EPISODE 31 Alp Arslan Season 2 Great Seljuke Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 31 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Alparslan, who was attempting to uncover who the executioners were after the trader’s demise, came to Surmari Han, certain that Dealer Wang was coming clean.

Everybody is stunned when Wang lets them know that the shippers were killed on Alperslan’s requests. How does Alperslon escape what is happening? Will he get Wong to talk or settle it by pursuing another hint?

Having first cut Alperslan to deter her from her marriage goals, Seferiye, who straightforwardly didn’t have any desire to wed and needed to be free, was totally cornered by Alperslan’s firm disposition towards marriage.

Will there be one final action before the wedding or will Seferi consent to this present circumstance now? Gregor needs to hear that Alperslan killed every one of the nearby vendors, accordingly dropping the arranged exchange move for Vaspurakan.

Alexander needs to additionally harm Alparslan by laying out another arrangement to obliterate the demise of the vendors in Alparslan totally.

What is Alexander’s new move, can Alparslan answer? Reinforced by alright’s appearance, Yinal is none excessively content with his obligations as legislative head of Azerbaijan.

They feel that these obligations are given to get them far from the lofty position and they object. Does have opportunity and energy to act now or will he transition away from his association?

Do you want to erase everything that’s left from Kekavmenos, Tekfur?So you know him.Stay safe, sone, have a safe journey.Be careful.Don’t worry, father.May Allah protect you.I want to talk to Alparslan Bey.I have things to tell him.Tell us, we will bring your message to him.No my Bey, I can only say it to him.You don’t know the face of Alparslan Bey……but don’t you know the face of Cagri Bey either?Forgive me Cagri Bey, I did not know.I am the one you are looking for. Go on and speak.May your life be long, and your fate filled with luck, my Melik.Who sent this?Excuse me my Bey, I need to go.Stop!What’s written in it?Mother Akinay, you are not coming.Why is that?What’s written in that letter?They are going to hang my Alpagut?What kind of test is this!?

Mother Akinay, we said that it would be hard for Grigor to trust him, right?It looks like he will test him with death.And now we know why Tekfur invited us.Stay here.We need to be cold blooded for Alpagut to live.We will see what’s going on when we are there.No!Stay here. He was one of the best men of Kekavmenos.He used to make him do the hardest tasks.He sent Alpagut……to save General Dukas……when he was our prisoner.

I took Dukas from him……but I couldn’tcatch him that night.$• ° >Wasn’t he there when Vaspurakan was taken?If he was……he wouldn’t be here now, Tekfur.We looked for him everywhere after the conquest.We looked for him everywhere after the conquest.He was to be executed.But….either he wasn-t tfrene “at.’the conqwestxQr- Or he managed ti get away once again.Is that right?Right.I see you have a rope around his neck.He must be worthless to you too.

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