Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin EPISODE 03 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode No.3 of Mendirman Jaloliddin with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Let it be whatever happens.If you want to let the girl live, take your hands off on your dagger.If you want to live, take that dagger off from that girl’s neck.Then, I’ll kill the girl and you’ll kill me.What do you sayYou have a chance to get out of this. Leave the girl.Take you hands off on your dagger!I’ve bloodied myhands, my ShehzadeI’ve bloodied them!I’ve killed a man!I’ve committed asin, my ShehzadeThat blood is also on my hand now.You don’t need to be afraid.Whenever you have a trouble come to me.Whenever you have something bothering you, send me words.

My Shehzade, you won’t punish me and throw me to the dungeon because I’ve killed a man, will you?When did saving an innocent person become a crime?Thank Allah. Thank you, my Shehzade!Of course, I can’t call you my friend but……I will certainly visit you, my Shehzade. I won’t bring my troubles to you……but with clothes from China and India.Accept this gift for now.My Shehzade, I am not worthy of this.Okay, then, you also give me yours.Can I keep it, too? As a reminder of this day?My Shehzade.Are you okay?

I feel so bad, my Shehzade.Take me away from here.All of you……are educated for such difficult days.All of you swore to shed blood with your swords……in a day, when the state and its bearer……Turkan Hatun’s futurefall into danger.We die for youSultan Alaaddin……stuck in Gurgenc with the palace guards and……the soldiers in the walls.They trust the soldiersof Timur Melik.We are between Timur Melik and his army.For the Uzvar command post, which is left by Hasan…For the Uzvar command post, which is left by Hasan……I assigned Alihan.Soon, they will be with us with their soldiers.The commanders on that paper…..will join us one by one to take their revenge……for the slander they exposed.Long liveThen, we will march on Gurgenc.

We will return to the city that we left with slanders…..with victory!Long liveWhat were you doing there?Why weren’t you in the lodge of Necmettin Kubra?They kidnapped me, my Shehzade.They kidnapped me and brought here.You had seen blood before.Why did you fainted there?I thought something would happen to you because of me.I saw this fear was something else, my Shehzade.My Shehzade.You have left the palace by breaking the orders of Sultan Alaaddin.I have to take you back.You’ve bothered yourself in vain.

I was returning to the palace anyway.A servant sacrifices his life in every occasion.But……never leaves his dagger.He opened us the doors of the palace with his death.You will die just like him one day.Whether with the dagger of……the enemy……yours or mine.In the day you ordered, as you ordered.The girl thinks her duty is over.She wants us to release the hostage.Let’s send words to Genghis Khan.Shehzade Celaleddin is a smart and cunning man.He will find out what the girl is up to soon or later.They say love is blind, Payidar.And I will blind the other eye of Celaleddin myself.Because, friends don’t see the flaws of their friends.Send words to our brothers.So, we can repeat our loyalty oath.As you command.This time he won’t be able to get out of this only with the dungeon, Timur Melik.This time, I won’t forgive him.Who are they? What is this?

They must be the family of Hasan in Gurgenci.Why didn’t you kill me.I told you what Ineeded to tell you.Father!Father, why did you leave us?They don’t let me and my mother go outside.They treated us badly.I know, son.I know.But Otkir and Kilic uncle……saved us.You can tell the truths now, Hasan.Your family is safe.You are right, my Shehzade.They threatened me.They told me they were going to kill my wife and son, if I wouldn’t slander.Who told this?Those Hashasi dogsSo, it was a lie that Turkan Hatun was gathering soldiers to dethrone.Yes.And what about dethroning Alaaddin and putting me……who is his servant, in his stead?I swear on the life of myinnocent child that……Shehzade Celaleddin is innocent.Don’t you think it is the time to unite?

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