Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 64 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 64 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. I am sorry, Bey.Do you accept Gundogdu’s suggestion, Agas?-We accept.-Yes.I find it suitable as well.May it be prosperous, if God permits.-If God permits.-If God permits.Who will go as the envoy, Bey?Ertugrul!Suleyman Shah, some tactless people in your tribe has put a smear in our honor.The honor of the Sultan who gave a home to my tribe is my honor, Karatoygar.What did we do to dishonor Sultan Aladdin and his commander?This axe came out of the man you killed.-Did you forget the axe there?-I did.You ambushed an ambassador regiment and slaughtered their knights.As if that was not enough, you kidnapped the three prisoners……the regiment was taking to the Sultan.Give back those prisoners.

You talk like you don’t know our customs, Karatoygar!We do not hand over guests who have come to our tribe.Especially if they are wounded.I came here as the representative of the Seljuk Sultan.You have to obey my orders as if they are coming out of the Sultan’s mouth.Or else, you know what would happen, Suleyman Shah.We live and die with our customs, Karatoygar!We know that the Sultan is ruling the state but he would……put his forefather Oguz’s customs first, then sit on his throne.You cannot have a sultan from a man who doesn’t know customs and tradition.You cannot be a Bey or a man!And we would not have anything to do with someone who is not a man!You should know this as a commander of the Great Seljuk.This was my last word.You can go now.We asked you nicely, Suleyman Shah.You have two days.If you don’t give them, we know how to come and get them.Don’t oppose the Seljuk.You know what would happen otherwise.-What is my father trying to do?-He is too old to know what he is doing.I told you that it would all be revealed soon.

This is only the beginning.Stay here.Seljuk Sultan Aladdin Kayqubad’s first assistant.Commander of Haremzshahs.Right hand man of the Khalifa, Omar.Now all the Muslim world shall cry out revenge.Then it will be the turn of the Papacy.Bisol!Who did this?They ambushed the regiment who was taking the prisoners.I said who?Kayis.But we don’t know who.Ertugrul!You caused all this!Don’t shout at me, brother.When will you stop being a stubborn brat?You don’t care for anyone.Not your father, nor your tribe!What would have you done?What would have you done?Would you turn away and go?The Gundogdu I know is not that kind of a man.The Gundogdu I know would not step on justice or fairness.Justice. Fairness.What justice? What fairness?Look at the state of this tribe!It is cracking up!Hunger is all around us! Winter is coming and we don’t even know where to go!The animals are starving to death.Justice. Fairness. Open your eyes!Open your eyes! Look around you!Right in the middle of the headquarters!Look at what you did when matters of life or death were discussed.How will this tribe stand strong, Ertugrul?

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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