EPISODE 27 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 27 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Welcome to the last episode of Kurulus Osman for this season. Last week we saw the passing of three of Osman’s adversaries. Subutay who, first and foremost, had his head eliminated by Osman’s sword and afterward Cerkutay who took his life toward the finish of Kongar/Goktug’s blade and finally Balgay who took his life as guaranteed by Osman toward the finish of his sword. Osman ended Balgay’s life on the spot when Sofia requested Osman give up to her.

We likewise saw Sofia present her new fighters called the “Harvesters”. Ace Yannis the Sorcerer, made them in the wake of giving them a mixture which forestalls them kicking the bucket from most injuries. A blade direct to the heart or beheading is the main way they can bite the dust. In the mean time subsequent to enduring a Reaper assault, Bamsi Bey rides like the breeze to battle next to Osman . Bamsi Bey realizes that Osman may not endure battling Sofia and her abhorrent Reapers alone. He gets together with Boran Alp and Goktug and together they go to safeguard Osman. Bamsi Bey has the horrendous assignment in let Goktug know that his sibling Konur Alp is dead. Konur’s last solicitation was for Goktug to be a fearless warrior and to keep on safeguarding Osman for him. Sofia dispatches Cerkutay’s and Balgay’s bodies to Geyhatu in Konya while she stays to complete her long lasting objective of killing Osman.

Hazal Hatun convinces Dundar Bey to send Aygul to her siblings migrant for clinical treatment. He consents to send her away. At the point when Hazal Hatun makes the courses of action for Aygul to go she likewise organizes to have her killed on the way. Osman ends up encompassed by the Reapers. He understands that they won’t bite the dust in any event, when he strikes them savage blows that sounds lethal. Osman can see that he is battling detestable evil presences. It isn’t well before Osman figures out that a push through the heart polishes off his foe so they don’t ascend and battle once more. Eliminating their heads finishes their death. Despite the fact that Osman fends off the Reapers he experiences a weighty injury to the chest. At last assistance shows up as Bamsi Bey, Boran Alp and Goktug. Together they polish off the Reapers and Sofia’s outfitted gatekeepers. Bamsi Bey helps the injured Osman to get away from the lethal circumstance.

Sofia looks for Osman without progress. She has never been so near killing Osman yet she needs to surrender and return to Kuluchaiser Castle baffled in not having the option to track down him. Osman gets ugly and breakdowns. Bamsi Bey and the Alps advance back to the traveler as fast as possible. The town drums envoy the appearance of Bamsi Bey with the vigorously injured Osman. The town goes into shock to see their darling Osman in such a terrible manner trusting that Sofia has not conveyed a deadly blow.

Selcan Hatun and Bala Hatun sear Osman’s injuries. The town initiates to lament for a frantically sick Osman. Dundar Bey feels a lot of responsibility in the manner he has treated Osman. No different either way, Dundar Bey would readily take the initiative of the Kais from Gunduz whenever. In the mean time at Kuluchaiser Castle, Sofia returns without her Reapers. She encircles herself with her troopers and dispatches a watchman to find the unbeliever fighter Aya Nikola and demands he comes to her guide to dispose of Osman. Gunduz informs the town that the extraordinary hero Osman Bey is dead. Sofia is additionally conveyed the fresh insight about Osman’s demise. She is excited and declares a day of devouring at the palace to celebrate.

Profound inside the backwoods Aygul who is being accompanied to Hazal Hatun’s wanderer makes a break into the forest before she could be executed en route. As Sofia celebrates inside the palace dividers, a post of heathen cavalrymen clear their path through the palace doors. This is the group of fighters mentioned by Sofia and drove by Aya Nikola. Sofia plans to invite her visitors. The entryways open and the warriors make their entry. Sofia is tremendously shocked to see a tall dull figure rise up out of the mounted force bunch in a dim shroud. At the point when the shroud is whipped away she perceives a revived Osman alongside the entirety of his men wearing mask.

The figure of Aya Nikola is introduced to her enveloped by a rug and carried out dead at her feet. Sofia acknowledges she has been fooled into a misguided feeling of safety when she felt that Osman was dead. They were devouring inside the palace dividers yet presently he and his men were inside her palace and have overwhelmed them all. Osmans plans had ended up similarly as he needed, with everybody accepting he was dead it was the ideal time for him to assault. He has come to make genuine his guarantee to Sofia and to liberate his kin from her oppression. A furious fight results inside the palace dividers. Osman shows no kindness for his adversaries. He battles until the very end yet keeps his eyes out for a chance to polish Sofia off.

He follows her to the defenses where she at last meets him up close and personal. She is an incredible hero and employs a sword comparable to any man. She faces Osman and he guarantees her that he will cover her inside the standing grounds. Osman at last corners Sofia high upon the defenses. He tells her that it is the ideal opportunity for this land to have a place with the muslims and the opportunity has arrived for her to pay for the shrewd that she has brought to individuals. As Osman looks directly at her he pushes his blade into her stomach not accepting his eyes off hers as he watches with joy the appearance of agony all over.

Osman ultimately pulls out his sword from profound inside her body. He lifts his hand and strikes her hard across the face thumping her off the defense dividers and down into the palace quadrangle. She lies on the ground as though dead. She is found by Helen and conveyed external the palace dividers. At this stage we don’t have a clue about the result. The fight for the palace go on for a really long time with many losing their lives. Osman and his men don’t stop until every single palace officer is crushed. It has been a ridiculous day however one of incredible brilliance.

At long last, Osman and his men stand having accomplished a triumph , They guarantee Kuluchaiser Castle for the Kais. Osman gives recognition to God for his heavenly success. Bahadir brings the lamenting Dundar Bey the news that Osman isn’t just alive yet has vanquished Kuluchaiser Castle for the Turkish public. Dundar Bey is most disheartened that he was never allowed in on the mystery toward the start and that Osman was alive. Clearly he was not trusted to stay quiet. Aygul subsequent to getting away from an attempt to kill she by Hazal Hatun, advances back to the Kai Village to get her payback. She attempts to kill Hazal Hatun yet her bolt misses her imprint and tracks down the core of Burcin. In the mean time at the palace, Osman welcomes his significant other and Sheik Edebali who carries with him the Kai banner which has been purified in supplication in preparation for Osman’s triumph.

Sheik Edebali offers Osman the distinction of raising the Kai banner in the interest of all turks. Osman acknowledges the honor readily. As the banner takes off on the palace dividers a request is proposed to Allah in acclaim for the triumph and to laud His name. Turk-Flix and Dizicentral anticipates seeing you for Season Two of Kurulus Osman. We have a couple of unanswered inquiries for our next Season. Is Sofia dead? How will Geyhatu respond when he gets the collections of Cerkutay and Balgay? Is Burcin dead? Who will be decided to inhabit Kuluchaiser Castle?

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