Kurulus Osman EPISODE 117 and 19th of Season 4

This is Episode No 117(19th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 19 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Those who cross the line do not live long! I will find the gold and bring it to you. You will release the sons of the beys for now if necessary. Commander Nayman. We did as you asked. The gold was on the way. Something must have happened. We will find it and bring it. Spare our sons. We will pay you more gold if you want. Don’t do this. Don’t! If you kill them you can’t take your gold. Now spare their lives. So that we can all win. I healed your son. Do you repay me by making plans behind my back? I will kill the sons of the beys! You have time until tomorrow evening. You will bring the gold Osman.

If not the sons of the beys will die. Not just them. I will take your children from you too A life is more valuable than coins. You will get your gold. You will not harm my children not the children of the beys! I keep my promises unlike you! You can’t save the sons without gold! This is my last word to you! Take them! Don’t worry. .I will bring your sons to you safe and sound. £D&o • ‘ ft r * Don’t worry. Be at ease. Stay safe. Osman Bey! Stop! Are you leaving without answering us? What is it Yakup Bey? If anything happens to my son… …I swear that I will take your and your tribe’s… Go on. Finish it and you… …will be the same as the infidel that just left! Osman Bey. Do you have the gold? Let’s say I have them! Many innocent people has a right on their gold!

But you are willing to pay them to save your life. You’re not a brave man Candar Bey. We don’t fear our own life. We fear for children. We fear for the people. Those who fear death can’t be free. And a man who’s not free is a dead man walking. Would you be in pain if your son died in the battlefield? Or would you be proud? Shahada is the most honorable title. But where’s the battlefield? Where’s the war? This is the battlefield.This is the war. The cruel ones are trying to enslave us. But many brave men are fighting against it. I’ll figure this out. How? I’ll find Nayman’s gold and give it back.

And I’ll bring you back your sons. Don’t you worry. Do as you wish Osman Bey. As you wish. I hope you have nothing to do with the gold. Keep yourselves at ease. Keep your hearts at ease. I’ll bring them back. I’ll end you Olof. I’ll bury you and your soldiers. I’m willing to be buried with my Alps. But are you ready for death? Come here.

Olof we must go. Olof. No! Olof we can’t win. Let’s go! We’ll fight. We have to fight Olof. It’s for the love of God. Olof let’s go! We’ll fight. Come on Olof. Ute © ’ * \ No! Olof. Wait! Let’s go! My soldiers We’ll avenge them Olof. They’re coming. Go over there. Come on! Come on! Come on! Come with me. We haven’t heard from my Bey. What will we do Konur Alp? Nayman… He didn’t receive the gold. Maybe he tricked my Bey. Then he knows he’ll never get the gold. He does. He does. But we don’t know what Nayman thinks. Konur Brother. Should we go to Sogut?

No one will leave here. Our duty is to wait for our bey here. We will wait. Now Aykurt… …send the lookouts to search around. Let them check the area well. Let us have an eye on our back to.. …defend ourselves if someone comes unannounced. We’ll do as you said brother but what will we do with this gold? Once my bey is here… …he’ll tell us what to do. EyvAllah. Olof stop. Turgut. Bey they’re here.

Run. Run. Run. Run. Olof no. I can’t leave Dan. We don’t have enough men. Dan. Turgut… Your death will be from my hands Turgut. Lowlifes like you can only kill the innocent. Only end just the innocent’s life. Come at me… Attack. Come here now. I’m going to rip your head off with my bare hands Turgut. It’s nothing like tormenting… …or killing those weaker than you right? The destiny of people like you is to kneel before brave men like us and die. My bey wha(t will we do with them? We can use them Acar. Osman Bey will think of a way to use them. Now take them away. Frigg.

You won’t have an easy death. You’ll be here until you talk. You’re going to tell the bey Ismihan’s plans one by one. I won’t. I wouldn’t. You can’t make me talk. Do you trust Olof? If he was going to save you he would’ve already. He will come. And I’ll take every one of your lives. I know how to make you talk. We need her alive for now Bengi Hatun. I’m going to send you away to your sibling. Bengi Hatun. Let go. Let me go so I can kill her. From now on you won’t get close to Frigg.

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