Kurulus Osman EPISODE 103 and 5th of Season 4

This is Episode No 103 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 05 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

he strength of your arm is not enough to use a weapon.You need to stand firmly.And you will calculate your move accordingly.I know Osman Bey.And I am not alone.Don’t think that we are alone.Our quarrel lasts until we get into trouble, my Bey.I would be glad. Come at me.Alps!Now tell me.Orhan……what made you turn around?If I feel a breeze behind me, I would turn and check, father.Even if it was a trick, I wouldn’t ignore it.Alaeddin……you tell me.What made you not turn around?

You wouldn’t call for alps while sparring with your sons.It was not important enough for me to stop my move.You are like the fingers of a hand.You will become a fist together……and strike the heart of the infidels!Whom will we strike?First, me!Come at me.We will not let you take down us, Osman Bey.Brother, attack his feet.We targeted your feet, but we made a move for your dagger.While trying to protect your dagger, you left your neck unguarded.MashAllah.MashAllah.A fight is filled with tricks.

That’s right, but your dagger stays there.Sons…..the enemy will set up such tricky traps.But we will set up the greatest trap for them.You are ready now.Their traps are futile, my Bey. We have trust in the One that is the best of planners!Now listen to me carefully.The children of the north!Raise your arms!Let the Black Curse embrace you!Present your sacrifices to Odin!Let the Valhalla open its gates for you!Curse!Black Curse!Curse! Black Curse!Curse! Black Curse!Curse! Black Curse!

The trial……will kill Oktem and his daughter.It’s all thanks to you.My beautiful Valkyrie.Someone might hear, my darling.Oktem attacked the village.His daughter shot down the Subasi.What did we do?I will attend the trial.The decision that comes of the trial….will lead to a civil war.And Osman……will be crushed between the civil war and me!That civil war will be the beginning of our invasion.I will take Yenisehir.How are you going to do that while Osman is in the city?You will see.I will take Osman out of the city.

I will destroy him outside.Yenisehir will burn with the fire of my rage!But only……Kantakuzenos will survive.Why do you value Kantakuzenos this much?I will be jealous, Olof.He will help me with my invasion.His reign will help me…….get Rome’s armies.Forget all the known commanders.All the people……will only remember Olof and his revenge.Osman’s just the beginning.All the nations will fear my shadow.Soldiers.You……are the crusher of kingdoms, the harshest of waves, Olof.

Everyone who stands against you grows weaker.Today……Yenisehir……will burn.My sons.They’ll want to burn Yenisehir.But we won’t let them.The training you’ve received……will be tested with a big battle.Our future depends on the battle of the mind.We will all unite…..and work together.One of you will confuse them.And the other will cut them down.And I’ll do the finishing blow.But, my sons……you will carry most of the weight.We can’t make a move without you.We’ll only be victorious together.They’ll attack our justice, right?Will we let them do it?They will.They’ll even start a civil war.They will think they’ve won.But we’ll have the upper hand.

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