EPISODE 50 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 23 (50) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 50 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. The Black Sharman Togay has been advised by the soul of his dead dad to pick up the pace and drink Osman’s blood as he is acquiring strength.

Togay looks at Osman to a Gokboru wolf. One that seems at regular intervals and carries solidarity and strength and custom to the pack. Togay lets his Mongols know that Osman is the sort of wolf that will go after a crowd however searches for just a single sheep. That sheep is Togay and for that reason he needs to kill Osman now before Osman comes searching for him.

Osman can see that it won’t be some time before Aya Nickola and Togay combine efforts and unit against him. Cerkutay catches one of Togay’s mongols. Cerkutay is familiar with the Mongol and recollects when Suci saved his life. He would have released him however sadly they meet in various conditions and Cerkutay is feeling the squeeze to return him to Osman.

It is difficult so that Cerkutay might see his companion being tormented by Osman and regardless of extreme cross examination Suci doesn’t tell Osman where Togay is.

Aya Nickola has gotten back from Constantinople. The ruler has blessed him with more power and backing. He is welcomed by Tekfur Aris who is informed that they will take Sogut and crush Osman’s spirit before he and the assembled Bey’s take Inegol Castle. Nickola has a coordinated armed force coming to help him drove by the fighter Kolonos.

Osman isn’t content with Malhun Hatun. She has defied him and pursued Togay and was injured in her endeavor. He has needed to safeguard her and her dad yet she won’t cease from her determination. She is bound to bring him more hardship. He implores her to pass on Togay to him.

Umur Bey has recuperated from his injuries and has sunk into his wanderer. Umur Bey is becoming restless sitting tight for his retribution against Togay. Umur actually clutches Dundar Bey’s ring yet at the same time has not shown the ring to Osman. Osman has told him not to allow his little girl to pursue Togay without looking for his authorization first.

Malhun Hatun feels scared by Osman’s predominance over her. It resembles advising her to remain at home and deal with the youngsters. She won’t be determined what to do. Then again Dundar Bey keeps on taking care of the heathens data about the developments of Osman and his Alps.

Bala Hatun shows her envy where Malhun Hatun is concerned. She can see that she is a genuine chance of being Osman’s subsequent spouse. She shouldn’t bother with her spouses love for her. As solid and predominant that Osman is he resembles clay each time she checks him out. He tells her that she is protected inside his arms and he will constantly be close by.

In the jail tent Cerkutay breaks in and discharges Suci. Repaying him for saving his life when he attacked with Balgay. The two of them run off into the evening and set out toward the camp of Togay. Cerkutay is presently viewed as a deceiver by everybody. Osman takes a gathering of his Alps including Aygul to search for him.

Suci takes Cerkutay to Togay. He requests that Togay accept that he is a genuine Mongol and not a Turk. To show his reliability Cerkutay will show him where Umur Bey resides in his new traveler.

Cerkutay is attached to a shaft and hauled to the area. The Mongols can see that another wanderer has been made and Cerkutay should be coming clean. The striking gathering of Mongols are quite a large number. What they didn’t know was that Cerkutay deceived them and drove them to their demises. He had not double-crossed the Turks but instead executed a set arrangement for Osman. An arrangement that the double crosser in his wanderer didn’t know anything about.

The traveling camp was strengthened with Osman and his Alps. The Mongols are totally crushed and leniency isn’t given to a solitary man. The word is returned to Togay that the wolf Gokboro has struck. Togay has lost the majority of his Nokers to Osman’s blade.

Umur Bey and Malhun Hatun are exceptionally indistinguishable. The two of them need to pursue Togay themselves. They don’t completely accept that that Osman is moving quickly enough for them.

At Inegol Castle, Togay has no other decision except for to join with Aya Nickola. Osman has killed the vast majority of his Nokers. To show his faithfulness Togay offers the underground guides of Sogut to Aya Nickola to solidify their coalition.

Osman gets the news that Nickola and Togay are arranging something. Aya Nickola is gathering the Tekfurs as added solidarity to his christian armed force. Osman lets Bamsi Bey know that he will raise a ruckus around town first. Tragically Dundar Bey pays attention to his arrangements.

Umur Bey additionally finds out about the gathering at Inegol Castle. He chooses not to look for consent from Osman to leave the wanderer. He sends his little girl as his Ambassador to check whether Aya Nickola will surrender Togay to them.

Osman passes on the Kai traveler with his Alps to trap the Tekfur Aris. He advises his Alps to take the Fekfur alive yet make the rest pay. When his back is turned Malhun Hatun passes on the traveler to travel to Inegol Castle. Malhun Hatun is conceded a group of people with Aya Nickola. She requests he give her Togay. Aya Nickola sees this as hilarious seeing that Togay was available in exactly the same room.

To them having Malhun Hatun come to them like she has resembles Devine provision. This is the second time that Togay has met Malhun Hatun. Whenever he first drove a knife into her shoulder. This time he gags her. The main explanation Togay doesn’t kill her is on the grounds that she will be the snare to bait Osman.

The Turks assault the unbelievers and take prisoner Tekfur Aris similarly as Osman requested. They take no different detainees and the rest are gone for the kill quickly and without hesitation. Malhun Hatun’s nonappearance isn’t notice at this stage. Osman will be irate when he figures out that her dad sent her to his adversary.

Osman lets the Tekfur know that all their food and produce comes from in and around Sogut. He finds out if Aya Nickola has vowed to safeguard him from Osman and his Turks. Osman shows him accommodation and tells that he doesn’t require assurance from him. He offers him an exchanging agreement and fellowship.

The town drums envoy a guest. It is Togay. He enters the Kai migrant alone. Osman inquires as to whether he has come to his demise deliberately. Togay lets him know that he has Umur Bey’s girl and assuming he believes her should live he needs to relinquish the Tekfur. Malhun Hatun is under Osman’s insurance. He lets Togay know that assuming he contacts a hair on her head he will destroy him.

Togay advises Osman to carry the hostage Tekfur to Karacayir and in the event that Togay doesn’t get back to Inegol Castle in no time Malhun Hatun will be executed. Togay lets Osman know that no one but blood can complete what they’re father’s started. Osman lets him know that his dad Noyan hijacked ladies. Togay resembles his dad and does likewise. Osman rehashes that he doesn’t need to manage rubbish like him.

Osman has been set in a hard position. He feels drove into letting Togay go due to Malhun Hatun. Whether Osman carries Tekfur Aris to Karacayir should be uncovered in the following week’s episode.

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