EPISODE 14 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Your anger captured you.Give me a break!Give me a break, mother!Give me a break! Give me a break!You must control your anger patience.You must learn to use it as a weapon for your enemies.What are you saying, mother?Ertugrul is here, among us, in headquarters!His Alps threatened me in front of everyone!They humiliated me! They challenged me!I was silent to their arrogances.I was silent for Gundogdu brother!I was silent for my father!Your anger prevents you to see your victory.You got rid of those irregular Alps after Ertugrul.Now it is easier to perish them for you.You won a huge victory today, Tugtekin.You won this victory by fling Ertugrul’s being one-handed in his teeth and being silent to arrogance of his Alps.You call this victory, mother?Victory is everything which takes you to your goal, Tugtekin.Mark my words.Now……Gokce will be last part of your victory.She did not call for us, she is coming herself so we are wrecked.Welcome, Mother Hayme.Are you mentor of these crazies, Wild Demir?

It was our decision not to be Alp, Mother Hayme.I raised both of you as my child.How could you do this without asking me?We made a mistake by not telling you.But what happened to Ertugrul Bey…Then, they came for Abdurrahman.We are no good to anyone, mother.-Forgive us, mother.-Forgive us, mother.Just like fire grows with air Alps trained by obedience in nomad tent.You broke your traditions.You gave your decision without asking your Mother Hayme.You could not be patient.From now on, you are not a man.Mother Hayme.Wild Demir.Do not break your traditions, too.Do not discuss my words.Bey, your hand is as strong as your heart.It did not wear well to damages.My hand and my heart could bear Mongol tyranny, Artuk Bey.But my nomad tent could not.Do not think people are as brave as you, Ertugrul Bey.If anyone were you, you would be anyone.Is this lame handed Alp could grab a sword again?I wish you heal with the name of God and get rid of everything that gives you pain every evil eye and every evil person.I hope you get better soon.Thank you.Why did you vote against me in headquarters?

If I had voted for you you could not have found me in headquarters when you needed me again.Who are they?They are the ones who will take your duty.I mean, the ones want to obey.-Duties?They are Beys, officers and viziers.Welcome before Noyan the representative of great Ogeday.If you were not perfect……I would kill all men.But I would not kill women.We are ready, Efendi.My favorite scent is woman after blood.I fit the horse with shoes, let it rest.Thank you, stableboy. Thank you.So, you are back.We did not feel the absence of you because of your Alps, Turgut and Dogan.They are not Alps to be on your side.They did it by challenging Tugtekin in front of everyone.They humiliated us.Instead of worrying about these, be careful about the danger coming.Our nomad tent is under a treat like it has never been.There is a treat, you are right.But the treat is you, my brother!You and your rascal Alps!I said I would obey headquarters judgments, brother.You were going to obey headquarters judgments, tell me another one!You did not obey your father’s headquarters judgments, do not fool me!What do you want, brother?If you want me go, I will go without hesitation.You put us in shit up to our necks, now you want to go, huh?What do you mean?I mean, calm down and stay with your wife.

She did not have a good day because of you.At least, a winter would be in peace in nomad tent.-Tangut.-Yes, Bey.They will eat it standing.They will.Can they eat it?They had better eat it.Whatever, they are coming from away.They may sit down.Sit down. Sit down.Enjoy it.Tangut.Yes, Bey.The animals of Anatolia are delicious.They are, Bey.They did not give you food in Aleaddin’s palace, I guess.Meat is delicious.I cannot stop myself.Have them all. Enjoy it.Enjoy it.Let us get down to business.The Beys want to show obedience.They want to be tied to Ogeday’s state.Is that right, Beys?-It is right.-It is right.It is right.Why do you want to be with us?To be Bey and grow with you.Because we could not stop you.To be together and found stronger states.I wish your Beys and Sultans would be as smart as you.We always need Beys like you.Being with you is dangerous for us.What do we get in return?Return?Bring it!Open it.Everyone will be happy.Thank you.Everyone.Are you ready, Ulubilge?If you betray to your own Beys and Sultans you will betray me sooner!Eat!Eat! Eat!We make Bey whom we want, not the ones come to us.Comprehend us fully, Hamza.Know the value of it, Hamza.Bring my food to my tent.I know you are offended to me.You do not share your troubles, either.It hurts me more.

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