Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 65 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 65 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. How?Forgive me, father.I could not protect him.I could not.I could not.The world is not left to anyone, let alone us, Aktolgali.What should a man live for, in this world of lies?What should he ride to?What should he gird his sword for?Why should he have a home?Why do we have states, customs or homes?The tyrant is going to make the sky fall on us if we don’t give him the guests.Wouldn’t the sky fall on us if we do?If we don’t give them, my father will be in trouble.What should I do, Aktolgali?For a world where we cannot even command one breath……are we going to give up?Are we going to submit to the tyrant?Won’t our customs fall silent then?Won’t our fire burn out then?Right, Aktolgali?Karatoygar is a big tyrant.He would do everything in his power.Aleppo was a good thought, Gundogdu.You showed everyone your intelligence……as well as the next Bey when the time comes.We need to get rid of this Karatoygar from our backs.When my father says “customs” he never backs down.Ertugrul, look at the problems you created for us.

We need to convince my father. If we convince him, Ertugrul would back down.You talk like you don’t know your father.He would not give them even if the sky fell down.What will we do then?Your father told me that he will send me to Karatoygar as an envoy.I will do anything that is required.Ertugrul Bey.Do you have time?What happened? Is there a problem?No. This is something else.I am listening.I heard that Karatoygar came.He wanted us.-Yes, he did.-Don’t put your tribe in danger for us.We can take care of ourselves.My father is getting better.We can leave within two days.Even if all the world were against us, we would not deliver you to those tyrants.If you get in a fight with Karatoygar, there would be consequences.Don’t worry.We Kayis know how to handle all hardships.What’s up?I cannot sleep, mother.Sit down.What do you dwell on now?I fell into a fire, mother.I fell right in the middle of it.I would not mind if I got burnt alone, but I threw the whole tribe into fire.

When you were at the point of falling, did you know that it would come to this?Whether you would be facing those infidel bandits……or that said commander being allies with the crusaders?Could you have closed your eyes and turned your back to the…-…cries of that gazelle eyed beauty?-How could I, mother?You could not. You would not, my son.You could not.You couldn’t have known that it would come to this when you went hunting……that you would be throwing the whole tribe into fire with yourself.You threw us in.Yes, you did.The fire can burn a dough and turn it into ash……or it may cook the dough into bread.It was He who took you to that place you fell.You don’t have the right to protest His decision, nor does the tribe.This is a test from the Great God.In this test we can either turn to ash……or transform into bread. So don’t listen to those whispers inside you……or to the presumptuous people inside the tribe.Become a soldier of our customs and stand strong behind your father’s decisions.May God never take you or my father away from leading us.

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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