Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare EPISODE 18 Season 01 with Urdu Subtitles

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 18 of Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare Season 01 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.This is Episode number 18 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Captions. They know. What they don’t have the foggiest idea… is that that I realize that they know. Commandant? I mean. Whoever sees his foe delicately… then, at that point, his foe should be light to him] Much obliged. Brothers^ could you at any point assist with the sacks? I trust it s uplifting news, sibling? What’s ir> them? Indeed, sibling. There are various types of Bedouin garments and ammo. Bedouin garments? Indeed What will befall every one of these Bedouin garments? I wear t know, sibling They advised me to go get them and I did. The officer knows the rest. Great. Kudeybiye way. It’ll be opportunity for our siblings and passing for you. how about we go, Adam. Administrator, Sister Zeynep needs to see our authority Sefik. Leader, we have a visitor. Come in, Zeynep. Come here. Adam, keep the ponies prepared. Zeynep, t trust everything is okay? You the person who ought to say on the off chance that it s okay or not, commandant. I didn’t have any idea. What’s the significance here? Authority… you have more significant activities other than looking for Victoria. I know, yet Saeed is missing. Tragically, nobody has the aim to look for him. Your ears ought to pay attention to what s emerging from your mouth, Zeynep.” “

We re-trying our best for Saeed. You ought to take care of your obligation. You gave me a task at the pastry kitchen. You advised me to make bread and gather data. On the off chance that searching for the English government operative is a truly significant make a difference to you. Then, at that point, permit me to track down Saeed. In any event, I’d have the option to be useful somehow or another. Zeynep, dont cross^our limits. Since Suleyman Askeri went to 8aghdad. we as a whole got spread around, Officer. Victoria was snuck out.j Our officers became prisoners. Also, they are passed on to their fate. Nobody knows whether Saeed is in any condition. As per whats being said, we scored a triumph in Rota. ,dduAdz Get yourself together! How horrendously awful of you? Why should you remain before me and judge me? What s your objective? Do you believe I’m not mindful of this? Check me out. I didn t commit my life for this purpose so I d get orders from a beginner like you. Did you hear me? Allah deny, officer. I simply need an obligation. You as of now have an obligation.

To lose »t, as well. Then get a handle on your tongue. Assuming that it were another person before me and not you,… I would ve in a split second removed his spirit. See me, I will view myself as ►T* that I heard nothing you in light of your grandma Efsa and father Husrev. Presently, return straightforwardly to your obligation. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. Gotten it? I said, is that reasonable? Figured out, Administrator. There is no could nor power besides from Allah. Officer, all the safety efforts for shipping the prisoners have been endorsed. I dont care a whole lot about the endorsement on the off chance that I don’t see the keep going detainee get on Uard. Till presently, there’s still no word about the hostage that escaped away. Stop I need to illuminate the overall first. That is so discourteous! What do you figure you re-trying? Lieutenant, let us be. What s going on, Mr. Cox? I need to earnestly see you. Quickly I hopeyyou have a decent clarification. Drop the exchange request of the prisoners. This move shouldn’t occur.] You ought to know your cutoff points, Mr. Cox. You could t at any point provide me orders. I’m not orderi ng you . general I’m attempting to forestall a catastrophe. What catastrophe would you say you are referring to? The disobedience in the jail camp was a game and there’s considerably more. What do you mean it was a game? Didn’t you quell the No need any longer. One of the hostages got away. Also, some way or another the disobedience suddenl^ finished. It was anything but a game or such, Mr. Cox. A detainee got away and the matter is shut. No one ought to catch wind of it, do you get it? General, are you, officers, compelled to think so essentially I ve been living among them since quite a while. The Turks never leave one another and take off. Assuming that one of the wolves gets isolated from the crowd while hunting… he needs to think of a stunt. What are you talking General, attempt to comprehend. The hostage who got away realize that the prisoners would have been moved. Furthermore, during the transportation, they will send off an atttack to carry out the leftover hostages. I’m certain of Visit. I’m giving you a fundamental data and you’re snickering at me. Was that the vital data, Mr. Cox?

We previously pondered this chance. Since such an idea as of late crossed your mind,… we could t at any point drop the vehicle of the hostages. It’s plausible, isn’t that so? You think what l m talking about is a simple notion. III demonstrate it to you. However, you ought to implore that it wouldn t be too [ate. Move, Oswald! Get in the vehicle. Damn these fighters! Damn them! Sir, where are we going? What I’m talking about is reverberating in his mind. However at that point he straightforwardly leave his ears. Since it’s vacant inside. His heads is empty! To where do you believe that I should drive, sir? Into the core of the Turks, Oswald. I need 2o understand what they’re blending. We need to converse with our man at the headquarters^ Or do I additionally need to push my words into your cerebrum, too9 Yet sir… t s excessively risky for you to enter Kut. There are extremely severe measures. Oswald! How could you turn into a covert operative, Oswald? I don’t get it! How could you turn into a covert operative? Drive! OK, sir. Allah! What s this groundwork for, Sibling Hasan7 I swear Maybe the extraordinary end times will break out. Consideration Are the arrangements done, Hasan? Everything is as you requested, Commandant. G eat As Salam-U-Ateykum! (Harmony Arrive) As Salam-U-Aleykum) (Harmony Arrive), sibling! Wa AleykumSatam! (Furthermore, Harmony Arrive Too)j You were fantasizing. Allow s to save our siblings from the hands of the apostates. Then, at that point, In $ haa – Each of the A H (By – 1he – Wfl I – of – A LLAH’), we ll awaken from our fantasy. We ll get them. We ll get them, sibling. As a matter of fact, we will try and implore the Maghreb s(Sunset) petition together. In Shaa ALLAH (By-the Desire of ALLAH ). TrvShaa-ALLAH (By-the-Witl-of-ALLAH ). How did you respond? Were you ready to finish the arrangements Ideally, yes. Okay, then we re likewise prepared. No, we re not. Sibling, On the off chance that you need, how about we see it together one final time. No, that s not what J implied, sibling. On the off chance that you re the head, it s okay. I feel guaranteed. Be that as it may, I will have one final solicitation for you Tell me, sibling. The confidential developments in Kut ul Amare,. I d like to meet them here. In any case, as quickly as time permits. Could you at any point accumulate stitch all here? Ain ht. Indeed, sibling.

Without anybody missing. We ll assemble them, yet… white our psyches and considerations are focused on the assault. Perhaps something must’ve arrived at the ears of that covert operative. About the hostages transportation matter. Allah prohibit! Let s not pass up anything. Okay. I m going to send after every one of them. That s enough. sibling! Assuming we re going to pass on, let it be. This isn’t imprisonment, it s torment. They let us know there s an insubordination so we d leave. The conflict isn’t finished, yet we revamped. How s that going to happen I will let you know how It will. The state has failed to remember us and they’re occupied with their own issues. Not even one of us will get by. We ought to one or the other battle and kill the apostates or I’ll commit suicide. What did you say? What are you doing, Sibling? What are you doing, Sergeant Mevlut. You re going to kilI yourself then, at that point? Then, at that point, go ask the apostates to remove your spirit. On the off chance that they don’t do that, would you say you will confront Allah as an I recently expressed that out of Aim, Sergeant For what reason did you blow up? TakeJ>ack cap you said. Then you’ll comprehend how it began and arrived at this point. Warriors, get up. Warriors, get up. Every one of you get up. Ottoman Warriors! Everybody stand before me! Get up1 Troopers, get up. Come to pay attention to the explanation. The sergeant provided orders. Please! Could it be said that you are hard of hearing? Get up Get up and pay attention to the explanation! Come on, rapidly! The Turkish troopers will stand strong regardless of where they are. The people who become miserable shouldn’t trust that a shot will hit his head,… since he’s as of now dead. 

What is this spot, Sergeant Sefer? It s Damnation. For what reason did we go on this way, Sibling Mehmet7 Regardless of whether damnation is coming, we will smother it with our chests’. Officers .repeat] Regardless of whether damnation is coming, we will smother it with our chests . is the way to honesty, and we won’t return, we ll continue to walk”. This is the way to exemplary nature, and we won’t return, we’ll continue to walk”. Did you thinkjha^only one stone will fall, that is the distinction of our ladies.’ Did you imagine that only one stone will fall. that is the distinction of our ladies.” Stop! Quiet down! Or on the other hand I’ll kill you all I Each individual who enters a conflict will be a saint Quieted down, moronic brutes! Regardless of whether the pimple ejects and seethes before us,. Regardless of whether the blister ejects and seethes before us,. the marines and the mists will rain on the naval force. the marines and the mists will rain on the naval force. All the volcanoes of the land under us, All the volcanoes of the land under us, regardless of whether we cover it, it’ll turn the skyline to red. regardless of whether we cover it, it’ll turn the skyline to red.’ Wear t we as a whole offer a similar confidence in our unit? Wear t we as a whole offer a similar confidence in our unit?” Shut upS One joy, one agony, same reason and heart.One bliss, one agony, same reason and inner voice. Shot very close your isn’t your field unit. Quiet down, you brutes! The heart in our chest won t be crushed *ven assuming it has chance. The heart in our chest won t be crushed regardless of whether it has chance. Indeed, even ff the world breakdowns. have confidence for this unit won t falter. Regardless of whether the world breakdowns, have confidence for this unit won’t falter. Fighters, beat up this one. Get down, fighters! Hello Let him alonet Leave him be! Jerk! You re a jerk! You jerk! Officer, I advised you to get him down and rout him. Remain awayl Stay away! You charlatan’ Stand straight I Wear t bow. Wear t bow. Let him go! Let him gol Damn it! Damn all of you! We re a most the e I will dispose of every one of you. We re nearly there. There s still the great beyond, you degenerate Its not easyjojjetndj>

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