Kurulus Osman EPISODE 131 and 1st of Season 5

This is Episode No 131(01) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 01 of Season 5 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Osman is here!What would you like us to do, sir?Soldiers will be in defensive formation What can Osman do to us Commander Mouzalon?You don’t know Osman Commander.I’m sure the troops in west thought the same!T rut vwdiit <if rI want victory!Will Osman really attack?Osman is not crazy.He would not attack such an army unprepared.But I am also not stupid I will take all my precautions I’ll be ready when he comes Cere at rrc. Lord CjtrcEven our presence here frightens you My Bey, when should we attack them? What is your order?My Bey .

Valiants from all tribes. …. came here to kill the Lord Today, this will be done InshaAllah.They are crowded but, we will attack from all sides when my Bey orders us We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, my Bey. -Bismillah, my Bey.My Bey1 Now the field is ours, huh?Right.Right.-Boran-My BeyWhat are Orhan andAlaeddin doing?Did they go to Bapheus?

They must be settled on the left and right, at a distance of one ell.My Bey, the Alps who came from tribes for the fight settled on the left and right in ….Bafeus with your order.My Bey, most of our Alps are there. What about us?We will attack like a wolf attacks a herd InshaAllah.InshaAllah my Bey.My Bey… Our number is not enough. We II be defeated.That’s what we want.Come on, archers!Apparently that coward will not come here Commander MouzalonIf you allow us, the army will break the formation.I told you that you don’t know Osman Commander Anything can happen anytime.The army came here to fight.They will fight. Osman does not have the courage to attack us?You idiot!Wall of shield?Ya HAQQ!Come on!YA HAQQ!Be carefulYA HAQQ!Shoot them?YA HAQQ!

Come at me, Osman.Come., yiI ani ylV-rnm •What is your order, Commander Mouzalon?They are attacking from all sides But they are weak.This army can not be defeated Commander Silva nus A little bit more patience.The only thing that making them resist right now..Is their faithThey will lose them soon as well.Allah u Akbar (Allah is the Greatest) Shield wall!Attack!Come, come then1What will you do now Osman?The shepherd s fate .Is being defeated by Byzantine.Wolves will tear apart the heartless lions.A little patience, LordAlps.Retreat?Retreat*You comeBring the horses.Now they thing we were defeated In the end, victory will be ours.It is our turn now. We will fall back to Bapheus.Orhan Bey and Alaeddin Bey..Must be settled now, right Bey?

TrueLet us retreat to our point We will weaken them with arrows.Then victory is oursThose who try to have the home of Turks into their palm, lose their head quick Of courseKonur, you will continue to retreat with valiants.They II think we got defeated/ and follow us -As you command/ Bey.Aktemur, you will head left.As you command BeyBala and others, you will come after us.We will not look back until Bapheus Let us go.Stop1This could be a trap of Osman’s.

The tracks divide hereCommander MouzalonLet it divide, as we will not.If Osman is up to some ambush.The army must be big enough to handle it Sir, he was hurtlie left without looking back.You still think that?I will not underestimate Osman again.They army will go this way.In one pieceIf you want to support people who make a great effort please watch from YA HAQQ!YA HAQQ!YA HAQQ!YA HAQQ!Allah-u Akbar (Allah is the Greatest) Lord.You cannot escape your end, Osman.

Then you will not be able to escape it No.My army is the strongest of Byzantium.None of your gameswill be enough to defeat it Break those hands that shot us arrows’ rear those eyes thattargeted Byzantium!My sc fliers,’The victory will be ours today!The arrows will always be on your chests.Our eyes will always be looking towards your lands?

The victory will always belong to Turks’ Alps, attack!Why are you so furious, Esngun HaturP I thought the only traitor was Nayman.But it seems the world is filled with traitors, Bala Hatun.We told you, the order is different here in the Frontiers.Come on1Esngun’Come on!When the wolves arrive at the field the jackals run away!The lion does not fit in the cage, it tears it up, pierce them, pierce them!No one can threaten Kayi, Allah u Akbar (Allah is the Greatest) Allah-u Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)!Valens.You will understand.

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