Kurulus Osman EPISODE 105 and 7th of Season 4

This is Episode No 105 (7th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 07 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

These are the booty of the castle, Turgut Bey.Brother, whom do you think my Bey will give the castle to?Marmaracik……would suit……Turgut Bey the most.Do you think I would have the right to own it, Cerkutay?Well, he couldn’t find anyone better than you, my Bey.This castle is your right.EyvAllah.EyvAllah Cerkutay.Oh MashAllah, MashAllah.MashAI lah!This castle was rich, just as myself.If Osman Bey takes these for you. Turgut Bey!He would give you these, it’s your right.And the rest…..would be left to me.What are you sharing all by yourself without Osman Bey, Bayindir Bey?

Where is Osman Bey?I don’t know where Osman Bey is.Only Allah knows when he will come.But what do you think you are doing?Well, then……we can enlarge the stable there. We have many horses.And the stable is small.No, we will do what’s necessary.You should return to your stall. It’s time for bazaar.You shouldn’t lose any gold!Come on!Well, there are others than can stand over the stall.There is quite to do here.Go back to your own job.You have no duty here Bayindir Bey.

And we have lots to do, Beys Come on, start working, brave ones!What are you trying to do!?Where is Osman Bey!?I will return to my stall, but……if you plan something against me…..then I will ruin you all!Come on.Thank Allah my sons left for Karacahisar.When they are together, I feel more at ease.Brothers would ease each other’s burden.And you should be rest assured, they protect each other well.How is the preparation going, Ulgen?We loaded the goods onto the cart, Malhun Hatun.There is nothing we lack, thank Allah.Alps!Be careful.As you command, Malhun Hatun.

Why are you thinking like that, Malhun Hatun?Have you started to miss your child already?I am thinking about Osman Bey. He had us called, but……he is not in Marmaracik.And he did not tell anyone where he is.I was worried.KOI’KU 111.SAK YAK I X I A KI Kopru Hisar area.KO I’KU III.SAK YAKINI.AKI Kopru Hisar area.My father used to say…AIn a world, of which we cannot control even one second……you should never be a traitor!Are the dead ones here?Are the secret holders here?You can reveal yourself.Osman Bey!Peace be with you my Bey.Peace be upon you.MashAllah, my brave brother.Kiss your hand?No.Gurbuz.Is the job done?It is my Bey.It’s time.Marmaracik will lead us to conquests.

Now we’ll take Kopruhisar.My Bey. We’ll fight for you.We’ll kill for youWe’ll always have your back.As long as you do……we’ll push through it all.And we’ll survive it all.We’ll run towards them like a flood.Now tell me.What’s happening in Kopruhisar?How do you eat so much food?My Bey.A horse needs barley to gallop.A soldiers needs food to fight.I can see the map.You must have important intel.Yes my Bey.Can you believe Turgut Bey?He thinks he fights and kills the infidels……all by himself.If it wasn’t for me, they couldn’t get inside, right Huseyin?That’s right my Bey.Of course that’s right.I will show them.My name is-Bayindir’s never free of trouble.Alps!Pull out your swords.Who are you?

What do you want?We want to make a deal.To do that, we must stop fighting.Who are you?I don’t know that.Why would I agree with you?I’m going to take you to Olof.Firstly……let’s see the face under this mask.Yen iseh i r’s……dainty silk maker Martha Hatun huh?No.Frig.My name is Frig.Were you that demon?Olof’s lover.Why does Olof want to be partners with me?You’ll talk about that with himself.On top of all those things I knew……there’s now the face under the mask.Don’t you make a wrong move.

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