EPISODE 26 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 26 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. At the finish of last week’s episode the mongols drove by Subutay and the heathens drove by Sofia had gone after the Kai town. Balgay and Cerkutay lay secret in the forest watching the fight unfurl. They had before gotten away from assault by Osman. Osman and his Alps had been cautioned by Hazal Hatun of the looming assault on the Kai migrant. Had opportunity and energy to plan for the assault and shocked the clueless looters. He encompasses his foe and losses them in a savage skirmish of matchless quality.

The fight is long and truly debilitating. Ladies and men battle close by one another until the last aggressor is caught. Osman defeats Subutay in a one-on-one fight and is successful and Bamsi Bey and his Alps take on Sofia and her gatekeepers. Osman beats Subutay hammering his safeguard into his face, again and again until he is spent. Bamsi Bey who is loaded with vengeance beats Sofia to the ground. Sofia was liable for the passing of his child Aybars and the new homicide of Salvador. He wound have killed her where she stood however she is held for discipline by Osman.

Sofia is taken by Abdurrahman Ghazi to be put in the jail wanderer yet on the way there Balgay and Cerkutay assault him and shoot two bolts into his body . He tumbles to the ground basically injured and Sofia makes a break on horse with Balgay. They head for the Kuluchaiser Castle. Abdurrahman Ghazi is draining plentifully from an injury to his upper arm, He calls to his Alps not having the option to stand up. His proceeded with cries carries Osman and Bamsi Bey to his guide. One gander at him lets them know that he is out of sorts. When the specialist had made his assessment of his patient he lets Osman know that the main way Abdurrahman Ghazi might live is to sever his arm. Osman provides him the request to excise to save his life.

In the mean time back in the timberland Konur Alp is basically sick. He has been wounded by Kongar after Balgay had medicated him. He has figured out how to loosen his ropes and as he remains over his intensely injured sibling he is moved back to the memory of his experience growing up. Konur can see the psychological injury that his sibling is going through since being tranquilized. He beseeches him not to fail to remember that he is a Turk and that his sibling loves him . He requests that he recall that they share a similar bow moon tattoo on their necks. It appears to be that this recognition stirs Kongar’s memory clearing his brain. Back at the Kai town. Subutay is heard shouting for Osman to come to him. He is caught and attached to a wooden post anticipating Osman’s choice with respect to his discipline. Osman is couldn’t care less about to treat Subutay delicately yet he delivers him. Subutay as of now is feeling that Osman will send him back to Geyhatu however that believed is distant from Osman.

Subutay insults Osman with dangers of what’s in store from Geyhatu in the event that he contacts him. Osman is a strong figure as he evaluates his foe and starts to slaps him again and again. Bala remains as looks as her significant other gladly guards the Turkish public. He committed to end Alisar’s life and he has additionally committed to end Subutay’s life. Inside a circle of Alps and Kais, Osman remains as judge and killer and cuts off Subutay’s head from his body. With the sound of “God is generally perfect” resonating in his ears he stands triumphant over his foes body. Hazal Hatun and Bahadir are looking for trouble. She makes an arrangement to assume control over the traveler with her sibling when Geyhatu makes his assaults. Osman knows that Hazal and her sibling are dubious. He arranges every one of his men to keep their eyes open.

Aygul starts to recollect that Hazal Hatun killed her mom and she designs her retribution. At Kuluchaiser Castle, Sofia acquaints her new officers with Balgay. From the beginning they seem to be zombies, no inclination and no reaction. They have no problem and won’t kick the bucket except if they take an imperative blow. They have spirits like Satan and eyes as red as blood. They are known as the Reapers. Abdurrahman Ghazi graphically has his arm cut away with Osman and his siblings holding his body down through the trial. This awful experience leaves them generally clearheaded and restless for vengeance.

Bahadir visits the Cobanogullari clan where his uncle Yablak Hasan is anticipating fresh insight about the Kais. He will likely assume control over the wanderer when Geyhatu has wrapped up with Osman. The town drum proclaims the appearance of Konur Alp and his sibling Kongar. Konur is in an extremely terrible manner and may lose his life. Kongar solicitations to remain with his sibling. He additionally demands that assuming his sibling passes on and it is his chance to kick the bucket he demands that Osman covers him at the foot of his siblings grave. Kongar devotes his life to Osman and lets him know that his sword and blood are his from here on out. Osman tells Kongar not to feel such a lot of culpability and to bring his head up in pride for his sibling.

Kongar/Goktug says goodbye and asks absolution from his sibling. Both he and Osman are given his approval before they proceed with their contention. There has been next to no festival for our recently hitched couple. Osman and Bala are back to be isolated as Osman passes on the Kai town to go looking for Balgay and Sofia. Osman and his Alps ride in two gatherings. Osman and Boran are in the principal bunch. Osman is expecting to flush Balgay out with the prospect that the pack ponies containing the Genghis Khan regulations. He spreads the word that he is taking the fortunes to Geyhatu. Obviously Osman realizes that Balgay will come after him. The other gathering is going by Bamsi Bey. He will keep his eyes out for Sofia and Balgay realizing they will come after Osman. What Bamsi Bey doesn’t know is that Sofia is carrying The Reapers with her.

While Osman and Kongar are out of the Kai town, Konur gets away subsequent to giving his body to Allah. He enters paradise as a saint and is covered with numerous gifts from the Kai clan. While Osman makes camp expecting to bait Balgay into his snare, Bamsi Bey has amazed Sofia and stands with his Alps in conflict. He can see that Sofia has new watches however he unquestionably doesn’t have the foggiest idea what they are practically indestructible. Sofia passes on the Reapers to deal with Bamsi Bey while she rides on with additional officers to help Balgay in his assault on Osman.

Bamsi Bey has his bowmen shoot numerous bolts into the Reapers and is stunned when he sees the bolts making no difference. Bamsi Bey and his Alps assault the warriors with reestablished fervor. Toward the finish of the battle the warriors all seem to be dead however very much like zombies they ascend to go after once more. Bamsi Bey petitions Allah realizing that he is confronting a shrewd power. His fight with the Reapers is wild and winds up with Bamsi being harmed and tumbling down a gorge. In the interim at Osman’s open air fire he is encircled by Balgay , Cerkutay and his men. Balgay is most shocked when he sees Kongar remaining adjacent to Osman. Goktug/Kongar advises Balgay to come and get them. He needs vengeance for Balgay taking his spirit from him and making him lethally wound his sibling. A battle to the end starts. Goktug takes on Cerkutay and during their fight Goktug kills Cerkutay.

Osman’s fight with Balgay is savage. Osman beats Balgay with his safeguard. He stands not excessively far away from his oblivious body in preparation to end his life at long last. At Osman’s campground Balgay wakes from his beating. Osman gives Goktug/Kongar consent to be Balgay’s killer. Goktug raises his sword and spots it at Balgay’s throat. As Goktug lifts his arm to take Balgay’s head he is shot in the back by Sofia with a bolt. Sofia and her Reapers have shown up to polish off Osman. This is whenever that Osman first has seen the Reapers. Osman actually has Balgay in a situation to remove his head. Balgay gets his sword trying to kill Osman.

Osman turns and cuts his body in one development. Sofia lets Osman know that he worked really hard in killing Balgay similarly as in killing Bamsi Bey. She lets him know that they are dead at this point. Sofia requests that he gives himself over. Osman advises her that Turkish individuals won’t give up to an unbeliever. He raises his sword and gives the call “God is generally perfect”. From the lower part of the gorge Bamsi Bey wakes after his experience with the Reapers. He moves back up the slope to just find two or three his Alps left alive. He mobilizes his Alps to tracks down ponies and go critically looking for Osman. He likewise sends a rider to caution the Kai town of the risk. Indeed, this episode unquestionably was brimming with activity. Join Turk-Flix one week from now to check whether Bamsi Bey shows up so as to save Osman from unavoidable demise from Sofia and her Reapers.

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