EPISODE 30 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 30 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. We are not here to attack and leave like you…..we are hereto fight.We are on you lands.We are on you lands.Let the Hatuns go, then we will handle it between us.At least be a man on your own lands.Very gjosad.It’s a good trap.But 1 am notthe one who is cornered here……it’syou.I won’t let yo qirls<qo……and I wonjt let you survive here.Then we will both save the Hatuns……and take Jijel from,you.Attack!Take the Hatuns away!Let us go1Go after the Hatuns!They are taking the Hatuns!If we leave, they will corner us!It won’t matter even if we kill them here unless we save them.They can’t take them away before the fight is over.Don’t touch me1 Let us go1 -Shut up’Walk!They arrived!Come… here..Isabel!We will take her out of JijeI.Hurry1Meryem’ Meryem*Meryem is not here’ I will go after her1 Isabel, stop! Don t go alone1 There is no time.

Stay here.Inform Oruc and Hizir. Go!Run!I was so scared of losing you, Meryem.But I didn’t let you go.They raided Jijel to save us.Do you think they will let you have me?If they can not arrive on time……I will never surrender to you.Help’Do you think I placed all these men here for no reason?I was still going to abduct you if Oruc and Hizir didn’t come.I left my brother on the battlefield for you!That s how much I love you.I won’t let anyone take you.Prepare a cart and a horse.. Hurry.I will take Me rye m to the mountain hut.No one will be able to find us there.

Go!Let me go’ Let me go1Meryem… I won’t let that dastard take you….you were going to present our people to your King…Now they will send this to your King.Admiral!Kill all of them!Step back, levents’ Step back1 Reis.. We saved Esma Hatun and Huma Hatun.What about Isabel and Meryem?Pedro abducted Meryem Hatun.Isabel went after them.What do you mean he abducted her?Why didn’t you go after her?It was too late when we realized.We were fighting against the Spanish.There is no way, Oruc.We have to step back.Stay here, my Agha.I will go and take them.Let’s kill them while we have Don Diego in our hands.

No, Hizir. We ll go there together.We will face Don Diego later.Take Huma aunt and Esma out of here.The weapon’Go’ Shoot your arrows’We are stepping back’ Come on?Pedro abducted Meryem.brut and Hizir are coming after them.They raided my city!They took my captives!They killed the King’s Admiral…And now Pedro…But I will not let them kill Pedro.I know where Pedro might’ve taken Meryem.We have to find them before they find their traces.Let’s go1I will not surrender!Tie her up’Do not resist, Meryem.You will be mine, not someone else’s.Meryemi-Isabel!-How could this woman find us?

Isabel!Hang on, Meryem! I will save you from the hands of that dastard!She caught us, the others might be close’Ride to the mountain hunt!Thankfully we took you out of Jijel safe and sound.Horses ahead. We will go to Algeria and wait for Reis Aghas.«£*Isabel went after Merv’em to save her.Both of them are in danger.Why are we going to Algeria?Let’s go after them.Let’s fight for them if needed.Reis Aghas are already after them, Huma Hatun.They will do whateveris necessary.We can’t stay behind while they are in danger.Let’s go after them no matter what.We will be restless.

We can’t, Esrna Hatun.Oruc Reis gave strict orders.We will wait in Algeria.Let s go now.Be’quick’We need to get to the cottage soon.Come on!*■ * TCome on, we are about to arrive.We need to get there before Oruc and Hizir arrive.There are traces of wheels and horseshoes.Obviously, they kidnapped Meryem with a carriage.Since he is going upwards, he will take her either to a cottage or a cave.Isabel and Meryem are in danger.A glia, come on1Let’s catch them before something bad happens1 Come on! Levents! Don’t lose time!I’m taking Meryem to the cottage.Wait outsidDastards! I will never let you take her.Kill her.The bullets are coming from this way, Agha.Isabel. ♦Meryem.Don Diego may have found them.

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