Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 66 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 66 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. May God protect you, my son.Come on, take this water and put it to your father’s side.I brought you water, father.Give me some.I should have been there instead of you.I will fight until the blood of the ones who did this to you is dried up.I will fight until the last one of them is in a grave.You will be revenged, my brother.I promise you.If God won’t be by my side on this path, I will turn to devils.I will bring hell upon the Turkmens.I will be their wrath until the day I die.I promise you.Forgive me, father.That was it, Ilyas Fakih.I didn’t know how to interpret this dream.But a lump of fire has been burning inside me since last night.There are two options, Bey.First one is, hard times await us.The second is……this may be a spiritual order on who will be your successor.Translation: Suzan Mıhladız

We asked for a territory but drought is everywhere.Moreover, Turkmen tribes running away from the Mongol invasion are everywhere.What shall we do, shall we draw our swords against our brothers for a pasture?Did we run out of God’s mercy, my Bey?We have been camping here for months.We cannot find a solution.When did Kayis became so desperate?-Isn’t there anywhere for us to go?-If we cannot find a solution……how can we sustain our tribe?When did we forget God’s compassion?We are moulded by patience.Whatever he blesses us with, we should be happy.We learned what patience is by traveling without a home, Deli Demir.Our wish is that our descendants don’t wonder about without a home as well……don’t tell us what patience is.When did I ever leave you without clothes or food, for you to worry so much?Never, my Bey. I did not mean like that.My Bey, you never let us go bare or hungry.At the same time we never let you be……without soldiers or weapons.

My Bey, we say that we should find a new home and migrate from here.-To where?-Anywhere where our sheep can live.Let us go back to our forefathers’ lands.They say the Mongols are getting weaker.Whoever says this is a liar! The Mongol bandits are like hungry wolf packs.Didn’t anyone think of a solution, my Bey?Aleppo.I heard that Ameer of Aleppo, El Aziz is gathering an army against the Crusaders.What do you have in mind, my nephew?I say that, we should send an envoy to Ameer of Aleppo, El Aziz.He should say, “you give us a home, we shall give you soldiers with weapons.” This way we can fight with the Crusaders to become veterans and at the same time……we could have a place we can call home.Aleppo.We should act at once, my Bey.Since when do we give a decision before I say the last word?

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