EPISODE 60 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 33 (60) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 60 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 60, Osman asked about Umur. Malhun let Osman know that he didn’t have any idea where his dad gone. Osman expressed not to stand by any longer for his dad and went to his plane. Umur came to realize that Nikola was not prepared to assault however hung tight for him. Togay left the mystery place and umur was gone after by Togay. In the mean time, the plain of Umur was additionally gone after by the troopers of Togay. In spite of the fact that umur was injured he got away with the assistance of his toxophilite. On the plain, many individuals were killed by the troopers of the Mongolian.

Osman was contemplating where umur had gone. Afterward, umur returned to his plain and saw the dead bodies there. Umur felt that he was captured by Nikola and was frustrated. Osman came to be familiar with the assault of Togay on Umur so he immediately came to assist Umur. Umur let Osman know that when Togay attacked he was absent in the plain to determine the issue among Byzantium and Shepherds. Osman said that he would work on the security and set off to his plain

Umur was atoning for anything that he did. Then, he came to the tent of Osman and apologized to him. Osman let him know that every one of his endeavors were turned out badly because of Umur. Umur then said that he would leave this spot since he was unable to remain here with this responsibility. Togay requested that his spies devise an arrangement for the assault on Osman. Camuha was asked by Togay to prepared the officers for the assault. Afterward, the legislative head of Geyhatu met Togay and illegal him no to go after Osman on the grounds that they needed to take gold from Osman.

Umur let sheik know that he was leaving from these terrains. Be that as it may, sheik asked him not to leave this spot since Turks will stay put. The following day, umur went out to exclusively battle Togay. Umur was saved by Osman when Togay was attempting to kill him. Umur appreciation Osman and allowed him to get hitched to his little girl. Malhun acknowledged the proposition of Osman.

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