EPISODE 61 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 34 (61) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 61 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 61, Bala got ready for the marriage of Osman. Osman visited the shop of the Sheik. Sheik valued him for his endeavors and gave warm words to Osman. Osman conversed with different shippers in the Bazaar and requested that they bring nourishment for his wedding from Zoe. Later Osman met with the white stubbles’ chief and informed him about his marriage. Osman made an organization with Umur and Umur was distraught over this so he said that he would use Togay for his motivation indeed.

Togay told that he had finished his association with the lead representative and began to chasten his warriors. Afterward, Togay came to the palace of Nikola and begun to utilize the new military. Malhun chatted with her dad in the last second and set out for the Kayi plain. Osman got hitched to Malhun with the assistance of Sheik and they praised their event. The Alps had sung tunes for the entire evening. In the tent, Bala was sitting alone and was crying. The following day, a gathering was ready to go to the level of Bala. Bamsi additionally told that they would be ready to early go the level.

Gunduz informed that warriors were locating the palaces of Byzantium. Togay was told by Camuha that the Turks were drawing nearer towards the Domanic. then rapidly Togay arrived at the palace and educated Nikola about the arrangement regarding assault. Nikola organized his warriors and sent them with Togay. In no time, with the authorization of Osman, Turks and Bamsi went out to reach to level. Osman came to the market and got some information about the upsets that would be carried out in the city.

At that point, Osman was educated that Togay was moving toward Plateau with the warriors of Nikola. Then Osman felt that Mongols would attack. Furthermore, consequently, he immediately went out. Bamsi and the Turks were progressing gradually so Togay attacked them. In any case, Togay was gone after by Bamsi on the grounds that he needed to get payback for Abdurrahman, notwithstanding, the troopers of Mongolia stopped him when he was going to kill him. Bamsi was injured and a little while later, he kicked the bucket. Osman felt that he would get payback for Bamsi.

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