EPISODE 41 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. The peace we would get with my marriage will also be in jeopardy.As if we have any peace left.Mother Hayme. Halime must speak now.I think she knows where Ertugrul is.I know how to make her speak.What are you hiding?Nothing, mother.Do you think my eyes are blind?Tell me.Halime.I am writing our current situation to Sultan Alaeddin, mother.Without my permission?Only Sultan’s command can save Ertugrul, mother.This will save us from the cruelty of Aytolun and Gumustekin.And also from the attacks of that greenhorn Tugtekin.Things will get ugly if they hear about this.They will kill my Ertugrul if we do not send a messenger, mother.Well! Look at Halime Sultan!She is setting a trap to my man.Gundogdu.The real gift is to see what the eye does not see and hear what ear does not hear.What are you up to again?I see that you are walking into fire.I wanted to reach out for one last time.You should focus on your situation first.Put out the fire in your wicked heart.You have lost your mind.As you say.We would win the palace’s favor if we find Ertugrul first.So you send your Alps around here to scout.We would keep a sharp lookout.Do not worry, Bey.-Bey.-Gokce.Let us talk privately, Bey.What’s going on?-News from Ertugrul, Bey.-What are you saying, my love?

Halime reports your actions to Sultan Alaeddin.Messenger will leave soon.Halime is just like his man then.What is she saying exactly?Amen.Rest in peace.Bey. How did Tangut find here?Abdurrahman…Maybe they tailed Abdurrahman, Bey?If they had tailed Abdurrahman, Mongols would have never come here.They would not have given Atabey Ertokus to us.Is there any chance that they set up another ambush, Bey?I doubt it. If they had set up an ambush, they would have come after me or you when you went after Tangut.If you ask methere is unrest among Noyan’s army.Noyan may have no idea about what Tangut did.So what will we do now, Bey?First we find the information Atabey Ertokus said, then we decide.First of all we must find that traitor in our nomad group.We can never find peace or move forward with this evil shadow looming over us.Atabey Ertokus was the only person who could tell the truth to Sultan Alaeddin.

His death could be a problem for us, Bey.Patience is the cure for every trouble, brother Turgut.-As you say, Bey.-As you say, Bey.My brave men! We have lived our lives under the shadow of our swords to reach martyrdom.Come on then. It is time for batlle.I wonder how you enjoy playing with these, brother.I cannot find peace if I do not clean these rusty things, Aytolun.I give them the value they deserve.I polish what I like and darken the shiny ones I do not like.What about your destiny, brother?Will it shine or darken?Good question.If Sultan Alaeddin accepts the offer Sadettin Kobek made for me I will shine as the margrave of this land.You need to increase your power in order to achieve that, brother.Your next target should be Noyan after you capture Ertugrul.You must win one victory after another to make people think you are the solution.

We were unable to find any trace of Ertugrul yet.What if you summon your must trusted soldiers?I do not want to attract attention in the palace.I ordered my trusted Alps to track him.We must make powerful Alps in this nomad group to bow to you.We should make Gundogdu your son-in-law.I also pull the strings of Tugtekin.-Tugtekin? What is it?-Halime Sultan is going to send a messenger to Alaeddin to inform on us.Son, you will be mute and your eyes will be blind until you deliver this.Forfeit your life before you hand this over.Fly like a hidden wind.Your command is my duty, Mother Hayme.Godspeed.So she hopes to get help from Sultan Alaeddin.We cannot hold back our people if that messenger leaves this nomad group to inform Sultan Alaeddin.You must stop him.Let us say we stop it for now.Then what? It means Halime has been seeing Ertugrul secretly.We must make Ertugrul’s closest ones in the tribe bow down to us.-Who else?-Wild Demir.If things become complicated, Gumustekin…We will take care of it before that.How so?Don’t we want to lure Ertugrul into a trap?Yes.So we put Wild Demir and Halime into a cage.All hell would break loose in the nomad group, brother.My father would never allow it.Your father left to check on our herds in the outskirts.It is not about taking them prisoners.It is about showing Ertugrul what would happen to his loved ones if he does not surrender.He is a murderer in the eyes of state.We need to occupy Hayme and Gundogdu while they are being taken if we want to avoid causing trouble.Like I said, it is not about taking them prisoner.It is about keeping them on edge.We must make them seem like they are collaborating with a murderer who killed a statesman.I will occupy Hayme and Gundogdu with Goncagul.

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