EPISODE 28 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 28 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Ilyas’Ilyas, open your eyes’ Ilyas’He is badly injured! We will take him to the castle’ Lift him upi Hurry’I told you Ilyas was innocent.I told you not to shoot him’ I told you’I told you that I’d make Ilyas pay for it* Ilyas did not surrender*And 1 did what I had to do!If this man was not guilty……Ilyas wouldn’t do this.

It will be exposed sooner or later.You did this to my brother in front of me……I know what to do to you.Oruc!Oruc, stop1Oruc!Pull yourself together Oruc! What do you think you are doing?You are drawing a weapon against the state’Ilyas already went too far.Do not make it harder by doing this* He shot my brother in front of me!I will not be relieved before I take my revenge.I sent my men to Hizir.They will find a trace of Sahbaz.

They will come……then the questioning will start.Kemal Reis.. They will be questioned.As if what Ilyas did was not enough……his brother is drawing a weapon.Pray, so Ilyas will live.If he lives…..he must be questioned and punished.The time we gave him ended.You know that the best, Kemal Reis!Who are you to teach me the rules?How dare you?Get lost before I rain my furor on you’Hizir will come sooner or later.When Sahbaz is caught…..if I find out that this man was involved……you will choose a way to die.Levents must’ve prepared the ships we placed.This is the land of Spain’s Mediterranean Governor Don Diego.And those two men are the guests of Don Diego’ Free them right now’Or Don Diego won t let you live1 Doh Diego won t let you leave this island, Hizir.

Send my salaams to Don Diego.Let alone being the Governor of Mediterrenean…….he can not take our enemies from us even if he is the king of seven seas.Attack!Attack!Sahbaz is running away1We will clean this place!You go, Reis’Hizir, if we wait here, Sahbaz will run away’ Let’s go’ -Let’s go’We always survive, Sahbaz.But you won’t be able to run away.Drop that dagger and surrender.I won’t.I won’t! I won t surrender!You will never be able to take me to Kelemez!I d rather kill myself……than entrust my life to you1 We have to treat him before he dies!Or all of our efforts will be useless!

Hurryi HurryiUR*What about the levents left there?They are going to defeat the Spanish soldiers, Hizir Reis.We have to leave right now.Let’s go before Don Diego’s other soldiers arrive.Let’s go.Ilyas! How could they do this to you?Did the doctors arrive?They did, aunt. They are inside’ Take him to the room’ Hurryi Esma… Esma… Calm down, my daughter.Don’t go inside.I won’t leave Ilyas. I will stay with him. I will not leave him when he is injured.Esma, it looks like it is going to take some time.Calm down.I will not leave Ilyas.ieuisgTake her away’Esma… let the doctors do their job.Do not make this harder for them.Let’s go. -Go my daughter.

Ilyas’Dervish Efendi.Stay with my Ilyas..Help him.We help, Allah sends shifa.Thank you.Don t worry.Thank you.My Allah, send shifa for my son.Protect him, ya Rabbi.How is he, Hizir?The dagger would’ve cut his heart if I hadn’t stopped him on time.I will close the wound and put an ointment on it.%Let’s pray, so he won’t die.The irony of fate..We are trying to treat the enemy……who we tried so hard to kill.I wouldn’t even give his dead body to dogs

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