EPISODE 38 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. From now on, I do not want to see your face, hear your voice……even pass through your shadow.Get off of my back.Get out of my life.I was afraid of the dark at the end of this path.But I am not afraid of it anymore.I know that there is light at the end of the path.Woman! You are still talking.God damn you.I will prove what kind of a woman Aytolun is.After that you will be ashamed.But I will not be on your side.That is enough.Do not be upset, Halime Sultan.Do not.I am worried about Ertugrul Bey, Wild Demir.If God permits they will find out that Kocash is a traitor so we would not……have to go to Konya.If God permits, girl.However one lives one’s fate.You have a lot to learn, uncle’s son.You have forgotten to use weapons because of your disability.Open your eyes.Open your eyes and look around.Where are they? Where are Mongols?Attack!Come on, Noyan. Come here.Tugtekin is not so bad, Tangut.We have made Turks kneel down in lots of battles.

Turks are the best battle soldiers on the earth.But Turks without a leader would equal to a flock without a shepherd.They would become lions on the battlefield if they find a leader who they believe in.If we do not stop Ertugrul he will reinvigorate this flock.Then why don’t we attack?If you want to be a good hunter, Tangut you should make the bait bigger.I will throw such a bait to Kayis and Dodurgas……they will fall apart without using swords.Open your eyes! Look around!I would have killed you if I wanted to.Tell your soldiers to drop their weapons.Alps.We are leaving.Or brothers blood will be shed.We will follow them.Party is starting, Tangut.Why are we running away, Bey?We will not shed our brothers blood, Turgut.Kocash has pulled a trick on us.Ertugrul!Ertugrul!Ertugrul!Your voice is echoing everywhere, Tugtekin.Do not shout out so loud.Your throat would get hurt.Noyan.Selcan.Selcan. Selcan knows everything, brother.That you killed Duru, too?

I do not know but she will not let it go.There is Ertugrul outside of the nomad group and Selcan is in.We have challenging rivals.Do not forget Halime and Wild Demir.If God permits Tugtekin will take Ertugrul’s life.I have no more endurance left for him, brother.He constantly blames himself for his wife’s death.He always has a guilty conscience.Crying every damn day! And also groaning.Day and night, he is putting me through hell in his bed, marquee……everywhere, brother.I am out of patience.Be patient, Aytolun.We should have my daughter and Gundogdu get married first.We should be in charge first. Be patient.Power syrup that I give him everyday rules his heart and his breath.

One day I will add one more drop of it and it will be over.You were impatient when you were young as well.We will take his marquee first, then the nomad group.Step by step.Soon after that nobody will be able to stand in front of us, brother.You traitor scumbag!It is correct that we have a traitor among us.But it’s not me.It has been your Alp Kocash since the beginning.This traitor scumbag has lured both of us into a trap.They should be here soon.After the damage is done it has a big price, right, Tugtekin?I have buried too many like you.Ulubilge.

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