EPISODE 30 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Gundogdu Bey.I have read the order.It says that they will catch him and take him to trial.And if he resists it is permitted to kill him.I know that.I have talked to your father.Gundogdu Bey.My father devoted his life to his state and the union of Oghuzs.He will never ignore justice against Ertugrul Bey and Kayis.You believe my father.He is the only person who will solve this matter justly.Or none of us can ben sure what will happen next.You should know that I believe with all my heart that Ertugrul Bey is innocent.Thank you.I have talked to Gumustekin, mother.Halime.Where are you coming from?I strolled with my horse, mother.I do not know why but I think you are coming from Ertugrul.Halime Sultan.If you want me to save my brother from this trouble you need to tell me where he is.Where is Ertugrul? Tell me the truth.Halime.If we cannot find Ertugrul matters will get out of our hands.Tell me, so that I can go talk to him and to find a solution.If you know his location and do not tell us you would be sending him to the gallows with your own hands.You should have thought about this before you threw him in dark pits.If you want to know where he is, he is everywhere in order to protect his nomad group not just from Noyan, but also from your faults.

He is in every tree hole, under every rock.As long as Ertugrul is alive then there is hope for Kayi tribe.If something happens to him our hopes will run out, Gundogdu Bey.Excuse me.Don’t you worry, mother.I will find my brother.What did you talk with Gumustekin?He said that he will seek justice.That there will be a trial and he will prove that Ertugrul is not guilty.Justice? Whose justice is it?Gundogdu, you are still talking about justice in front of me.What do you think, Hamza?Did Abdurrahman Alp prove himself?He did.He now deserves to be your warrior.Hamza!You just as clueless as your Bey Gundogdu.But stillAbdurrahman bested my most trusted men one by one.Ertokus. Grasshopper jumps only twice before he finds trouble.You fell on my lap on your third time.I know about the traitor that old man put next to Ogeday.Go to hell, you wretched snake.Ogeday will send Sungurtekin’s head to me in wax.I will put Sungurtekin’s head to their nomad group’s entrance.I thought rotten head would not be useful for me.I want his mother and siblings to recognise Sungurtekin’s head.You will never take those you want from me.I will not yield Sungurtekin’s and Seljuk Empire’s war plans.I already got what I want, Ertokus.I am going to send you to Ogeday.

What will Sultan Alaeddin think when he finds out we have his glorious commander?He will think that he has lost the war before it even begins.I was able to convince Gundogdu with my words.I will reach Ertugrul with his help.-And then?-Ertugrul will get what he deserves.A greasy noose.Gumustekin.What do you want from my son?What’s the matter with you?-Hayme Hatun…-Shut up, Aytolun!Sister Hayme.Listen to me carefully, brother.And you, too, Gumustekin.My son is not responsible of these murders.I will never believe your written order or your wordsbefore hearing it from him myself.If you persist……and torture the people and Beys of my tribe……in hopes of finding something……Kayis will leave here tomorrow.We will resist the armies of Gog and Magog in this dead of winter just like we have resisted our enemies for 1000 years.Just so you know!Mother Hayme.I have the order from The Great Seljuk Empire.The Empire can keep it’s decree, as long as we have the mountains.Tell that to Sadettin Kobek.What kind of a wedding you want, my gazelle?-I never thought of it.-How come?How can a woman not think about her wedding?I have not.Then you should immediately.We should start the preparations.Tribes’ Beys around here will attend.If God permits.I will think about it, do not worry.-I want to ask something.-Anything, my gazelle.

What will happen to Ertugrul?What is it to you, Gokce!What is it to you!Is that what you ask after what I have told you?I was just curious.You know that Ertugrul is like a brother to me.From now on, you have no right to be curious about Ertugrul. Okay?If God permits, Tugtekin will take good care of Gokce.I hope they will be happy.If God permits.If God permits this marriage will bring peace to our tribe.If God permits, Bey.However with Tugtekin’s ambition there will not be any peace for sister Gokce.-Bey.-Abdurrahman.I made it, Bey. Noyan trusts me.But they killed soldiers from Seljuk in front of my eyes, Bey.I couldn’t do anything.Your duty was the hardest, Abdurrahman.If you can handle it……you may save the lives of thousands of Alps.Where is Ertokus Bey?I have delivered him to Noyan with Hamza.They will leave tomorrow to take him to Ogeday.Go back quickly, Abdurrahman.If they feel your absence they may get suspicious.-There is one more thing, Bey.-Say it.Your brother Sungurtekin.-They are also talking about him.-What do they say?

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