EPISODE 49 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 49 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. SeferiyeMy child…I prayed God for you to witness your wife’s death!I swear that it will be your last breath!SeferiyeSeferiye, hold on my girl.Hold on, your husband is here. To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return.I am here!Seferiy e!SeferiyeSeferiyeSeferiyeDon’t leave me please, hold on!SeferiyeOpen your eyes, my Seferiye, you will bi fine.You will be fine. Seferiye!Selcan Hatun, why did you come here from Vaspurakan?The infidels sneaked into the castle, Hasan Bey. They took Suleyman.

یہ قسط نمبر 49 کا پہلا حصہ ہے۔ ویڈیو پر غلطی سے قسط نمبر 48 لکھا گیا ہے

Take another step and see if I am lying!Come on.Kutalmis Bey!Forgive me Alparslan BeyThanks.Your cart will save her life.Come on, let’s hurry.She is not going to make it.Avar Bey! Batur Bey!What’s going on Selcan Hatun?She is losing too much blood, and her pulse is weakening.She can’t make it to Merv, let’s go to Rey, that’s closer.Rey?To a healing house in the city?No, we will go to the doctor of the palace.He is a good doctor, I know him well.What are you saying, Selcan Hatun? Suleyman Bey won’t help us.Even if he does, he will take us as his prisoners and put our Sultan Alparslan Bey in a tough position.Batur Bey is right, Selcan Hatun.-Is there no other…-There is no other way!She is dying!Let’s go to Rey quickly, come on!Tell your soldiers to be quick.I will shoot this arrow soon.

یہ قسط نمبر 49 کا دوسرا حصہ ہے۔ ویڈیو پر غلطی سے قسط نمبر 48 لکھا گیا ہے

This trick…..must be planned by Amidulmulk.My Bey.They’re right my Bey.Naphtha is buried here.My Bey.Tell me.Is this the truth……ora lie?My Bey.There’s some here.You saw it Kutalmis Bey.Now either get the hell out of here……or we’ll all die here.Don’t worry my Bey.They’ll get there sooner than us InshAllah.Come on.Good job Hace.The naphtha trick you planned……is the work of the devil.Is that right?Kutalmis Bey will stay quiet for a while.But he…But he……and Alparslan won’t stop.At the first chance they get…..they’ll attack Rey.We must find a way to stop them…….and prevent them from doing what theyzwish’….and prevent them from doing what they wish.My Sultan.Selcan Hatun’s here.Let her in. Don’t make her wait.She’s at the yard.She’s with Seferiye Hatun my Sultan.

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