Kurulus Osman EPISODE 124 and 26th of Season 4

This is Episode No 124(26th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 26 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

They beat you so much.If you weren’t there with the captive commanders, I wouldn’t leave that place one piece Osman Bey.But you came just in time.Didn’t you ever think about what if Nayman would have hit us both7 If Nayman would like to do such thing Beys wouldn’t allow it.And our move was full.InshaAllah they will get out of these lands!InshaAllah. -InshaAllah.But we paid the price with our valiants.Our destination is the ultimate union, Osman Bey.Martyrdom is the highest position.May our valiants be in heaven.Aameen. Aameen.Aameen.

We’ll destroy you and your family Osman!Stop. Stop.Osman1 Cowards1 Untie us1Nayman will be the end of you Osman!He’ll be your end!We’ll destroy you and your family1 Is that so’( ome on1Let us how we are going to do it1 -We’ll drink the blood of your sons1 We’ll drink their bloods’-Osman1-I’ll bathe in your blood!Are you thinking about giving a duty to your children?

You are all going to die! -Exactly’ All of you!My Bey!Come on’Osman! Do you dare?!I’ll show you*We’ll destroy you!Does the traning wait for us, Bey? -Not training.War is waiting for you.The working man does not rust. Children…Since the intelligence is good, then we’ll see. Let’s go! Untie their hands’Fight then!You have no mercy on my nephews.I don’t.If I pity, then they become pitiful.The enemy won’t have mercy.EyvAllah.My Bey1 -Wait.MashaAllah! MashaAllah1Get these and take them away.© o,Sons, this is how you will appear weak and encourage the enemy. And then he will make mistakes.May you live long.My Bey.You put us in training without even hearing about the news we brought from Bursa.It seems training is more important than Bursa.Children are more important than the city.First get skilled and strong.Then, many cities and many castles will be laid before you.

Now it is not the time Baysungur. Not now.Now let’s see how skillful you are when you are tired.Tell me. Tell me about the Bursa’s situation.Come here.Bursa’s Lord, Hadhrat Valens.Dear God,everyone around me greets you.May your endless gracealways be with us believers.Amen.Our blood sheds for God.We live to kill the enemies of Jesus.Welcome1What do we know7Nayman is a descendant of a Warrior Bey of the Belgen clan.His father is one of the elders of the Beys. He was always loyal to the Khans.So, what’s the difference of Nayman and his father?

Nayman is only loyal to himself.And to his religion.Nayman rebelled against Gazan Khan because he led armies in the East and the West.He grew up. Buthe always hid his real purpose.Now he wants to destroy Gazan.If Gazan Khan is blind to see this then he deserves to be destroyed.Let them destroy each other, sir.It is clear from your sentences that you are the one who is blind, dear Vasilius.Nayman will come to us.

If we don’t pick the right side we’ll be the one who’s going to be crushed.What about Osman? He’s fighting against Nayman.That is the reason Nayman’II come here.He’ll want to be alliances against Osman.We know everything about Osman’s past.What about his future? Do we know what is he going to do7 Lord Valens.There’s no need for that.Osman won’t have a future.Now Bursa is under my command.I’ll bury him in to the lands he was born.With or without Nayman.It’s unlike the ones we’ve seen before.I think those who are Lords become commanders here, Bey.No. They are specially trained to kill all the soldiers.Their armor is reinforced from Constantinople.With our current order, the conquest is impossible.There is system in their army, Bey.Bursa is like that. What about the Lord?

Do you know anything about that?We couldn’t see Tekfur my Bey.But it seems this plans are by him.He also strengthens the walls. Catapults will not be enough.Lord Valens is not only a commander.He is a skillful commander raised by Byzantium.But Bursa is not just a city, it is a regular army.But what troubles me…..is being stuck between two enemies.Baysungur.•1A0Sons,now you deserve a water.There’s news from the scouts, Bey.Nayman has gone to the Lord of Bursa.Is that so’Gather the council at once. Come on sons.What do you mean the mine changed’ Then what were you doing?

We didn’t understand how it happened.It appeared when the mines cooled down.This is not the good we brought.Is this how you do your work? Don’t you check in advance?What is this? You are right, you can say anything, Bala Hatun.Immediately call the person who received this mine and the person who delivered it.All will be questioned.This will be resolved.Malhun. Bala. Osman Bey is gathering the council.Those Alps will be here until we cme back.

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