home. Balamir sits on the favored position. Kaya and Temur endeavor to stop Balamir. Danis stops everyone and licenses Balamir to take the favored situation for a short time frame. The next morning, Akkiz acknowledges what happened in the regal home. Akkiz tells Batuga that Balamir has taken the elevated place. Alpagu visits his soul mate’s grave. Batuga sees his mother’s grave yet sits inactive. Akkiz demands that Alpagu finish something, yet he says he isn’t strong any longer. Akkiz endeavors to persuade Khan and tells him her course of action. Alpagu focuses on Akkiz’s course of action and allows her.

Balamir says he has picked who to pariah from the palace. Kaya says Balamir will not be Khan. Ece demands that Gunseli apologize to Tutkun. Kaya says that he wants to marry Akkiz to become Khan, yet his mother objects to him. Gunzeli says she got the poisonous substance from Kircicek, but she can’t muster enough willpower to care about the claims against her. While Danis and Saltuk are talking about what Balamir did in the illustrious home, Akkiz’s secret message comes to the palace. Saltuk finds that Alpagu has a game plan to uncover Balamir’s deceptive course of action. Saltuk tells this plan to Kaya and takes action immediately. Colpan says she pardons Gunseli. While Ece is examining what to do at the social affair from Colpan, Saltuk comes and tells about Akkiz’s course of action. While Kircicek is speaking with Principles in the pony cover, Balamir comes. Balamir demands that Guidelines get Yaman.

Guidelines recognizes this task and expeditiously starts looking for Yaman. Kaya and Temur quarrel about Akkiz’s course of action. Saltuk says that Guidelines has disregarded the palace and sets with Temur. Alpagu examines his childhood that night and subsequently gets some data about the entombment places. Akkiz goes to the forest the next morning and meets with Yaman. Akkiz says she feels dreadful for serving her father’s executioner. Yaman says Akkiz simply serves Batuga and demands that she calm down. Yaman then, returns to the forest to get Norms. Saltuk returns to the palace and says that Akkiz’s catch worked. Saltuk says that Akkiz will address Guidelines. Alpagu begins to look at Guidelines and asks him concerning Balamir’s plan. Norms continues to say that Balamir is straightforward no matter what the general large number of tortures. Yaman pushes Guidelines and continues to beat him. Guidelines inconspicuously takes the edge all along.

That night, Akkiz goes to Batuga’s tent and starts watching Guidelines. Batuga tells that Principles will escape soon so they will uncover Balamir’s game plan. Guidelines cuts the rope in his grip and rapidly returns to the regal home. Colpan talks with a couple of hereditary trailblazers and tells them that she will show Balamir’s traitorousness. Principles talks with Kircicek and demands that she call Balamir. Balamir then, comes to the room. Norms tells that Alpagu is at this point alive and what happened to him. Balamir comprehends that Alpagu knows everything and kills Norms to destroy all the evidence. Meanwhile, the officers of the fake paw attack Akkiz yet misfire. Colpan tells that these men are for the most part working for Balamir. Yaman comprehends that these men are tranquil and this demolishes Akkiz’s course of action.

Familial trailblazers say they will not maintain Alpagu and return to the palace. Colpan says Akkiz’s course of action didn’t work. Colpan says that accepting Kaya marries Tutkun, she will maintain him in the social affair. A priest from the Chinese illustrious home comes and starts bantering with Mei. The priest then, goes to Ece’s room and expresses that if Temur isn’t the Khan, the Chinese officials will follow soon. Temur escapes from the illustrious home with Tutkun and this makes Mei very insane. Temur rides with Turkun. Akkiz says that all will be well soon and it is extraordinary that Batuga doesn’t marry Kircicek. Akkiz then, takes Batuga to Tilsim’s internment chamber. Batuga chats with his mother and begins to cry. Kircicek sees that Batuga can truly talk and inconspicuously returns to the palace. At the point when Alpagu approaches the entombment place, Akkiz becomes perturbed with him and solicitations that he continue like Khan again.

Alpagu says he is excessively fragile to try and ponder being Khan. Akkiz begins to practice swordsmanship with Alpagu before the political choice. Colpan comprehends that Kaya is lying and says she will give her vote to Balamir. Ece can’t persevere through anything more and goes to the mountain to talk with her soul mate. Danis starts the social event meeting and Khan presents his rivals exclusively. Board people begin to rule for Balamir, and Kaya sees he won’t be the new Khan. Meanwhile, Akkiz subtly considers Kircicek and demands that she reveal her father’s game plans. Kircicek says she will tell all that Balamir did in kind for wedding Batuga. In view of projecting a polling form, Balamir is picked as the new Khan. While Balamir is recognizing the political race result, Alpagu travels every which way after him. Balamir says Alpagu can’t kill the new Khan. Danis stops Alpagu and says he will be rebuked for pursuing the Khan. Batuga recognizes Kircicek’s arrangement. Then, Kircicek returns to the panel and says that her father put out a catch for Alpagu at the hunting festivity.

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