EPISODE 29 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. How many days of road left?We will be there in one day, Bey.-Dervish.-Yes, sheikh?You have been my comrade for long years.You know what it means to be on roads and to be comrade?What is it, Bey?Sirat-i mustakim, son.Which means right path.If we serve to God only, if we ask for help from God only it means we are on the right path.If we walk for reputation and cruelty we would be out of our path.May God let us not leave our path.-Amen.We would become like this if we leave our path.Give a hand.-Raise your head.-He is wounded badly.-Who are you people?-Who are you?You bled a lot.-I have been attacked.If God permits.So you have enemies.Bandits attacked me.So you do not walk on right path.We have come this far but we did not see any bandits or tyrants.Son, you would get more wound if your path is not right.Who are you? Where do you come and go?We come from there to go where.You are weak. Do not torture yourself.I must go.I must go. I must go.-Sheikh.Let him go, dervish. He must go his way.Let him go.Give him water.-I will not forget this favor of yours.-Alright.Bey, why did we let him go like this?He has something that belongs to us.I hope he will take it to us.Thank God, our nomad group is at peace a little bit.I wish Ertugrul was here, too.My peace will be clinched.He should come back, sister.There is no resentment anymore.

Only Alps know where Ertugrul is.And they would not tell you even if you kill them.It seems that Ertugrul is not going to return in order not to give any harm to nomad group.I hope he will not cause new troubles to us.I think we should arrange a big wedding for Tugtekin and Gokce.We should, brother.This wedding would refresh and clean our nomad groups.If God permits.By the way, sister since we have peace in our nomad group again Kayi Alps should wear their weapons.What is going on, Dogan?I am laughing about these infidels always chasing us.I do not know if infidels are chasing us or we are stirring up infidels’ nest?Titus, Ustad, Kurdoglu.Now Noyan. And also Tangut.-So?We are killing these guys but are they having a chat in hell?”How did Ertugrul Bey kill us?How did Turgut chop us with his axe?How did Dogan hunt us like bird?”Brother, you have became like Bamsi.If Bamsi was here it would not be enough for him.He would say, “I will go to hell and kick their asses.”He would even go to hell to kick their asses.We miss brother Bamsi.It is only a matter of time that he would be here soon.He would say,”What have you done without me?”I hope he would be here without any harm.Alps.Traitor in nomad group annoys us.We are not in comfort till we find him.We took a big step in order to socialize two nomad groups, Aytolun.Thanks to you.

Two kids love each other, Bey.It is a good thing so we lead this.I hope rest would be happen as you want, Bey.When it is time two nomad groups will be sharing a common fate.Let us hope you get the margrave.It will not so easy to convince Sultan Alaeddin.You should be patient, Bey.You will get what you want.My brother Gumustekin will not be returned from Konya without your request.Mother Hayme.What will I do without you?My beautiful girl.I will be always there for you.Mother Hayme.What if I could not get pregnant because of that evil knife that was stabbed to my body?What if I cannot give a baby to my husband?My daughter Gokce.Sometimes a knife takes out pus from a wound.Only God know about it.We just need to walk on right path.Come on, have a nice sleep. Okay?I want to see you happy more than anyone else.You should have children and dreams about future.We will both be fine, Gokce.From now on, no more crying.No more love pain.I will have love, they will have pain.My revenge will keep me alive.Gundogdu Bey.Good morning, Goncagul Hatun.Good morning, Gundogdu Bey.I have heard that you are taking care of trades of our nomad groups.That’s correct.As you know, I was in Konya last five years because of my father’s work.

On this wise I have written and read his letters.I have tried to help him with his work as much as I can.If you want to make use of my literacy I want you to know that I want to help you as much as I can.By the way, I know how to speak Persian and Greek a little bit.That’s wonderful. What can I say?That was just I needed.Serving a Bey like you will make me so happy, Bey.Do not mention it. Excuse me.Base is waiting for me.Goncagul Hatun.Yes, Selcan Hatun?I want to talk to you about a matter.Sure.I sometimes went against to your aunt due to nomad group’s matters.Since Tugtekin is going to marry my sister GokceI think we should end this disagreeableness between us.You are a nice girl. Maybe I…You do not worry, Selcan Hatun.My Aunt and you are very nice people.This marriage will unite us all.I am so happy to hearing this from you.-Thank you.-Thank you.So Efrasiyab have seen all goods we have one by one.He knows every animal in our flock.He knows animals by their teeth.He also knows us better than us.He knows that we are man of our word.So I say that we should accept his offer.But only under one condition.He will pay coins in advance.There is no way to sell our animals and goods using any other way in such times that bandits are all around.I think you are right, Gundogdu Bey.Gumustekin Bey.Welcome to your nomad group, Bey.When I see you in such townee dress…-Is Korkut Bey in his marquee?We have not expected you too soon, Bey.They are in headquarters with Kayi Beys.You have talked about what is right.

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