EPISODE 40 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Mother Hayme.-Mother Hayme.-God damn it.-What is it, Dumrul?-It is Gumustekin Bey.They took Wild Demir and Halime Sultan.What do you mean they took them?What is your brother up to?That is so impertinence.My brother does not do anything without justice.Do not go crazy before learning the truth.I hope what you said is true.If not everyone and everything in this nomad group shall fall apart.Dumrul. Tell Alps that we are going to tent.Yes, mother.Stop!Let her go!Let Halime Sultan go.I said let her go!It is Gumustekin Bey’s order.We cannot let her go.I said let her go!Or my sword will drink your blood like sherbet.What is going on, Hayme Hatun?Do you rebel against your state like your son?Rebelling against cruels is in our blood, Gumustekin.And making traitors kneel down is in our blood, Hayme Hatun.What is happening here?Put down your swords.Put them down!Put them down!Do not you ever think the results of drawing swords to each other?

Put them down!Hayme. What is going on here?Gumustekin put Wild Demir into cage tent.And I guess that was not enough so he wants to put my daughter-in-law Halime Sultan, too.What does it mean, Gumustekin?Every one of them is really important information, Ertugrul.What is it about?Ertokus Bey kept tally of these lands.”Which tribe has how many Alps?””Which tribe is ruled by who?””How many soldiers will be given for war against Mongols?”And he specified a route for marching of Center Army.Any news about my brother Sungurtekin?Yes.He wants to kill Ogeday and want to rejoin you in a short while.If God permits we come together again.If God permits, son. If God permits.What is your intention?Everything we do is meaningless until we find the traitor in nomad group.I will go to nomad group and take action tonight.Thank God!Ertugrul. There is not much time to expected dawn.There is not much time to resurrection.Dark nights will be over and world will have peace.Be patient a little more.Try hard a little more, son.What did we say?

 Destiny loves endeavor.Alps dismissed.Go!What is it, Gumustekin?You are punishing others in nomad group without my permission.Why are you so nervous, Korkut Bey?When did Gumustekin do something injustice so you are roaring at me?What crime did Hayme Hatun’s daughter-in-law Halime Sultan commit so she was captured in her own nomad group?I would not care about my father if my father acts as an accomplice with murderer of statesmen.Halime Sultan sees Ertugrul secretly.Even it was, you cannot take anyone without my permission.Alright!If Sultan Aladdin asks why did you slip murderer through your fingers I would say that Korkut Bey did not give permission.Gumustekin. I understand your anger.Too many brave soldiers have died.One of the most favorite commanders of Sultan has been kidnapped.However we need proof.Halime Sultan and Hayme Hatun is doing something behind your back, too.They have complaint about you and me to Sultan Aladdin.Their intention is to make him meet with Ertugrul.It means they know his location.Right, Hayme Hatun?

Is he telling the truth, Hayme?Since he is so sure he must prove it.If I prove it……will you give Halime Sultan and Ertugrul with your own hand?I will.But now you will release Wild Demir and my daughter-in-law Halime.As you wish, Hayme Hatun.You are free. Gumustekin Bey said you can go.But you do not leave nomad group.Your only intention is turning nomad group into hell then.My God!Save us from this fire as you have saved Abraham from Nemrut.Coward! He is still defending his niece after everything I have done for him.He is allied with Hayme. I told you so.He is too weak against Ertugrul.He may be afraid of him.No matter what we must finish it.Korkut……must die on short notice.What? Are you afraid?-No.-What then?We must bond two nomad groups very tightlyso we would not fall apart when Korkut died.What are you thinking?

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