Kurulus Osman EPISODE 157 and 27th of Season 5

This is Episode No 157(27) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 27 of Season 5 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

In the annals of history, the rise of the Ottoman Empire is a saga of ambition, bravery, and strategic mastery. Central to this narrative is Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman dynasty, whose early conquests laid the foundation for one of the most influential empires in the world. Among his notable conquests are the cities of Bursa and Iznik, as well as the formidable Mekece Castle. Through these campaigns, Osman Bey demonstrated not only his military prowess but also his vision for a burgeoning empire that would stretch across continents.

The Conquest of Bursa:

Bursa, nestled at the foot of Mount Uludağ in Anatolia, held strategic importance due to its location along trade routes and its proximity to the Byzantine Empire. Osman Bey recognized its potential as a key stronghold in his quest for expansion. In 1326, after a series of calculated maneuvers and decisive battles, Osman’s forces besieged Bursa, then under Byzantine control.

The siege of Bursa stands as a testament to Osman Bey’s military acumen. Despite facing a well-fortified city and a determined adversary, Osman employed innovative tactics and siege weaponry to gradually weaken the defenses of Bursa. His army’s relentless pressure, coupled with strategic alliances with local tribes, eventually led to the surrender of the city.

The conquest of Bursa marked a significant turning point in the rise of the Ottoman Empire. It not only provided Osman Bey with a crucial territorial foothold but also established Bursa as the empire’s first capital, laying the groundwork for centuries of Ottoman rule.

The Capture of Iznik:

Following the conquest of Bursa, Osman Bey turned his sights towards Iznik (formerly known as Nicaea), another key Byzantine stronghold in Anatolia. Situated on the eastern shore of Lake İznik, the city served as a vital link between Anatolia and the Byzantine heartland.

Osman Bey’s campaign against Iznik was characterized by a combination of military prowess and diplomatic finesse. Recognizing the strategic importance of the city, he marshaled his forces and launched a concerted assault on its defenses. Despite facing fierce resistance from the Byzantine garrison, Osman’s army pressed on, employing both conventional siege tactics and innovative strategies to breach the city walls.

The fall of Iznik to Osman Bey’s forces in 1331 marked another significant victory for the burgeoning Ottoman Empire. With Iznik under Ottoman control, Osman solidified his dominion over western Anatolia, further expanding the territorial reach of his fledgling realm.

The Valor of Mekece Castle:

Amidst Osman Bey’s conquests of cities and strongholds, one bastion stands out for its defiance and resilience – Mekece Castle. Situated in the rugged terrain of northwest Anatolia, Mekece Castle posed a formidable challenge to Osman’s expansionist ambitions.

The siege of Mekece Castle exemplifies the tenacity of both defenders and attackers. Built atop a rocky outcrop and surrounded by steep cliffs, the castle seemed impregnable to conventional assault. However, Osman Bey was undeterred by the castle’s formidable defenses. He recognized that a direct assault would likely result in heavy casualties and opted instead for a prolonged siege.

For months, Osman’s forces encircled Mekece Castle, subjecting it to relentless bombardment and attrition. Despite facing scarcity of resources and harsh weather conditions, the defenders of Mekece Castle refused to yield, holding out against overwhelming odds.

Ultimately, it was not brute force but strategic cunning that led to the fall of Mekece Castle. Osman Bey, aware of the castle’s vulnerabilities, exploited internal divisions among the defenders and orchestrated a daring infiltration that caught the garrison by surprise. In a swift and decisive maneuver, his forces breached the castle’s defenses, securing victory against all odds.


The conquests of Bursa and Iznik, along with the capture of Mekece Castle, stand as enduring symbols of Osman Bey’s military genius and determination. Through these campaigns, he not only expanded the territorial boundaries of the Ottoman Empire but also laid the groundwork for its future greatness.

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