Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 59 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 59 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. Alright.Gundogdu……with the profits of the knives I crafted, I will wed my daughter, let it be known.You cannot save yourself from Aykiz’s wrath.Turgut’s as well.Who knows what difficulties they are facing in Aleppo now, may God be with them.With you too.Next.Don’t come closer.I would crush you like a millstone.Please don’t do this!Anytime water touches my skin, trouble finds me.-You would go down with me as well.-Bamsi, there is a feast in the palace.Decide whether you will eat with us or in the stable.Please don’t.I won’t give you my blessing if you die.Bamsi, you have no way out.You have to bathe. Give in.I will not! I will die but not submit to this. I will not!-You skunk! You asked for this!-Dear God!-Please don’t do this.

Dear God!-Quiet!Do not play around.We will be late to the palace.You heard our Bey, do not play around.My Bey? Why are you so thoughtful?Being invited toAmeer’s palace is a big thing for us.They haven’t given us a land or its promise, Ilyas!-We will see what God has planned for us.-Amen, Bey.We should finish it tonight.Will the men you send be able to finish the job?You do your part, Nasir.Which one of you hid my weapons?What are you saying?Didn’t we go inside together?-But they are not here, look.-What do you mean?-Mine are not here either.-They stole mine as well.I told you! Anytime I bathe, some trouble happens! You saw it as well!We were careless trying to bathe you!That’s enough! Shut up!How will we tell this to our Bey?What will you tell me, Turgut?-I am asking you, Turgut.-My Bey, they stole our weapons.What?Please, sit.Please be seated, Alps.-Any casualties?-No, your highness.So, you were ambushed in my territory.Is that so?We will send soldiers and not let them nest there, right, uncle?-Of course, your highness.-Fine. Alright.They got what they deserved.

They are all dead.I know how famine is affecting you nomads. Sultan Aladdin……tolerates you so much. It is known how your herds destroy villages and towns.The struggle between the Oguz Tribes is another problem.Everyone is after their herd, after food.Famine hit the tribes hard. But a few vigilant people cannot be an example.I am bored. Play something more lively.Mongols from one side, Crusaders on the other.I am not even counting Khwarazm Shash and the Seljuks.We need allies who will ease the situation not fan the flames!We need this when there is a big factious fire between Muslims……this is what we need.Is this not so, your highness?It is, uncle. We need to put out the fire.Our swords would not go back to their sheaths, our horses don’t back down.And the allies we need should also ease the situation!How will we make a deal with you, Turkmen?

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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