EPISODE 13 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. I heard what happened in the headquarters.Do not worry.It is always stormy in winter.Bey, I……made a huge mistake.What mistake, my gazelle?I told my mother that your hand is ruined……and you seek vengeance when you cannot grab sword.I affected her judgment in the headquarters.How can you do that?How?I was scared that I would never see you again.I was scared that our baby would grow without his father, Ertugrul.If you are so scared that I would be a martyr, you’d better never see me again.And stop seein me as a man.-Ertugrul.You…You are sick.You infect everyone with your corrupted heart.You were only one who was against headquarters’ judgment, Wild Demir.My thoughts do not matter, Bey.What matters was what Ertugrul Bey said.Ertugrul Bey said he would obey headquarters’ judgment.You made a huge mistake by taking away Ertugrul Bey’s Alps and his position.Can you take away the love of Ertugrul in his Alps’ hearts?The duty of steel is to become sword.Mares are trained to become horses.And men are trained to become warriors.If a man cannot grab a sword, he cannot be an Alp, Wild Demir.

You wield a sword with your heart, Tugtekin.A horse is trained with love.And an Alp is trained with conscience.After all these years you think that wielding a sword and riding a horse makes you an Alp, you are mistaken, Tugtekin.Shame on you.Wild Demir.Wild Demir, know your place.If you take me for a sword you have forged……I will make you pay for it.-Tugtekin.If you cannot control your anger, you will be led astray from your path.Sit down, Tugtekin.Sit down.What is Ertugrul going to do, Gundogdu?-He is like a crazed stallion now.-So, we tail him.We don’t want him to cause trouble for our nomad tent in his state.That crazed stallion will run with all his might to find a way out……or he will perish on his journey.Then we should tame the stallion.Tugtekin.You are brave but you do not know the one you are dealing with.What am I trying to say is, all rivers fall into the sea.We have more urgent matters to handle than Ertugrul.-What happened, nephew?-Uncle, winter is coming.We are running out of food.We need to get more wheat immediately.You are right.We can buy wheat from Armenian villages.We have not sold our cattle yet.

Women must ready the goods in the weavery.We need to get our tribe out of this state of war.Our tribesman must get back to their lives.People are on the edge.Let them have some peace.The mission is yours.Do what is necessary.Yes, Bey.I have good news for Noyan.Dear mother, my dear mother.Your son has lost his heart.I fell in love with a beautiful woman.I cannot confide my feelings.I am helpless.Brave man of the battlefield has become a mute now.I knew I would find you here.Why did you bother to come here, Gokce Hatun?I wanted to talk to you alone.Do you always visit your mother?I always come here since the day we buried her.At least your mother has a grave to visit.My parents do not have even a grave.What happened to your mother, Tugtekin?She died in my arms while she was having dinner.-May her soul rest in peace.-Amen.Why are you here, Gokce Hatun?Well…Ertugrul Bey’s requests were denied in headquarters.Yes, they were.Tugtekin, you must help Ertugrul.Help him so you can move forward together.Ertugrul never lets down his people.He does not but Tugtekin does, right?I did not mean that.

You misunderstood me.I think they did not do Ertugrul justice.That is why…-Enough, Gokce Hatun!Always Ertugrul.I cannot put my nomad tent in danger because of his ambition.He should have taken care of his nomad tent instead of spending time with his wife.He should have been a real Alp to see the trap laid by his traitor men.Don’t talk to me about Ertugrul ever again!Ever!Alright.What happened, Hatun?Nothing, Bey.Tell me, what happened?I am scared that we are going to perish in this place when we are running away from Mongol invasion.Do not beat around the bush, tell me.You rely on your uncle and Tugtekin too much, Gundogdu.God, give me patience.Selcan, I do not rely on anyone.But if Kayi tribe wants to live and get out of this trouble we have no choice but to live with them.Aytolun manipulates your uncle and Tugtekin but you cannot see it.And this truth you cannot see will be our end someday.Where did that come from?Gokce.Aytolun wants to take her under her control.

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