Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 60 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 60 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. I heard your name before.You were a good commander.-Thank you.-But, how do I know that you are him?That this is not a play staged by Sultan Aladdin?Afsin Bey,why did you risk your life for us?Your brother was my Shahzada.But more importantly……your attitude toward Sultan Aladdin.You did not engage in a power struggle.You stayed loyal to the state.You refrained from making moves that would overshadow his successes.You didn’t cast a shadow over Seljuk’s bright days with an ambition of power.That is why you deserve the utmost respect, sir.With your permission, I would like to help you escape from Kara Toygar.How? It is obvious that someone helped Kara Toygar to get in.Otherwise, they could not have entered the camp so easily.I don’t know who but I know what he will do next.Halime?Praise be! I see you are doing fine.-Thank you, my girl.-Please, sit.I should not bother you, sir.

You should rest.With your permission, I will take Halime from you for a while.Mother Hayme is worried about you, she would like to ask her how you are.Of course. The permission is yours.Why did Mother Hayme want to see me, Aykiz?I really don’t know either.But you don’t need to be cautious, Halime.They are being punished because of us, right?They deserved the punishment they get.Bey’s honor is our honor as well.Come on now.AMANOS MOUNTAINSTEMPLARS CASTLEThe Muslims we killed created the desired effect The whole Muslim world is in rage.They will start attacking the Christians soon.And Europe of course will not ignore that.Ustad-i Azam,what will we do when they attack us?We have limited number of knights and soldiers.We will attack them as well.I forged up such an army, which no army will be able to stand against.From Palestine to Basra, from Baghdad to Aleppo……everywhere will stink of charred bodies.The visitors you had been expecting have arrived, sir.Good.Come now.Let me show you my great army.Son of a Bey should be like this.Hamza.I am paying the price of being presumptuous, uncle.

That is all.-Good for you, my nephew.-The ambush last night…It was obvious that Kara Toygar would not back down.Did you know aboutthe ambush beforehand, uncle?Thankfully we have a Bey’s son who can suspect his own uncle.Moreover, he questions him while looking into his eyes.Our Bey has the same suspicions.Our guests must be more precious than we thought.Come to my tent in the evening, we will talk there.We need to get rid of this problem before trouble surrounds us from all sides.May it be easy, Mother Hayme.Do we have permission?You do, my girl, you do. Come in.Come and sit, my beautiful girls.I am sorry for what happened.Thank God no one was hurt.Thank God, Mother Hayme.This was not good just as my father was getting better……but thank God he was spared.But why are these devil mongers attacking you?My father is a trader.When he was transporting goods in the Mediterranean……we were taken prisoners by the Crusaders.They wanted to sell us to Kara Toygar.When you are dwelled in so much trouble, don’t you have anyone to turn to?Which tribe do you belong to?-We are from Kinik tribe.-So you are from Kinik tribe?You carry the blood of the Bey who founded the Seljuk state, is that so?

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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