EPISODE 37 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. we wish to see you with us.Even if two nomad tents would burn, I could not take the frame’s side.It would not befit me, our mores and our religion.You can rest assured, Hayme Hatun.But the pitcher is full.If one more drop falls……may God help us.Kocabash slipped through the net again.-Bey, what if he is not the betrayer?-What if someone else is?No, he is betrayer.Even though his tongue says he is not, his eyes represent Satan.I am sure, he is the betrayer.What will we do, Bey?We shall to go to nomad tent and make life unbearable for them.There is no other way.The dishes are ready.I was going to eat my brain from hunger.Brother, have you a brain to eat?-Brother Dogan.-Yes, brother?Alright, I do not have brain.You do, but you have not a mind.-Are the brain and mind different?-Yes, brother, they are.You have not had your share of it.Brother, we sent you off to train Alps you became a leech, wonderful.That is tutelage, brother.The tutelage is something different.Brother, the tutelage is something different.Ertugrul can never be in such a betrayal.I want two nomad groups’ Beys to be one heart.No one shall think my nephew is a traitor.

That is why I will join the headquarters.Ertugrul is more dangerous than we thought.He has many fellow, including Sultan in the palace.Like he has his uncle in marquee.He is calamity alive, he is more calamity, dead.It will be hard.What happened, son?I have no one left, Artuk Bey.First, my mother and my father.Then my brothers.And now, Ertugrul Bey, Wild Demir, Dogan and Brother Turgut.Son, they will come back honorably.Do not worry.What if they do not come back?What if I become an orphan again?Do not worry about it, son.God turns the evil to benevolence.You will see Ertugrul Bey will come to be relative for orphans.Not just you, all oppressed migrants.Mother, is there permission to come in?Come in, son.What is the matter, son?Mother, you do not lie to me, I know.Yet you do not tell the truth.What are you talking about, son?Halime and Wild Demir are not here.You know where they are but you do not tell me.That offends me, mother.

They went to Sultan Aleaddin.They left to take Sultan the confidential papers of his state.And they will tell the trap which was set up for Ertugrul.Mother, where did this paper come from?I do not know where it came from but I know who it came from.From whom?From the one I never believed he died……one I always said would come back to us……from Sungurtekin.Sungurtekin?-My brother, Sungurtekin?-Yes.Mother, he is still alive?He is alive and he will come back here one day.If God permits.The drums are beating for the headquarters.We will talk later at length.We need to go.Wait a minute, mother.Ertugrul.Where does he get these news from, mother?Erzurum is cold and deserted.Which crane ends an urgent message to him on these mountains?Mother, what is my brother doing?-Ertugrul Bey cannot be in a betrayal.-How he could do this?He cannot betray.In God’s name, the compassionate and the merciful.With 99 names of God Almighty.Beys, dark clouds are upon us.I wanted to talk the matter with my headquarters’ Beys and find a solution.

Go ahead, have your say.Our biggest matter is Ertugrul who does not know custom and settle down.He is still not found.-Is that right, Beys?-It is true.I am scared that we will fall victim to Sultan Aleaddin’s wrath who would save us from Mongols.It seems that Ertugrul went to earth, Bey.It is obvious that he is running away from the mores and the justice of Sultan.My brother fights by advancing on, not by running away.Gundogdu, he fights with whom?First, he rioted against Tugtekin Bey, then Seljuk’s.Is this his fight?Right.Are you talking about Ertugrul Bey who took his life in his hands……and fought with Templars, Mongols all this time?These words are told with courage of ignorance.That is true. We acted foolishly and did all we could to unite two nomad groups.

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