Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin EPISODE 02 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode No.2 of Mendirman Jaloliddin with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Yes?Who will introduce this young lady to me?Kutlu Bilge Hanim.The infidels destroyed her homeland.Even if she didn’t demand our help, we insisted.She honored us by coming with us.My Shehzade. Our Sultan is waiting you and the committee with you.Welcome, daughteDon’t worry.We name this place with full of traps as world……and name the difficulties with troubles as time.We are all temperaAs long as you stay here, you are always welcomed here.Welcome.Stay with happiness.And while leaving, take happiness with you.You are right, my Sultan.We name the headquarters of sorrows as heart…..and name the arena of anxieties as spirit.As long as our heart beat with you…..we will beat sorrow in the arena of the spirit.Don’t worry that your existence shadows the sun shining on your yard……and cause your roses to wither.While leaving with happiness, we take your shadows, too.

So, you are the guest of our Shehzade.Then, it means you are our guest, too.You came from a long road.You must be tired.Come, let’s have some rest.The guest of our Shehzade is waiting for you consent to drink a cold sherbet with you.You are all unaware of our traditions.My Shehzade, you can leave the explanation to me, if you want.We all know the subject matter will come to me anyway.Let whatever happens.I am afraid that no good things will happen.I really wonder how he will defend himself this time.My Sultan.I am sure our Shehzade has certainly an explanation.

Always..He always has an explanation.There is only one thing has no explanation.Breaking the order.After you, my Shehzade.The door!The commander of the victorious armies of Harzemsah……Timur Melik.You’ve completed your duty and come into my presence.Welcome.The knowledgeable Vizier of the blessed state, Semsettin Bey.You’ve completed your duty…..and come into my presence.Welcome.The one who is famous for…..his loyalty and obedience to the Harzemsah state……the noble Shehzade, Celaleddin Menguberdi.You went and return.Tell me.How is the weather in in the steppes of Mongols?Did Genghis Khan host you well?

Did he make any mistake while hosting you?Is his army crowded?Is his army well-armed and ready for war?Tell me, don’t hesitate.My Sultan.He has a crowded army as you said……and well-armed and prepared soldiers.I understood that he had ears everywhere……had a finger in every game and set his eyes on every sultan’s lands.Is this true, Timur Melik?Our Shehzade is right, my Sultan.We saw that–Continue.-I assure you that……he also wants our lands.Because he wants to be the conqueror of the world.Soon or later, he will appear on our borders with his soldiers, who are blindly loyal to him.So, I advice-So, I advice-What is the outcome?What did you talk about?My Sultan. The outcome is good.As you ordered, the peace was established between the two states.As you wished, the trade deals was made.

The gifts were exchanged.Then, I have nothing to worry about Genghis Khan.Is that so?No, you have.We have a great problem.All the agreement made until now have no validity.When he decides it is time to campaign, he’ll tear them all up and attack us.My Sultan, I went there to see this.And I saw nothing but war in his eyes.I don’t want a war with the Mongols right now.Especially, while we are fighting with Karahitaylar.Besides, I am glad that you didn’t do anything……cause this sheep shepherd to attack us untimely.Is there something unspoken, Nizamulmulk?I have such a feeling.My Sultan. Maybe, they wait for the right time to say it.I’ve brought an innocent person, who was a captive in Genghis Khan’s tribe and was oppressed there.How did you do it?

I saved her from the dirty hands of Genghis Khan.So, you abducted her.You are right, my Sultan. I abducted an oppressed girl from the hands of an oppressor.And Genghis Khan didn’t realize this?He didn’t send anyone after you He did. We dodged them.Timur Melik.How did you dodge the soldiers of Genghis Khan without a fight?My Sultan, unfortunately, it was not possible to dodge them without a fight.Even though we got rid of thei cursed bodies by burying them And Genghis Khan willnot notice this?He will not realize why his soldier didn’t return?Mashallah!Mashallah!Of course, we couldn’t leave an nnocent person with a cruel one.

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