EPISODE 49 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 22 (49) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 49 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. Togay is Noyan s son, my Bey.Noyan, huh?So, I was fated……to hear that damned man’s name again before my death.Our enemies are left to us from our ancestors.They are, Osman Bey.We could not root out that demon’s bloodline with Ertugrul Bey……now you have a chance to do it.Enemies of Noyan attacked his tribe and killed his family.They captured two of his siblings. He escaped.He grew up in the woods.He drank the milk of pigs and grew strong, they say.And that a sinister shaman took him in, raised him.Is that why they call him Togay the Dark Shaman?-Yes, my Bey.And his siblings?Togay rescued them.

They work together now.I heard of him in Aleppo, my Bey.His soldiers believe that water cannot drown him, that fire cannot burn him.We missed having such an enemy.Beys……sharpen your swords.Feed the fires of your vengeance.If I don’t kill that infidel…..and feed him to the birds, don’t call me Osman Bey, son of Ertugrul Ghazi.Geyhatu……sent him to prevent our resettlement policy.If Togay is here……there will be trouble for us, my Bey.We will have a Beys’ meeting in Sogut tomorrow.Umur Bey told me he will join me.All the Beys of the tribes will come to Sogut.Except for Ibaz, Bey of Bodurga.\Ne must increase security, brother.Don’t worry, my Bey.

EyvAllah.EyvAllah.Davut Bey.You can take Goktug.I have things to discuss with my brother.Osman Bey.Since Osman Bey came all the way here and invited us to his Beys’ meeting…..he must respect me.There must be news of a conquest since he invited so many Beys.We will see.I wasn’t certain if you would accept Osman Bey’s invitation after your letter.As if Anatolia Beys lined up……and they all asked us to settle in their lands. We don’t have the luxury to refuse.In the lands of Germiyanids, in Konya, in Hamidili……we cannot even let our heards graze.Wherever we try to settle, the land is already taken.Are these lands without owners, father?

Do Ertugrul Ghazi and Osman Bey have any land they didn’t take from the Byzantines?That’s the point, daughteThere is land to take from the infidels.Take a look around.Is there a greater Bey than Osman Bey around here?Of course not.However, amid so many enemies, among so much treachery, the Kayis may fail.If the Kayis fail, the Bayindirli will fail, too.The survivors must carry the Turkish banner, daughte The ambush on Osman Bey in Ermeni Beli proves my point.Listen.These things happen.Betrayal is always close to home.Never far away.Do not forget that.You said you have evidence for me. What is it?I told you about a murder in my letter.I found this where the assassin was.Let’s see whose finger it fits.

Killing Flatius prevented me from rooting out the traitor in the tribe, brother.It was my right to take vengeance, Osman Bey.It was my right to avenge my son.My uncle Dundar thinks the same.Did my uncle tell you that before you killed Flatius?Or after?What does that change, Osman Bey?It changes a lot.It was just before I killed Flatius.-If you’re so angry……then let’s put that anger to use.Help me, brother.Help me, so that I can find the traitor who got Bayhoca killed.You could not have asked for anything I want to do more.Very well.Listen to me, brother.Why didn’t you attack Osman when you were returning from Umur Bey’s?Why didn’t you kill Osman?The spirits asked for the brothers’ blood in the soil, not enemy’s blood.What spirits are you talking about, Togay?If you didn’t kill Osman, what do you intend to do?Killing a man with a single arrow is an idiot’s business.

A straight arrow will turn all the tribes against each other in a good hunter’s hand.When he dies, the Turks will not grieve for a martyr, but for a brother.It is such a grief that……it will bring more blood, and more betrayal.Fine.Tell me. I’m listening.Osman will die……and Gunduz will take his place.Savci will die, and someone else will come.Osman’s death will not kill his father Ertugrul’s dream.I want……not Osman’s blood……I want, by the gallons……blood of brothers.Osman…Osman…Erlik Han Osman’a benim elimden…Erlik Han will show Osman…Erlik Han will show Osman…Kapkara bir kabus gordiirecek….a dark and terrible dream….a dark and terrible dream.\Ne heard Osman would hold a meeting in Sogut on the way.Osman Bey has taken extra security measures.

So, the Beys Osman gave land to will come together?Except for Ivaz, Bey of Dodurga.What will you do, Togay, when there is so much security in Sogut?Ivaz Bey will provide me with the brother’s blood I want.When Togay’s arrow finds its target…..Osman’s father’s dreams will turn to nightmares.All Beys will be Osman’s enemies.Will you target Ivaz Bey?I will target Ivaz Bey, and I will shoot Onur Bey.

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